Let’s try something easy for a change.

I’m inviting Stuart Robbins – and all the rest of the skeptics and members of the UFOCI – to simply…test this photo:

WCUFO extended cupola

WCUFO extended cupola


Notice that I even said…please.

Here’s the drill, drop it into PhotoShop, increase the brightness, lower the contrast and let’s see what you come up with.

Since we know that an eight-year old can do this in just a couple of minutes, it’s not going to be beyond anyone’s technical ability to just…test the photo.

And since it’s obviously no ordinary photo but one that speaks to the credibility of the extraordinary claims that the WCUFO is not of this world, all of those invited to test it have the opportunity to:

Explain the results that they themselves will get.

Present some other credible, substantiated explanation for the photo – and the 62 other ones of the same object – as well as for the five-minute video of it.

By now we all know that the photo was taken in 1981, on 35mm film, by Billy Meier, who never drew any attention to it, nor hinted that there was much more to it than meets the eye.

So, will the invitees have the personal and professional integrity to participate in this little test, which only takes a few minutes, and then report their results?

Will we finally have gotten past petty excuses, attempted dismissals, outright avoidance and on to facing the facts, whatever they may be?

This little exercise could actually be a precursor to doing something meaningful together – like helping prevent WW III – more about which I’ll expound upon once we have all of the results in.

15 comments on “Stuart Robbins, Please Test this WCUFO Photo

  • Considering Pstu now works for NASA, no less, no more, one would think his employers would elevate his status & pay for finding some actual factual evidence of what they aspire to achieve.

    Natch .. I won’t be holding my breath for Pstu to do the right thing, the intelligent thing nor much of any thing.

    • NASA? The biggest whitewash “sanitize it for the sake of christian support” organization of them all? Completely dependent on US public funding… A country which still has a 64% christian population and perhaps the most extreme form of christianity in the world. Yeah… right. Waiting for the cows to come home on that one. NASA is one bleak prospect. They are more entrenched than the UFO community. This is why taking out the UFO communities first is far more intelligent. Let NASA focus on their stuff like squeezing out the turnips of what’s left that doesn’t involve life in outer space (so that they don’t threaten christianity too much) and let them focus on science and technology (which is slowly catching up to the Contact Reports). And which in our extremely volatile social environment already has the capacity to destroy all of humankind 1000 times over. Genius.

  • Hi, Michael. Where can I find more information about UFOCI? Do they have a web page? Do they have an official position about Billy Meier case? May be I can Exchange my findings with them about the WCUFO and Pendulum UFO, if they are really interested.

    • Hi Rhal, the UFOCI is the term I made up for the U go community and industry. You can click on my link to see some of the people I include in that overall category, plus some skeptics.

    • It’s kind of like inventing a term yourself to help describe something in a certain way much the same way as calling them “UFAILO” implying obvious nature of their intent (that being failure seeing they consistently aim low for their goals and standards). While there is no formality involved, it’s a neat way to encapsulate what them folks do on a day to day business.

  • A friend of mine suggest that we all meditate as much as we can to quiet down and lower the negative bad vibration of violence though out the planet. I once read an article years ago that said if you meditate the crime rate goes down and quiets a crime filled neighborhood. I believe I read this article in the New York Times long before I started to read on the interne. This is why I thought if we all do the Salome Peace Meditation every weekend instead of every other weekend this might cut down all tne crime, wars violence and so on. I don`t know if this will help but it`s just an idea if we want to stop ww111.

  • There are many more pictures of this “IFO” that you can clearly look at and tell it is a real craft. How cowardly of the skeptics to pick the one that seemed to demand all the answers, but now that they have the answers they were looking for we can all hear the crickets.

  • Stuart aside what’s happening with MUFON and Jan.
    Its more likely that Stuart will come around eventually in a few years time if and when the likes of MUFON finally get it and start endorsing the Billy Meier case for the truth that it is.
    There is so much to discover even for us supposed in the know people imagine what these groups and skeptics cum eventual supporters need to trudge through from the mountainous material just waiting and waiting and waiting to expose.

  • “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
    – Herbert Spencer

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