Regarding why supposedly intelligent people have such difficulties with the Billy Meier case and its impeccably accurate prophecies and predictions

In recent weeks I’ve been sending information on the Billy Meier UFO case, including the prophetically accurate scientific information, to many different people in the mainstream, including scientists, social commentators, etc. Especially in light of NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wiezckiewicz’, recent endorsement of the authenticity of the Meier case, I thought that there’d be some responses, even if they were only polite expressions of lack of interest in the information and its historical implications.

Unfortunately though – and unlike what I used to previously experience a lot – they won’t even write back to tell me how bogus and nonsensical, etc., the information and evidence is. Giving them the benefit of the doubt as intelligent people that know the case is genuine, the obvious reason for their silence is that they don’t see how it can profit them, or why they should risk their “credibility” by acknowledging it.

This attitude seems to extend to all sorts of “hard-hitting journalists”, who even complain about the “mainstream media” not doing its job!

For instance, quoting from the founders of one website (whose motto is, “We don’t cover the news – We uncover the truth”) to whom I submitted the information on the Meier case, “Over the years, however, I have learned how the media gatekeepers, both ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative,’ will not allow the biggest, most disturbing revelations to see the light of day.”

Kinda like something we’ve been saying for a long time as well! So why have they too simply ignored my attempt to communicate with them? Probably for the very same reasons I stated above, as well as possibly some associations in their minds with the utterly delusional, tabloidesque, idiotic ramblings from the “UFO industry” that pollute everything with their bogus UFO “contactees”, “abductees” and “alien hybrid babies” garbage – all of which gains easy access for public dissemination. I don’t know for sure and I…welcome they’re being courageous enough to respond, as of course I’ll be sending them this article.

We live in a world where there are loud public voices such as Ann Coulter’s, which reflect the opinions of a significant numbers of the populace. In fact, her painfully infantile views, suicidally selfish beyond reason and in complete disregard and defiance of nature and its laws – an inevitably painful losing combination – reflect the majority views of an entire political party. Ironically, for truth “uncoverers”, the fact that Meier long, long ago accurately foretold the entire catastrophic environmental (and geopolitical) mess that is right now just unfolding, is something that they too simply don’t want to…uncover.

And while the good folks who “uncover the truth” may be on the so-called right side of many issues, they too have their limits as to how far they will go. The dead-end game of the religiously derived, insane, advantage oriented system of partisan politics infects even those who may think that they’re immune to it. How can we expect them to make the great leap in awareness that requires the clarity, honesty and real intelligence to confront the very politically incorrect truth that is the Meier case?

We are so used to the inevitability of disappointments in our so-called leaders that calling ourselves out on the real sham, our fake surprise and astonishment at such predictability, our dutifully reading our lines, “Hey, can you believe what those guys just did?”, is really long overdo. Because politics, like diplomacy, is institutionalized lying, because it is designed to go firmly against the laws of Creation itself, we’re indeed stuck in the old “doing the same thing, getting the same results” brand of collective insanity.

Several years ago I told Meier that, based on everything I’d read, I didn’t think that the Plejaren actually understood us very well, as least for too long a time. Surprisingly, he agreed with me and explained that they didn’t understand the enormity, depth, breadth and reality of just how much we lied…to ourselves as well as others. It actually surprised me because they, and their forefathers, have obviously been well aware of what goes on in this asylum for far, far, far longer than we have been.

But Meier said that they weren’t really authorized to look more deeply into people’s personal lives, at least for a very long time. The reasoning had been that to do so was a violation of privacy and possibly free will. In other words for a time they pretty much accepted us, as we seemed to represent ourselves, including a lot of the claims by people who said that they were contacted by extraterrestrials themselves. (The revisions and corrections the Plejaren made pertaining to these alleged contactees have also caused some understandable problems and confusion in the case.)

Now, for those of us who through our own extensive research and reasoning have already concluded that the case and its information is real, credible and true, we must recognize that such discussions about the Plejaren are well outside of the frame of reference of the majority of the population and, let’s be honest, seem bizarre and ridiculous. Again though, it’s only because they either haven’t yet done their own due diligence or lack the courage and intellectual honesty required to do so. We know that it’s going to be an immensely long time before significant numbers of people turn their attention to this information, let alone the specific, brilliant spiritual teaching, and the recommendations and advice that could save humanity untold grief if intelligently considered and implemented.

Nonetheless, I will continue to reach out to any and all reasonably intelligent people where there’s even a glimmer of a possibility that they are capable, let alone willing to really uncover the truth and, through their own public presence, offer the same opportunity to their audiences.


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    “Quetzal: … Before I give you a clear account of the prophecies of Henoch, I would like to point out that prophecies are always changeable and can be changed for the better if man makes positive changes in his thoughts, feelings and actions, leading to that which is better and positively progressive. Prophecies always rest upon specific causes; these again result in certain effects, whereby these effects can be changed at any time if only the preceding causes are changed in their form. Therefore, it is possible that negative or evil prophecies do not have to be fulfilled if the preceding causes will be purposely changed in a manner that positivity and good develop instead of negativity and evil.

    However, this does not apply to predictions, as these rest upon events that cannot be changed, are inevitable and surely and definitely will occur in the future. Predictions rest upon a preview and thus on a direct viewing of the future, and have to do with neither prophecy nor with calculation of probability. So when I make a portion of Henoch’s prophecies for the third millennium known to you, it does not mean that they have to be fulfilled, because the prerequisite of fulfilment in each case would be that the already existing causes continue to exist as also continue to be created in the future so that a fulfilment of the prophecies can come to pass.

    Thus, provided that human beings of Earth will become reasonable, the possibility exists that by a reasonable change in the way of thinking as well as a reasonable development in feeling and an equally reasonable way of acting, everything changes for the better and positive, whereby prophecies do not have to be fulfilled. However, if this transformation does not occur, a very evil, wicked and negative time lies ahead for the Earth and its entire population in the coming new millennium.”

  • Question for you all: How do we know that we are not presently living in earth’s “past”? Perhaps the Plejarans are living 1000 years into our future, and come to visit us in our past. This time travel ability has consequences that no one I am aware of has even considered! Perhaps we are all in a dream of the past.

    • In a sense, if we consider the ultimate destiny of all spirit forms in the Creation, we’re all living in the past. But practically speaking we’re living our current lives in the present as it unfolds into the future.

      • Thank you Michael. Good to know you are here and leaving some comments too! I hope Billy is OK. . . he’s been through a lot. . . .

        • You’re welcome Carolyn. I pop in and out and am glad that so much information is also supplied by the various contributors here.

          As far as I know Billy is quite well and doing fine.

    • This is no dream of the past we are living. We are living in the present times of Earth, VERY important critical times. Everyone should read and STUDY the Meier material and change, before it’s too late. We are at the brink of total destruction. Study the Henoch Prophecies. They are coming true right before our eyes.

  • The predictions about the future of the earth are no doubt true. If people are able to travel in time, this would indicate the ability not only to travel to the past, but also to the future. They took Billy back far enough to see dinosaurs. Presumably they can move just as far in the other direction. Perhaps the Plejarans have been to earth’s future and are here trying to influence what they have seen coming. That is, they wish to change the future. Just a thought.

    • There are some things that are probabilities based on whether human beings change things for the better in time. There are also predictions, things that are set in stone. An example would be the coming San Francisco earthquake, which Billy was not only taken to see but which he also took photographs of…which are no longer available.

      • Thanks, I have to look into that. I too was thinking that this quake is coming sometime soon. What does Billy say about the distressing dark triangular hole we saw in our sun a couple of years ago? I’m new to most of this, so if he has said anything, I haven’t read it yet. I was very disturbed by the pictures I saw. Any ideas?

        • I’m not aware of any such hole in the sun (I don’t have time to fix it myself and besides my sunscreen isn’t strong enough) and Billy never mentioned it as far as I know.

  • I think Michael it may look on the surface like the Plejaren don’t understand us but I was able to predict the existence of this case based on the irrationality of the many science programs, groups, ideologies, religious histories, natural laws, basic maths, seti, the laughability and prominence of government funded ufo groups…

    The point that Meier made recently about publishing new photographs as a pointless venture because prior to 1982, only big labs had computers and technology to analyze what was then commonly used film photography which lent it more credibility than some guy in his basement with photoshop. It was the butter zone time, the only time they COULD have taken this case public and made a permanent impact. And because of our basic understandings of science, (table of elements, physics, maths and so on) and the internet age, we (not everybody of course) could come to understand and educate ourselves much more quickly. They know that the right wing will take the upper hand for a while. I was told this when I went to the center last year. It’s obvious with how much of a best seller such books as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” have become since 1996.

    Jim Deardorff’s thought about plausible deniability and our society’s inability to process the concept of E.T. life was also well known to me because of my father and religious neighbors who flat out denied since I was a kid the possibility that e.t.’s could exist, to the point of intense anger. Mix that with their tendency to worship imaginary friends and so on… You have a pretty clear picture from the point of a 16 year old. If I could predict the meier case by age 17 (discovered it 9 years later) based on this obvious information, then certainly the plejaren know and understand us much better than we give them credit. My question became (since I couldn’t surmise a volatile society like ours with all the myriad issues that Meier has mentioned surviving as long as it had without very intelligent planetary engineers having a hand in it), what would a good planetary engineer do to help us without directly intervening? Since I knew the nature of religious mind, I knew it had to be passive help and voluntary on our part in its use.

    Point is, I think they have an enormous understanding about us and our development from a mechanical, probabilistic and mathematical point of view which is really all that matters. It IS working. Slowly. Part of my calculation was also that it would take hundreds of years. I knew nothing of astrology at the time or numerology so I wasn’t prepared to make a calculation as to how many hundred years. But I knew for certain, at least 500 or more years which isn’t so far off from their number of 800 years. These calculations can all be made with arithmetic/probability and looking at as many points of view as possible without taking any contradicting information personally. Information and nature I’ve learned young don’t care what we feel about it. I just know that correct information makes life easier and makes me feel better.

  • The oddity of this dark spot, was that it was an enormous triangle. The pictures came from NASA I believe. Then last year we had a dark spot that was a more round sort of shape. . . I’m sure you must have seen it in the news, as it was broadcast by the major news media. The other wasn’t, and it was more peculiar.

    • Those were just coronal holes. It’s just an opening where the magnetic fields just go out into space. It’s very normal.

  • I suppose the things we study in the Spritual Teaching would seem peculiar and ridiculous to outsiders, I find myself making cognitions that would have seemed ridiculous some years ago. To the masses maybe the truth about future events (climate catastrophe, effects of overpopulation, pending war, bio-chipping and enslavement) are unreachable until these terrible things all come to pass and the masses find themselves in a hurry to make cognitions about the truthly world events, albeit too late. Us Earth humans are not the speediest when it comes to making positive and developmentally sound changes toward a better future.

    Then again, maybe MH’s efforts will bear fruit and someone will actually consider the material and all the evidence(s), and the Meier case will be broken in the mainstream media, and shock the living marbles out of our fellow terrestrial humans. Then maybe so many of our people won’t have to die in natural catastrophes, desertification, wars, etc.

    If the Plejaren took us at face value, and were surprised for how much we lie (even to ourselves) I hope when they monitor us in 800 years they will be presently surprised at how the Earth has changed when our farther descendants start to take consciousness-based evolution very seriously.

    (dm: thanks for the enlightening comment about the right-wing gaining the upper hand for awhile, I was unaware of this dark future)

  • By the way Michael, do you think after Europe has voted to have people request that irrelevant information be taken down from google, that figu would go for that? They would have every right/reason to.


  • Well said, Michael.coming across the meier info (ten years ago) flipped my outlook on this planet,as well as the universe and reality.Many people(if not most) cannot tolerate this kind of shift in thinking,for me it was easy,maybe because i held no strong religious thoughts or feelings.The next 800 years will probably bring chaos,destruction,and progress.i’ll do my best to contribute only to positive progress in spiritual and material spheres.

    • Those of us who hadn’t had our brains push through the wash and dry cycle have it a lot easier than those who had logic and resin replaced with degenerate fairy tales, which they’ve had to work hard to overcome.

      • I take comfort in knowing that the truth of the spiritual teachings will inevitably dissolve all cult-religions and false teachings.naturally this would not be possible without the massive work of meier and the group members.

      • You have that right! It really was hard work. And time that coulda/shoulda been much better spent.

        People say it’s child abuse to raise a child religiously — and they are exactly right. Oh brother, I could write books about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, they did the best they could…but so tragically misguided.

        Fortunately, for whatever reason, I was able to escape it. Others are not so fortunate. It’s a weird thing. My brother is a super sharp guy, yet he went the other direction — he is a pastor. It’s really a baffling thing to me, how smart people can believe such obvious horse sh*t.

        I think the lesson is this: Use only cold wash cycle, forgo permanent press, use only one dryer sheet, and — for the love of god — forget about the extended air fluff drying cycle.

  • Mr. Horn, thank you for all you hard work and doing your best to spread information about Mr. Meier and all.

    I have to say, though……. as awesome as this blog is…. it pales in comparison to video…. if you really want to reach as many people as possible, you should do videos and upload them to youtube. It would help also if you knew a thing or two about SEO. 🙂

    Videos are much more accessible than a blog. People who don’t even know about this case could stumble upon a video you upload to youtube.

    Also, youtube gives you the best of both worlds: moving images and the written word. You can’t do better than that. People can comment below the videos on youtube and ask questions and you can respond to them, like you’re doing on this blog.

    I know you probably have a youtube account, but are you using it as much as possible, Mr. Horn?

    Thanks. Just thought I’d give a helpful suggestion is all. 🙂


    • Hi Freddy,

      Thanks for the input. I’d be glad to get info o the SEO thing. Actually, there are quite a few videos with me on youtube,one just went up:

      I like the idea of doing more of them, however I think that some things also are better in print than on video. Another difference is that I don’t want to end up effectively reading my blog, as I also like to do my own videos off the cuff. Of course, why not do both? So thanks for the suggestions.

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