Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have done a new, in-depth investigation of another of Billy Meier’s most unusual and controversial UFO photos, those of the so-called Energy Ships:   Energy Ship   One of his conclusions, that a particular Energy Ship photo is an in-camera triple exposure:   Triple-X   …echoes exactly what Ken Solomon, a photographic and movie special effects expert told me in 2006. This information was presented in rebuttal to claims that David Biedney made that the photo was a deliberate double exposure, hoaxed outside of the camera by Meier.

When I relayed information from Ken that he wished for his name to be removed from the Paracast site to protect his privacy, naturally these buffoons accused me of authoring the request and refused to honor it. These are the same people who freaked out when I told them, “There’s only one of me…and I’ve got you all surrounded.” Speaking of which, with his analyses of the WCUFO, the Pendulum UFO and now the Energy Ships,

Prof. Zahi has quite nicely surrounded all of the various skeptics and deniers with clear, logical, scientifically prepared and presented documentation supporting the authenticity of Billy Meier’s photographic UFO evidence. Maybe now they’ll finally surrender…to the truth.


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  • Great job guys!
    What a great research job. A lot more in depth than I expected. Will have to read more than once 🙂

    I never noticed the spots before. That’s cool. Nice to have somebody experienced look at this in depth and be able to demonstrate their research equally in depth.

    Many thanks.

    • It probably doesn’t matter much. It was only adjusted from the previous guesstimate of 435. I had thought if there was a significant adjustment, of which brought it significantly closer to a Plejaren figure, then it could be a corroboration similar to the readjustment of NASA’s adjustment of the size of Apophis. I digress.

      • That didn’t come out right — I need to make an adjustment to the frequency of my use of the word adjustment.

        Hopefully the gist was gotten.

        • Got it. NASA loves to backdate their information so they appear smarter than they actually are. Like what you said about Apophis which they recently updated to 325 metres in size…weirdly the NASA site a year earlier said it was 300 metres in size. But there’s no link to that information, it’s like it never existed.
          The Pleiades Star System is 420 light years away from us according to And Still They Fly page 9.

  • I’m curious Michael, do you concede to having sent the e-mail they posted regarding the vistors to this blog as being customers? Or whas this a fabrication on their part? These things can be verified with e-mail headers just so you know.

    • Yes, I certainly did. It means that despite (and/or because) the efforts of debunkers like Gene Steinberg and David Biedney, people came to my site and bought some of the (at that time time) few things that contained more info on the Meier case, which included my first DVD on the case, The Meier Contacts”.

      At least those guys were good for something.

  • Andy, I recall in the conversations in the CR’s that it was mentioned that the Pleiades is around 500 light years distance from our star system.

      • Michael, you should ask Billy if he could arrange for you to go for a ride out to the Great Spacer and see things for yourself. .. . I would if I were you!

  • Just a piece about my and Rhal’s areas of respective focus so you will have a better idea of who might be best to answer specific questions. Rhal has a better scientific and software focus than me IMO (though I’ll leave it to him to talk about himself, of course).
    I have a focus on visual imagery and pictorial analysis. I have had a lifelong interest in visual imagery, from picture cards and badges as a child, to photographs and art, and movies later on and many forms of pictorial representation presently. I did some photography in Art School and later in Architecture School but I had no teacher and so was self-taught. I have always been a little weaker on the science side, therefore, despite my love of science, and much more deeply involved in the visual imagery itself. Just after 2000 I decoded some imagery in some WingMakers paintings. I published three papers on the website after having them published in Osaka University of Arts and Osaka University of Arts Junior College. Those papers are now free downloads at both OUA and (slightly different versions). About the same time I finished a PhD at Pacific Western University, a non-accredited university, in the field of “Applied Linguistics with Emphasis in Semiotics.” My field of semiotics was/is the semiotics of visual imagery, for which there is a strong iinterest in the UK and Western Europe, where I started life.
    Basically, “Applied Linguistics with Emphasis in Semiotics.” just means: the usage and meaning of images and signs in language and culture.
    In a paper like this one, both areas of science and imagery are very impotrtant. The importance of visual imagery is vastly underplayed in our academic fields. Decades ago physics and mathmatics genius Roger Penrose impressed upon the young Steven Hawking, before Hawking earned his PhD for his proof of the Big Bang, words to the effect that pictures are more important than maths. Maths and science cannot show you the picture, they merely give you certain proofs. You have to see the picture. Shorty thereafter Hawking PICTURED the universe receding or going backwards to the point of singularity, and the rest, as they say, is history.
    I think the reason progress has been so slow on finding or realizing just what these pictures and photographs of the Energy Ships are showing is that research has been limited to scientists and the scientific approach while what the pictures are actually showing and telling us in their own right has been largely ignored or unrecognized. I see this as an example of science blinding itself with its own science. It gets stuck in a one-eyed view. It only, for example, takes a basic and practical limited knowledge of photography coupled with visual analysis to realize what is happening in the three shots in the triple exposure of #720. Yet no researchers to date have recognized what this imagery has been clearly showing for the past forty years. I am not fauty anyone on this; we all have our personalities and areas of interest or focus, and everyone is different in these respects. It also took me some time to work it out; but once you see the PICTURE it all jumps into place.
    I am reminded of when, I think it was Quetzal talking about Apophis, said to Billy that the Plejaren do not believe in being purely scientific, because it alone cannot supply all the answers. Billy had remarked on how unscientific Quetzal’s reply was. Science is crucial for demonstrating and providing calculations and proof, but true understanding requires more than science alone. Rather than science being half the picture I would say science merely proves and quantifies the picture; but the picture has to be seen first. Without a sense of vision or the PICTURE science just cannnot get started; it has nothing to get into. We don’t need to ask Quetzal to confirm this; we can just ask Penrose and/or Hawking, or Einstein.
    I think one reason Zahi and I were able to work together so well on this together was that we both recognized the others area of ability in which we ourselves were a bit lacking. Neither of us could have written this paper alone; it took both a scientific and a visually pictorial approach to unravel what we are really looking at in these photographs.

  • BTW this spring I was awarded an Honorary Fellowship (HonFSAI) for my photography but perhaps more for my contribution to the Society of Architectural Illustration (SAI) itself in the UK. If you want, you can visit the forum there at (try: but you may need to sign in which should be freely open for anyone) and under the Photography thread you can ask me any questions about the photographs in the paper as I have linked to here from there via my Facebook page. Anything posted here will not come up there, though. You have to enter any questions or comments there. Please try to keep any comments or questions relative to the photographs so the thread stays on topic. Thanks!

  • Also, sorry for the second post. . . I believe if you ask the Plejarans they will admit that the Sirians possess greater technology than the Plejarans.

    • The next chance that I get may her very, very far in the future.

      With the available time travel technology, you can count on my coming back and telling you their answer…which I probably already have. Search the 2017 archives, it’s got to be int here somewhere.

  • On the Energy Ships:
    For what I recall reading those beings are part material, part spiritual, they are very advanced in their evolution, they are in the process to leave incarnation.

    • These people no doubt can incarnate and dematerialize at will. . . . . .so for them death as we know it does not exist at all. . . .

      • Carolyn there is the other side of life and then there is the other side to life.
        They are a bit different to each other.
        According to the spiritual teachings the whole process of incarnation or reincarnation happens according to Creative laws or Creational laws and this no human being can control.
        Dematerialization according to Billy’s information does not equal death as the spirit is still intact to the dematerializing human being via technical means.
        Apparently death as what we understand it as happens for every human being in the material universe and also for all other lifeforms.

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