Loud Clothing and other Signs of the Aquarian Age

Well those playful Plejaren are at it again and what will those wacky kids think of next?

Here’s an unofficial translation, courtesy of Larry Driscoll, of the 536th Contact, on February 23, 2012:

Billy has just completed explaining a previous subject matter to Florena and then in his last statement he switches to another subject matter and states:

Billy However, you wear such an interesting new clothing. Is this the newest fashion?

25. Thank you for the instruction.
26. No, the clothing does not correspond to a new fashion, but it is connected with technology.

Billy No need for thanks. Aha, connected with technology. Then it must indeed be something about which I do not know. Yet now the question as to the Earth population – have you asked Ptaah how many human beings are on the Earth?

27. Yes, you do not know about the technology, but you will soon know about it.
28. Ptaah does not have this number, but it will be resolved by Enjana.
29. So, I want to call her so she herself can give you the number.

Billy Must she actually come here for that reason? After all, you could just ask her and give the result to me.

30. I actually want to do this, so she can reply directly to you.
31. So … (Florena just speaks into space to Enjana, and there and then comes the answer).

1. Be greeted.

Billy Ah, nice to hear you, it pleases me very much. Your voice sounds just as if you would be here in the room. You are greeted as well. Are you now here or not?

2. Thank you.
3. No, I am not in your office, but in my aircraft.
4. So, you want to know the number of the Earth population at the end of last year!
5. On December 31, 2011, this amounts to exactly 8 billion, 199 million, 430 thousand and 908.

Billy Kind thanks. That was certainly it.

6. Then I want to turn myself again to my work, and I salute you in my leave-taking.

Billy Salome, and once more thanks. … Man – girl, that was again something which was new to me. So, how have you just talked out into space and the answer just came from Enjana from out of space in the same way. Do you then no longer need an apparatus for this?

32. The technology used is not new, but it is not in the form as you know it.
33. We already use this form of communication for several hundred years, but generally, in connection with our activities on other planets, only for 22 days, for now the necessary technological conditions are integrated into our clothing.
34. This involves in its material, a regenerating itself source of energy and serves both as sender as well as receiver, whereby the conversion of, to transmitting and to receiving, is constructed such, that even the human voice as well as sounds manifest in vibration manner directly into space, hence, you can perceive Enjana’s voice as if she would be here in your office.

Billy And this now belongs to your regular equipment?

35. Yes.


I just received the following additional information from Larry Driscoll:

As per the above subject field, I wish to relay Ptaah’s statements from the 539th Contact of May 1, 2012 to you in regard to that Florena and Enjana are the Plejaren ones who have been designated for the task of ongoing monitoring of Earth future evolvement life.

   43. Florena and Enjana have undertaken their tasks, because their effort for the observational control work on the Earth is their desired goal.
So, from Ptaah’s statement, is that now you see why, as example, I sent the Contact Report 536th Contact Excerpt Translation regarding dialogue among Bllly, Florena and Enjana as per: “New Plejaren Technology, as per clothing.
Most importantly is that: The Plejaren extraterrestrials attend to and follow Earthhuman evolvement life and the young ladies, Florena and Enjana, care for this.


Let the Sun Shine In

…..after all, it is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (or was it Ancient Hungarians?) and, along with all of the misuse of technology, etc., there are the inevitable hopeful signs, such as this teenage scientist who’s revolutionizing cancer detection and this 17-year-old girl who’s pioneering water purification and energy production technology.

You can learn more about many of today’s young, creative and inventive people who are inheriting the mess that their predecessors have made here.

This should definitely encourage us to focus on the more helpful and hopeful aspects of life and the spiritual teaching that give us clear instruction in how to think clearly and mightily towards manifesting the “distant times” that Billy Meier has foreseen and described here (from 140. To 162.).

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  1. Michal: I look forward to listen to you in the C2C program tonight, I know that you are the best, and I’m hoping that you will reach the heart of many who still don’t know about the teachings of BEAM, like you did to me back in 2013.
    Best of luck to you!.

  2. Something has just come up that may pertain to this article about Florena and Enjana’s new clothing apparatus. When my daughter had her accident last summer she was trapped inside a truck whose whole cab was crushed down below the top of the door, they had to use the jaws of life to cut open the door and get her out. She could not see out of the truck and did not realize she was upside down. She told me right at the beginning after the accident while she was still trapped and before any police, ambulance, fire truck arrived, a woman came and held her hand and told her to hang on, help was coming. Last night she said she had been thinking about that (we never could find the woman to thank her) although she could not see the woman’s face, she now doubts it even happened. How could it happen when there was no possible space for the woman to reach in her hand to hold my daughters hand?

    1. So if this is actually what I think it may be (without any illusions of grandeur)…a huge thank you to Florena & Enjana for being there and holding her hand and telling her what she needed to hear so she didn’t panic. Thank you for keeping her calm and alert and knowing exactly what was going on. I heard her call too, but could not understand it and although I knew the general direction it was coming from, I could not be there. Thank you for being there.

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