UPDATE: MUFON Opens the Billy Meier Case for International Investigation

As he had promised to do, MUFON’s Executive Director, Jan Harzan, has opened up the Billy Meier UFO case for international investigation and discussion. By making the research page also interactive, now MUFON’s large international membership, and all other interested parties, can pose their questions and challenges about the Meier case.

It’s also to be noted that the Meier case is also still ongoing – for over 72 years – and the next logical step of course is for MUFON itself to fully participate in the investigation.

MUFON receives an average of 500 – 1,000 reports of UFOs per month, equaling approximately 6,000 – 12,000 reports per year. To date, as far as I have learned, none of those reports has resulted in any verifiable evidence of anything of extraterrestrial manufacture, nor certainly of any contact between any extraterrestrial life forms and anyone on Earth.

I have already suggested that, with decades of such consistently fruitless expenditures of MUFON’s valuable resources, in time, manpower and money, that:

1. All such future reports should first be referred to local authorities, or independent scientific researchers, for actual investigation so that sufficient, credible evidence can be collected before turning it over to MUFON for any further investment of its resources.

2. Since the Meier case is still ongoing – and all the freely available, still irreproducible evidence remains unequaled by any of the tens, or hundreds of thousands of already reported cases over the past 45 years – MUFON now has the opportunity to determine if they’ve finally found what they, what we all, have been looking for. If so, MUFON would play an important role in revealing and confirming the most important true story in all of science and human history.

My thanks again to Jan Harzan for taking these courageous, historic steps and actions in pursuit of the truth.



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  1. Very nice job Michael!
    Let’s hope that MUFON will use a fair amount of money, time and resources. Very happy that the ball will be rolling.

    1. THanks Derrick. I actually sent this to their editor, Roger Marsh:

      Hi Roger & everyone,

      Now that Jan’s made it possible to interact regarding the Meier case, it would be great if you informed your fellow MUFON members and expressed your own opinions. Of course it would be most helpful if the executives at MUFON participated, especially since it looks like you have what you’ve been looking for…for decades.

      Everyone now has the opportunity to get some definitive answers to any questions about the authenticity of the Meier case.


      Michael Horn

    1. Thanks Dyson,

      I also earlier answered that FIGU has confirmed that they approve of the particular approach I’ve taken…because the direction and focus is towards the spiritual teaching.

      1. “I also earlier answered that FIGU has confirmed that they approve of the particular approach I’ve taken…”

        Sorry. I missed that.

        ???? Now I’m confused. Does 468 not apply to you although you were singled out by name? How about me? I need to know because I’m probably going to join MUFON Australia, and have already been asked to write for them about Billy by their National Director, Dr. Ioannis Syrigos.


        1. No problem. I wrote to them to double check, not wanting to get “Winterized”. I suggest the same thing, to be sure.

          1. Thanks, MH. I’d love to see how FIGU put it, because Florena seems quite unambiguous, and I, personally, am just going to try to follow that welcome directive strictly, since – let’s face it – anyone STILL, in 2014, pushing the idea that this is a hoax, is obviously a fool, and we all know that arguing with a fool only makes two fools.

            1. Right you are, DD. I have found that a bit of patience and understanding – with the right people, who one may not have even thought were that a while ago – can yield surprisingly good results.

  2. I noticed the approach was more of a less diplomatic nature and at times I was cringing, but in the back of my mind I truly felt that someone needed to hit the donkey on the head and get something done for goodness sake.
    Glad FIGU agreed and I think it is wise. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Michael. I offer your email publicly, because of course it concerns all of us who sincerely want to do it right, and I think Christian’s below interpretation is a very important clarification of Ptaah’s/Florena’s tightly-worded directive, which I found unusually hard to try to accurately put into English.

      > Hi Michael,
      > No, you don’t have to stop your current efforts because they are not solely based or focused on the beamships, but are tending towards the spiritual teaching and the prophecies etc.
      > Salome,
      > Christian

      Florena: 12. “Dazu soll ich dir nun gemäss Ptaah und Quetzal und von uns allen, die wir mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten und zusammen auch alle notwendigen Dinge beraten, nahelegen, dass du und die Kerngruppemitglieder sowie die Passivmitglieder, wie aber auch Michael Horn und andere Personen, euch in keiner Weise mehr auf irgendwelche Kontroversen in genannter Form einlassen sollt.”

      (Thereto, according to Ptaah and Quetzal and from all of us who work together with them and discuss all necessary things with them, I now should advise that you and the Core Group members and passive members, as well as Michael Horn and others, in no further way ought to involve yourselves in any controversy in said form.)

      So this means that, “in genannter Form” (“in said form”) refers only to the immediately preceding sentence about “Israeli Special Secret Services Colonel” Kal K. Korff (he calls himself that) and his machinations about, what he calls our, “Satanic-based ‘UFO’ cult”.*

      11. “So konstruiert er hassvoll und in lächerlicher Weise unmögliche Dinge zusammen, insbesondere hinsichtlich der Photomaterialien, die er als für seine absurden Behauptungen und Theorien anführt.”

      (11. So, hatefully and in ridiculous ways, he [SSS Colonel Korff] fabricated impossible things, especially with regard to the photographic materials, which he cites as “proof” of his absurd claims and theories.)

      Oh, well ….. I’ll choose to interpret the Plejaren’s views more broadly and include not only beamships.
      *Quote from K.K.K.’s website (emphasis in the original):
      “As seen on FOX TV! – THE DEFINITIVE VERDICT ON THE EDUARD “BILLY” MEIER UFO CULT – PERIOD! In August and September of 1991, American Author, Broadcaster, Columnist and Investigative Journalist, Kal Korff, traveled secretly undercover and successfully penetrated the Satanic-based “UFO” cult of Eduard “Billy” Meier in Switzerland. Growing his hair and beard for over 1.5.years in order to fool the Meier cult members and disguise his appearance, Korff posed as “Steve Thomas” and visited the cult for three weeks. More importantly, Korff located ORIGINAL film negatives, and then successfully DUPLICATED several of Meier’s “UFO” photos at the SAME locations in Switzerland! Illustrated with more than 117 images/photos.”

      1. Thanks Dyson! I had been defending all MH’s recent ruffle-feathering…but was kinda wondering about that contact 468 bit…

        Thanks to Dyson, Christian, and Michael for clearing that up!

  3. Did someone here not eat their wheaties? Killing? Boy that would really accomplish allot. Perhaps the UFO stuff overshadows the important things such as love, kindness, understanding and the spiritual teaching?

  4. That’s awesome to see Billy’s case incorporated where it belongs for ones!
    I also am thinking more and more about getting involved with MUFON! Still think it would be a good idea for me to attend one of their monthly meetings, to start, when the snow begins to fly around here.
    I still just cant seem to find anyone around me also interested in this topic! I have tried within my family and friends to no avail. An island of thought… hoping to finally, someday, get in my ‘boat’ and do some real interpersonal exploring.
    Seems this will also be a win for MUFON, as they are going to be gaining some recognition of their own from all of this. Hopefully not the kind that seems prevalent with them yet, the hour is still early.

    1. I would only quibble a little and say the the truth belongs…everywhere. And I sincerely hope that MUFON and its members will jump at the opportunity to determine for themselves if indeed it has landed in their living room too.

      1. Indeed… And I hope to eventually be amongst them in this regard too. Though it seems the Minnesota MUFON ‘folk’ might not be as open minded about the truth as Jan.
        How do I know though, without trying to interact with them. We do have a common bond in that we are supposedly looking for the truth(Billy Meier) within the subject of et/ufo’s.

  5. It’s interesting that some people who don’t like my bedside manner have now, apparently in light of my blabbing about the new MUFON development, decided to take leave of me…while now endorsing the Meier case. Go figure.

    A couple of excerpts:

    “You always need to have the Last word..especially when you have no idea about the work of others..and are not educated..in that fashion..You only make Judgements.. YOU ARE NOT WORTH ENGAGING IN ANY WAY… TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST…i will always support Billy and this case you have no idea…what damage you have done him c with your disgusting rants.you do not due justice to billy. Very poor PRO… In my career..I never publicly engage in an attack campaign and crazy non productive behavier.

    You have maybe a sacred duty to Billy…HE does not act this way. He would not approve of your volatile behavior.

    .He is a spiritual person.. I experienced his kindness first hand…

    Enough Said..I will always support the case…”

    Paola Harris


    Please take my name off your list too. I have always known the Meier case is real, but your denial of other real cases is repulsive. Too many important things to read now.”
    Don Ware

    Gosh, if this keeps up the whole UFOCI is liable to “confess” their (never publicly demonstrated and/or expressed) support for the Meier case While making sure to tell me what a terrbile person I am…before the door hits them in the butt on the way out.

    1. I’ve been saying something similar for a long time.
      “17. Therefore, neither you, nor other members or friends and acquaintances, ought to react to further discriminatory machinations and questions, rather declare that the evidence of the genuineness and truth in regard to the contacts and photos, as well as other materials is sufficiently provided, consequently it is nonsensical to still continue to talk about it.

    2. Oh brother. If Donny boy et al know the case is real, you’d think maybe they’d take Billy at his word — Billy being such a nice and sweet person — about how all the other contactee stuff, etc., is BS…?

      “Too many important things to read now.” Where’s Anthony? Looks like you may have a play pal in Don Ware to go chase lights in the sky together.

    3. LOL! …condescending sanctimoniousness at it’s best.
      Let’s hope they can find the spirit teaching before they throw the bathwater out and pull the plug.

  6. Cryin out loud …………. Michael , if it wasnt for you and a few others , these people would NEVER have found the entrance door to the universe’s of truth.
    its like when i taught my offsiders(students) , from their first day on the job , me training them up to become drillers,(high profile job) .And when i see them a few years later , dont even get any recognition that “I” was the one who made them what they are today They think they have just miraculously learn t themselves ……..EGO trippers …..As an example
    Just plain weird ……..Dont get me wrong …Drilling is NOT my career now and i am strongly against “any” type of earthly disturbance.
    Good ON you Michael ………………Keep it up mate
    I’m here for you and everyone else in this Classroom of Truth
    Wayne Anthony Sunter-Smith
    age 46 yrs

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