Weekend Reminder: Henoch Prophecies Update


9.4.14: Russian General Demands Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO

See also: New Meier Information Regarding Dangers of WW III

Putin Threatens Nuclear War Over Ukraine


On the off chance that it matters to anyone (outside of the “choir”), here are some recent articles, mainly pertaining to Russian military movements involving Scandinavia, Canada and the US that were specifically warned about by Billy Meier in 1987:

Russia Warns Sweden and Finland Against NATO Membership

Finland’s Fighter Jets on Alert as Russia Violates Airspace

Putin likens Ukraine’s forces to Nazis and threatens standoff in the Arctic

Canada to Russia: ‘We will defend our sovereignty in the Arctic’

You Can’t Outsmart the Prophecies

For those who quietly monitor the Meier case and it’s information, and know that it’s real and accurate, may I again suggest reading this article and not counting too heavily on that screw-everybody-we’ve-got-underground-bunkers thing, for various reasons.

Did You Hear What They Said About Your Momma?

And here’s an article about one of the overstuffed Saudi impotentates who’s hoping that he can remind the jihadists to “Go over there, anywhere but here!” Of course, as is foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, more terrorism for Europe and the US may be in the cards. As I commented yesterday, “It’s both ironic and stupid that the emphasis is on inflicting this kind of militarized police on the citizens…while the absolutely suicidal policies of not enforcing the security of the borders prevail. Looks like a lot of cause and effect at play here, with many of the effects of longstanding US policies now coming back upon us like a wrecking ball.”

So perhaps those who know that Meier’s prophetic information is accurate are militarizing the police in order to be prepared for the aftermath of terror attacks that they should be busy preventing, instead of sticking our nose in everyone else’s business around the world…which is what has led to these attacks:

“Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes, which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.”

In Other “It’s Not Our Fault” News:

 Is Miami on the Brink of a Nuclear Disaster?

This Week’s Delusional Religious Moment:

What NASA Didn’t Show You During The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Regarding the Apollo 11 moon landing, please also see: Stunning Information on the Faked U.S. Moon Landing! THE EISENHOWER-ALIEN CONTACT FANTASY Prophecies and Predictions 1958



Special thanks to: Luis Baldano, Greg O’Brien, Blake Parnell, David Scott, Michael Vanderpool, Ron Watson, Brenda Winkler, Eva Zareba

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  1. I learned a skill of whats called hydroponics and one called aquaponics that shows how to grow food indoors and in an entire environment of controlled spaces . It is so freakin awesome . I get excited about it a lot .To throw a thought at ya , think of a corn stalk growing in a footprint that has a squash on the bottom and beans climbing the stalk ! Pure solutions to this mess . Tomatoes growing with a potato below it and beans climbing it or squash on the base . Totall game over stuff . I have about twenty different ways to do this inside / outside / rooftop or whatever . The seeds are the key . To have them , and know the growing cycle . Where I live there are actually FOUR cycles and that is apposed to one . When the light begins to diminish the plants fruit . Or bloom or produce the end result . These things are important to know . Like in the Stan Deyo link I put up , he talks of the nuke disasters and how to survive via the bunkers and such , but you have to have water and that’s another post . But the fact is the food on the shelves is not going to be available , you have to have your own supply of food . Doing so , even if its just experimenting for now with a tomato plant is what you should be doing . Get it under your wings and make it home . It has to happen . Or you too will be looking at the supermarket laden with blight during a time of duress . Its got nothing to offer you . Get it ? Get a vessel to hold dirt . And plant something . Take care of it , watch it grow , hone this skill , you will survive . It will also take you closer to the creation . Its flora and fauna . Create a sustainable food source or electric source if that is what you want . Its going backwards yet going forward . Its an age old self sustainable source of life . The Native Americans are a model and why I suggested a book called ISHMAEL . Darn that thing will make you cry . But its awesome and the respect and knowledge base it throws down is priceless . Learn how to live . To be a true human . Its your true path and your path to life .

    1. Wonderful. You’re right, food won’t be waiting for us at the stores, at least for 888 days according to Billy Meier. I think his model of self reliance is the key. Beyond that, growing for a local venue, like a farmers market – will also help build your local support system.

  2. Before I check out for bed , I wanted to say that you an average person just like me can make an impact . I did so ten fold with a talk show host I admire . I say this because I got on air and just asked a simple question of thus , where are all the heros ? He was at the end of the telecast and was dumbfounded . It was just . I alone had known that the question was loaded . It hit him between the eyes . And he was on a last question and response and danced about because of so and the fact was he was having the heroes on aire and thinking what the hell are you asking . My question was so impacting . He to this day has guests on that are introduced rightly so that they are heros. Boom , heros . And he is right ! Shows a goofball like me can make a change , even if its just a small one it matters . BOOM , we now have heroes . And they are . I had a second attempt at the supercharged media and asked about the Russian intentions and BOOM it got me cut off . The next day , the next day it was BOOM , Russia is doint what I was trying to comment on . Its documented. Boom . Scary , but Russia is traversing the Antarctic to re establish a base . A marker of some real deep activity . Done . Shows how your thoughts and actual interventions really do take place . Stamped ….

  3. Hey , I was gonna just comment on a snapshot in time that has already passed , however , it still relates to how an average person like you are me can make a difference or just show the world that we as intelligent people are alive and still exist . When the Malaysian aircraft was lost off the radar some time ago I poiniently asked the question how much fuel did it have onboard . And of course I got blown off . But the fact is that the small question like that leads to the answer . Then the plane was shot down in the Ukraine and I pointed out that the plane was not harboring a bomb because of the blast pattern . I pointed out that the rockets fired from the persuit jets launced at x speed and arrived at x speed and showed a signature blast populous . I also compared it to the other reports of a ground based assault which was just not possible . I was met with propaganda that talked of friends should not drink and rocket and stories were told of the drunk Buk missle employers . I was shocked . It was before I started posting here . But the plane and its blast results were from chase enflicted fire power and end result explosive patterns and crash end result patterns . It was main stream media I was addressing . Soon thereafter it all went cold and really funny . I further push the point . The Malaysia gov let a plane go . It had enough fuel to go where ever in the world . Its on a tarmac . The following weeks showed the radars were hacked and additional planes were disappeared for hours at a time although they made it to the end schedule . THEN you have an actual terror threat that steals over a dozen wide body aircraft from Libya . Ooops . Where are they . How did such an event take place and not go noticed . GET IT . You were conditioned . YOU TOO missed it , it was mind control in the making . So next weekend look to the skies , one may fall on YOU . A missing one an actual one who knows its all smoke and mirrors now . What plane ? Remember the make no sound during freefall until its BOOM .

  4. Judging by what the Henoch prophecies have foretold we are in for a very cold or coldest winter in recorded history at the end of this year and early next year for countries in Northern hemisphere.
    It will be freezing especially in Siberia and Gobi desert.

    1. If you read the contact reports, they refer to US politicians as criminals. It is unfortunate that the awake US citizens will have to pay the price for the criminal acts of the US politicians and complicity of the US mainstream media dumb downed public. Our actions in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria,,, were among the final events that brought about WW4/3 – the Universal law of what you put out, you get in return..

      Here is another piece of the puzzle: http://www.thewire.com/global/2014/06/its-totally-normal-that-joe-bidens-son-works-for-a-ukrainian-energy-company/372385/

      Here are the contact reports: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Reports

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