Conspiracies & Consciousness, Part I

Assume that it’s all falling apart, that the evil elite, the bankers, insaniacs and all the psychopaths of the world are on a rampage, that things will continue to break down and the prophecies will fulfill to the letter, with the religions, governments and entire nations ultimately crumbling and taking a lot of people with them in the process. Accept that you may never know the entire truth about 9/11 or Apollo 11, the Illuminutty or Silly Putty. So what?

Sorry, We Underestimated Your Stubborn Denial

We already know that the Plejaren themselves admitted that they were under the “delusion” that presenting humankind with the prophecies and predictions of the ancient prophets, as well as those from Billy Meier himself would awaken the masses of humanity and impel them/us to take positive, corrective actions. They also admitted that the illogic of our ceaselessly lying to others and ourselves initially eluded and baffled them. Our particular, collective brand of arrogance, ignorance, insanity and denial simply stumped them for a time.

True to form, many people have also complained that it was the fault of the Plejaren for all sorts of reasons, i.e. they didn’t choose to contact a famous or powerful person, they didn’t land or display their ships publicly, they should have interceded directly in our affairs, prevented disasters and catastrophes, etc. In other words, it’s again someone else’s fault that we didn’t learn our lessons.

Many of us though did what we could to try to inform the world at large about the truth of, and contained within, the Billy Meier contacts and alter the course to the positive, for the better. Those seeds will bear their fruits in time but for now it’s time for us to move on, to focus on the spiritual teaching, the inner work, the dialogue with like-minded people and creating and nurturing those connections.


The sources and causes of almost everything that present day humanity concerns itself with are viewed as being outside of oneself. This has led to the sense of powerlessness and frustration and a preoccupation with conspiracies, evil “aliens”, etc., etc. And of course it’s all firmly rooted in the millennia of mind enslaving, deliberately disempowering religions and dead-end political systems, all of which are based on the art of advantage and control over others and convincing us that the power, the faults, the solutions, the…saviors are all outside of ourselves.

But again…so what? If we’ve caught a glimpse of the spiritual teaching we know that we need to come to our senses and realize that we are the ones who are completely responsible for our inner and outer world and that it’s the inner world that most needs our attention now. What images, ideas, feelings and fears does that conjure up for you? If you’ve been strongly influenced by any religious and/or political belief systems it’s likely that there’s some confusion, a sense of being helpless, overwhelmed, powerless, etc., swirling around or even smothering you.

The very peace we seek seems even farther away when we get a glimpse of the muck that dwells just below our conscious awareness and which, as we may come to realize through honest self-observation, is running the show for us.

The good news is that we’re now conscious of…the bad news. Not the outer bad news, the inner bad news, which is the cause of it all anyway. Celebrate because we now have a clearly defined objective. As the old saying goes, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Except that it’s more accurate to say that we have met the enemy and it’s the thoughts, feelings and actions that we create from within our own consciousness, which as we can therefore see, have all largely been unconscious for quite some time.

So how do we regain sovereignty over ourselves, how do we reclaim our consciousness and our real freedom and thereby, eventually, heal the outer world?

Neutral-Positive Thinking

To do this we want to utilize neutral-positive thinking, a process of inner self-awareness whereby we are completely self-honest and self-responsible in seeing things exactly as they are as a prelude to consciously controlling our thoughts and implementing positive changes. In order to see things as they are, we must attain and maintain observational neutrality. As the outer world may appear to become ever more frantic and less secure, we will need to be able especially adept at accessing inner clarity. So now is the time to begin to cultivate, or improve upon, our ability to do so.


To do all of this we need to first…calm down and relax. That presumes that we aren’t calm and in control of ourselves. Maybe we already are calm and relaxed but the very process of finding out requires self-observation, which in itself enhances and deepens it; the process is the goal as well.

You can begin right now by simply observing the breath going in your nose and out of your nose or mouth. Observe means just that. It means accepting your breath as it is and not changing it according to any ideas about how it should be. For some people that may be hard, especially if they have practiced meditation, yoga, etc., so that when the idea of being conscious of their breath is raised, they associate it with some discipline or another, a certain way to breathe, how long and deep the inhale and exhale should be, never being good enough, etc. So for now the real discipline is to just observe the breath…as it is. And yes, you may also start to notice your thoughts and feelings, or absence of them.

In case you are wondering, I’m actually suggesting that you take a little time to do this…now.

Noticing the inflow and outflow of your breath without imposing any ideas or efforts to otherwise control it – other than to not hold it – may be a challenge in itself. It’s also how you will want to breathe as you practice neutral-positive thinking. If you…think about it, you don’t want to impose anything on your breathing, though you may want to discover why you feel any urge to do so. In practicing neutral-positive thinking, anything and everything can be an object of contemplation and self-awareness.

No Wrong Answers

If you took the time to put your focus on your breath, you can now assess how you feel and even compare it to how you felt before. There are no wrong answers since you’re doing this for yourself and not anyone else. Take another moment before reading further to observe and accept your breathing, thoughts and feelings about yourself as you are.

We used the frequently bandied about term, consciousness. So, what thoughts and feelings arose and/or are present that you are conscious of now? To answer that question requires you to become…conscious. My old joke may apply here: When that voice in your head asks, “Who am I?” You can answer by asking, “Who wants to know?”

Evaluating just what you are conscious of is a conscious process that takes you out of any form of automatic, unconscious thinking. If you see your thoughts and feelings exactly as they are, without attempting to impose any preconceptions or changes upon them, then that is the neutral self-observation aspect.

From that point we can proceed to the making and implementation of conscious, positive choices, i.e. consciously chosen and controlled thoughts, feelings and then actions. Sometimes neutral self-observation presents that which requires no modification, improvement, alteration; sometimes we decide that it does. Ideally we want to consciously engage in neutral-positive self-observation – and control of our thoughts – 24/7, all around the clock, awake or asleep, whatever we are doing. It’s a daunting task but one that, as you may now have some small sense of it, is increasingly rewarding.

This is a starting point and one way to approach neutral-positive thinking. The next blog will go into more depth about other aspects and applications of this approach.


The Standing in Spirit Workshop presents a step-by-step, mind-body program for applying neutral-positive thinking to everyday life situations.

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  1. Michael, Here are two articles I just read on the internet. #1 BBC News 19 September 2014 Last updated at 19: 40 ET Six Russian fighter jets intercepted off Alaska. #2 from WIRED Science Boom! Earth`s population could hit 12 Billion by 2100 written by Brandon Keilm/200pm/Permalink

      1. Weirdly Norad answered my question a few hours after posting this. The Russians have buzzed North American airspace 50 times in the last 5 years. I’m curious as to how many times North America has buzzed Russian airspace in the same time frame. Not one word about that.

  2. MH, can you please take down my comments in this thread? It is not correct for me to post contents of Billy’s books, and I think my words would just add to confusion.

    1. Actually, a lot of what I posted is a fabricated invention of my imagination, that I just made up on the spot – especially with regard to the notion that we cannot advance ourselves past a certain point due to inherited problems, since I actually have no working knowledge of whether or not this is the case, and this comment was made in a mental-state of severe know-it-allism. And very possibly it is greatly misleading, so I would prefer to have it removed so it doesn’t get into anybody’s heads to believe it word for word and end up being led into ruination. Please comply with that so nobody else is disturbed by my stupid know-it-allism.

      1. Look people stop harassing Michael with you stupid inane life stories for FFFsake you stupid idiots
        Stop your useless stupid boring stories for F sake please
        M F ers
        Sick and tired of your spirit draining good for nothing BS for crying out loud.
        Give the old man a break for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Dip S

          1. fuck if i know how to help without saying it long [which hardly seems to help anyway].. and as a little point about me, i work in a dark warehouse all day (for the time being), and i come out feeling like a damn mole-rat. guess this has a greater effect in the sceme of things.

            but my intent was to point out how it’s not so needed to really develop deep meditation practices yet for a lot of people, cause you know why? they are damaged as shit, in their psyche and their personality.

            here’s an excerpt from the article on FoM wiki called The Pineal Gland – A Summery:

            “In Figu special bulletin No. 38 p.33, Billy warns those who wish to train the abilities of the pineal gland, by saying that training in these abilities should only occur when a person’s identity is sound, making his psyche state stable, and cordoned off from damaging states and virtually unassailable. It is in this position that fine perception develops. If not in this state when practicing skills of the pineal gland, then confusion will be evoked with destructive consequences. The more sound the person’s psyche state the less danger that perception will be defective.”

            with this it’s obvious that not everybody should try to do deep meditation or learn it, cause it would just cause them super big problems and fuck them up even more. so while you guys say, “learn deep meditation”, well i’m saying to you, you also don’t know as much as you think you do, cause you obviously don’t realise that not everybody should attempt to do that, cause it would fuck them up even worse. so i tried to say, don’t think you have to only focus on deep meditation, but just learn to forgive yourself, listen to some nice music, spend some time in nature. get back to know that you deserve friendliness, eh?? it’s gonna take a long time for lots of people to be able to develop deep meditation – it’s not something a lot of people should even attempt in this lifetime, for obvious reasons if they would look into it and probe themselves and the wisdom of Billy. but it’s a long time in the future that we will get better, so why push ourselves if we are not ready to gain practice we aren’t ready for, when in future lives that are a lot more stable and healthy, then we can learn the deep meditation?

            i mean, yeah, for sure say that deep meditation is good cause no doubt it is, but get a little bit of common sense and reality in yourselves before you tell people work on deep meditation, or you make it seem like the most vital thing to practice now. you obviously do not understand that it does not all need to be accomplished in one lifetime, and you do not realise that there’s lots of benefit from just learning to let go and forgive ourselves for all of the bad shit we have done in our lives up until now.


          2. for real, to anybody who wants to know what to do or where to start, don’t think you have to learn to become a fuckin Jedi or some shit like that. you’re not ready, i’m not ready – not one of us is fuckin ready. don’t you understand that?? just do a little bit, get a little bit of sense and wisdom… forgive yourself. fuckin hell. it’s not complicated.

          3. somebody really made a bit shitstorm when somebody else said basically, “i just do a little bit, by going out into nature and contemplating it” but don’t you get it?? that person actually is doing the right thing, cause they are not trying to be a fuckin master. you think it’s useless to go out into nature and to contemplate Creation? well then you are really dumb and don’t know shit actually, cause you obviously don’t have a shred of connection to yourself or to the Creation.

          4. in the end it’s just you who is being the instigator by trying to make it seem like you are the Jedi master [who knows the best truth and the best steps to take], but you’re just stupid and dumb like the rest of us. so why do you try to be such a damn authority?? you got an inferiority complex? get some sense and wisdom before you try to tell people they’re wrong for doing this and that.

          5. and if i’m a destructive asshole, why should i learn deep meditation now? i don’t want to end up as a damn ultra-destructive force in the universe

          6. actually, maybe some people ARE ready and some people AREN’T – but for sure it’s not wrong to take little steps [and make little steps of progress] for EITHER GROUP, cause everybody needs more stability in their lives. you might think i’m so wise (OR think i’m full of shit) cause i can say that, but no way man, i fuck up lots still. even in these posts lol.

      1. Once in a blue moon Sheila
        Thanks for the concern
        Nothing dangerous
        But hard not to blow the lid at times and go ape s^~* with such a tirade from what you can clearly see above.
        More so when people who talk about spiritual matters haven’t the slightest idea about common courtesy by sucking the living vitality out of a man who is already busy enough having his hand full with other important matters to be harrassed with time wasting stupidity.
        Imagine having to read every word of it.

        1. so if you’re talking about me or somebody else, talk to that damn person and don’t talk about them behind their back!! i mean wtf?? you think you’re so special and wise that you are better than the rest of us??? fuck dude, get a head on your shoulders. if you blow the lid it’s your own fuckin fault, not mine. where’s your fuckin self-responsibility???

          1. you think you’re the only one with important shit on your hands? i mean holy shit… you have some big fuckin ego man, to think you are so important that it’s all just a big thing meant to waste YOUR precious time. shit… it’s that kind of attitude that pisses me off so much.

          2. sucking the vitality out of somebody is a two way street. you gotta have a life-sucker but you gotta LET YOURSELF GET DRAINED. don’t you understand that???

          3. you said “imagine having to read every word of it” but now you’re fuckin getting it. you don’t have to read every word of it – i’m not crushing your arm or any of that shit.

          4. Well if you asked for it I’ll give it to you straight to your face with a straight face.
            Stop right at this moment your God damn fuck of a moronic attention seeking good for nothing fuck of a post that is not only sucking the precious bandwith out of this forum but it’s also polluting it with your hypocritical ‘look at me’ nonsense.
            Or else what?
            I’ll scour every nook and cranny of this world to hunt you down like I would a feral animal Tyler and literally make you listen straight from my face to your face.
            And then what?
            Imagine it in your mind the ugliness thereafter.

          5. you said that with so much conviction… maybe you’re right. i’m not sure now. you make me angry. what should we do then? what is your thought, if it is true that i make a pollution here? should it all be swept away?.. what? please tell me, because actually.. i respect what you just said a lot. and i am grateful you actually said it straight to me.

          6. Pretty sure I read in GOT that respect should be given to all persons regardless of their level of proficiency with the Spiritual Teachings.

        2. but don’t pretend like you know the ultimate best, to say that it’s a big waste of everybody’s time, because somebody else might see it and see the damn point. but YOU obviously don’t want to, so i can’t say a damn thing to make you.

          1. Well Tyler now that you got your 15 minutes why not take the equivalent time to start reading the spiritual information by Billy from this website and go from there.
            In the end the control over your thoughts, feelings and action towards the right direction is entirely up to you just as it is for me and everybody else.
            Don’t follow my example although sometimes it takes setting bad example to right things.

  3. Tyler = blah, blah, blah!

    Full of useless sh*t!

    Shut up and stop wasting precious space here as well as peoples time with your useless stupid comments!!

  4. Just by looking at the language above, one can see the reason, why Creational cannot get through the thick layers of “GOO” thrown over IT, by the same people that aspire to find IT.

    1. It’s the law of cause and effect. Some people will only take/listen to so much sh*t before they throw it back and tell them to stop. There is an oxygen thief here.

      1. No it is “law” of ignorance only. If both of You we really aware, how much harm (literally) You have caused to your bodies, you would have never done it. I am not exaggerating. Almost all your sickness is caused by such behavior. Dig dip inside of YOU … and you will know. If You cannot get there yet …. ask Billy, he will tell You.

        1. Yes Mr Perfect, or should I say Billy!

          You sound like my mother who mothers me about everything I should and should not do for my well being, when she herself is full of faults.

  5. I believe that it’s good to express opinions as long as respect is maintained. Avoiding cursing words and semi – cursing it’s highly appreciated, if you care to know that ladies also participate on this blog, and specially offer respect to Michael’s efforts to maintain this up and running. Don’t forget that this forum is the only mean to participation in the spiritual teachings, since FIGU proved impossible to sustain here in the States.

      1. I don’t about you Phil but sometimes you have to create a stink about certain matters lest they get out of control.
        Although there are infintely better ways of going about it than what you and I did but still if the intentions are good enough then it’s fine by my vulgar and foul mouth.
        I just hope we’ve all derived vital learning lessons from it and that Tyler continues to make his presence felt here with a renewed perspective.
        In the end it was never about how proficient or not a person was about the spiritual teachings but how unconcerned they were for other person’s well being at the same time that were talking this and that about the spiritual matters being abjectly oblivious to even the most basic manners and courtesies.
        This moderating business must be one of the hardest things to do in my opinion yet how many here truly care or cared about Michael’s thankless task and effort?

        1. man you guys still talk so false modestly like you’re perfect and know it all, even while you say you don’t know it all. but i get that, for real i do. and for what it’s worth, i’m sorry i was such a swearing asshole – to an extent. i apologise for anybody i have hurt or misled, but i don’t make an apology for the way i am. but you know, that’s just what my personality is eh? i found that out when i went to nature and let it all out – i found out the ugly parts of myself and the good parts, and i’m still finding about them – . and i learned to forgive myself – don’t discount that. to me that’s one of the gifts of nature – even while in society you gotta be this or that, put on airs, pretend to be wise, pretend to be knowing… even among so-called friends, in nature all of that is gone and you can just be… you. warts and all. swear words and all. good and evil and all. the Creation can take it, and for sure i swore my head off at nature and threw a total temper tantrum. i’m not your enemy and i don’t presume i’m above you – that’s why i insisted you talk straight to me and don’t just do the usual thing and backstab cause that’s damn disrespectful and really presumptuous that you know everything. but man, people can take it. we aren’t delicate flowers, ladies for SURE aren’t delicate flowers – if anything men are more often than not the delicate flowers! only more like chomp-chomp flowers from mario bros… tread lightly or they wake up and BITE! 😛 or don’t tread lightly, be courageous – cause then you LEARN. but how do you think we can ever become a coherent group unless we are OURSELVES? man we won’t ever – we’ll just be the same like in a church where everybody is polite and shit but deep down they got their ugliness all bottled up, afraid to let it be shown. and when i shown it, your ugliness came out too – but why you gotta deny that from yourself? man you threatened to hunt me down like an animal – that’s pretty serious shit. can’t you see that’s all your anger comin out, lashing out at me cause i made my actual personality shown? shit, actual authentic persons attract hate and love like hornets and bees to honey. but all you’re attracting with your false politeness is more false politesness. don’t you see??

          1. but for sure i can admit that what i said wasn’t based on effective knowledge, so i’m saying it now – all the words i wrote about not striving for deep meditation were BS, and a bad mistake on my part. do it if you gotta – you know what you gotta do, deep inside. but never discount the little things, the power of nature and simple contemplation of the Creation because it’s also a form of meditation – and it’s pristine and magical stuff.

          2. but man i’m dumb and stupid, so don’t take my word for it – call it BS if you want or hear it as “blah, blah, blah”, it doesn’t matter to me what you do cause it’s all about whether or not you want to hear or not, and whether you want to think about it and decide if it’s true or just believe that it’s automatically untrue while believing everything else is automatically true cause it comes from Billy and FIGU.

            you called me an oxygen thief i’m guessing, Phil, but i gotta laugh at that cause what does that even mean? lol. last i checked even if the oxygen is kinda shit, when i’m breathing it in i’m not suffocating you. so you’re gonna have to clear that one up for me please – cause for real if you saw something, be clear about it. that’s how i can learn too, but for sure not by your vague comments that are just like a rude slap in my face.

          3. but for sure if you ARE a lot like a delicate flower, and actually it is wrong of me to discount that too and say that nobody is a delicate flower, since i was such a delicate flower – read Billy’s book The Psyche and focus on its recommendations. for real the deep meditation can wait, till a time when you and i are more stable in our personalities. i’m not saying disregard the deep meditation, no way would i ever.. but i’m saying, don’t disregard the “basic” stuff.. the basic practices. they are mighty powerful on their own.

          4. man now i made myself sad, cause i wrote so much again but no way can you guys just see my emotions and feelings… that i tried to express in so many words 🙁

          5. Well I had a completely different outlook and perspective on the matter Tyler but then again I am not you and you are not me.
            Either way life goes on and so does time second by second, moment by moment, circumstance by circumstance, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, word by word, idea by idea, recognition by recognition, understanding by understanding, cognition by cognition, insight after another insight, one action after another and one breath after another and then another in this spacetime continuum bubble.
            The fact that we will keep making mistakes is not such a big deal but when nothing is learnt from it and the required change not brought about then it becomes an issue.
            I don’t care whether your use of foul language is just as bad as mine but I do care about the substance, intent and the meaning behind the words.
            So let bygones be bygones and move on

          6. thank you for those nice words..
            actually.. i think i see it now, a big mistake that i made.
            i said meditation was no good to focus on, and i put so much emphasis on getting strength.. but then all this time, i wrote very suddenly because i don’t meditate enough to be able to catch myself. my conscience still only ever speaks to me after the fact, instead of before.

        2. i wasn’t aware of that before, [what my conscience has been trying to say to me].. so.. i am sorry i have been speaking so abruptly without forethought. you showed me something about me i could learn from, so thank you for that, Matt lee.

    1. Good article indeed Flapjack
      I’ve joined a cult religious organisation recently in a quest to find out more indepth as to answer the ultimate questions of why I vehemently oppose it.
      I wanted to get more indepth to the whats and the whys just as Billy had done during his aquaintanceship days.
      I didn’t simply want to go by the reason ‘because Billy and the Plejaren said so’
      Not that I didn’t know this before but it’s amazing how similar religious text is to it’s original Creational spiritual teachings so much so that I can begin to under why so many people fall for it.
      My fellow congregation exhibit the very same enthusiasm and zeal for their imaginery God as we the students of the teachings do for the Creational truth.
      The human response is basically the same towards something higher than ourselves and it matters little what that deity, figure, object or God is.

    2. Tyler have you been abused one way or another and rejected as an outcast.
      Your loneliness comes through compounded by a cruel and cold world that is neither embracing nor provide a warm heart and shoulder to rest one’s weary head full of guilt and worries.
      The spiritual teachings will make you tough, strong and resilient.
      This is just from my experience but when you can manage to see the world through the lense of the truth all doubts and fear disappears because you have created a state of consciousness based on love, peace, harmony and freedom.
      It does feel very solid and not capricious if you can manage to hold onto that state by controlling your thoughts, feelings and then actions.
      Its not easy and it takes conscious striving through exercising of will power based on conviction and conscious decision but knowing with which knowledge to achieve this is just as important as giving yourself the reason of why you should.
      So essentially the students of Billy don’t just talk about ‘the might of thought’ for no reason as you can see.
      So the motto borrowed from our fellow friend of truth Dyson is repetition repetition repetition, one more time, repetition repetition repetition in order to learn.
      So get going brother you have a lifetime of materials to cover till hearts content

      1. I’m writing this while I’m lucid, or a bit so, all thanks to Billy’s prescribed exercise.

        I was so wrong, about everything.

        Words can’t express how foolish I was. I am horrified to think about the kind of mad insane ideas I brought here with me, in the old time when my mind was on its last shred of sanity.

        I am starting to recover [my sanity] now.. thanks to Billy’s concentration candle-light exercise. But no words can truly express my deep remorse and horror at the kinds of things I’ve said here. I was a rambling madman, and can only hope I didn’t lead anybody astray. If so, I wish they will find their way back.

        If you are still caught up in confusion about what needs to be done, practice the candle-light concentration exercise. It makes everything so much more clear and stable in time, once it starts to work, and for me I had no idea just how delirious I was until I saw what it means to NOT be delirious anymore. You can see that as I type now, there is coherency – coherency that was absent before in my insane ramblings.

        I’ve made myself a bit more stable… all thanks to Billy’s prescribed cure for delirium.

        1. That’s the last [thing] I feel equipped to add for the time being – I have a lot more to practice and learn. But I want to leave this behind in an attempt to tie up a loose strand.

          Salome all.

  6. Thank you Michael. Great blog again. Hopefully some of your followers will go back and read it a couple, or couple 1000, more times. Respect is lacking from some on here. Maybe you should have started at meditation .001 . Thank you again Michael

  7. “To take for permanent that which is only transitory is like the delusion of a madman.”

    “The body and soul (psyche), deified and incorporated by the Spirit, will be the trophy which the Spirit will flaunt eternally as a souvenir of Its triumphant passage through the perverse world of created matter.”

          1. Words are symbols to express an idea, and the ultimate idea is that ‘all should pass’, everything in the universe wears out, even this moment. Nothing real is under a threat. We are here to enjoy being.

          2. The desire for separation creates the universe. The desire for unity makes it disappear. Hate and Love are two sides of the same coin. Hate is Love fallen sick. We are in duality trying to understand it with a dual mind. The door out of the maze is located inwards. Isn’t a religion the attempt to look for ‘healing’ somewhere else other than inside of each BEING?

            “Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.” ~ Rumi

            “The mind produces a powerful illusion, that of existing in this body which we consider to be our own.” ~ Kalu Rinpoche

            “There is no me; we are only us; the others.” ~unknown (Love this author)

            Life is encrypted in less degree outside its forward motion, but within the stillness of its inward state. ~ Claudio Silva (wisdom recycled)

            Why did Jmmanuel cross all the way to India? …even at the cost of his beloved mother’s life? Maybe to meet the Buddhism and its answers, which in essence tell us that:

            “You cannot travel the path until you become the path.” ~ Buddha

            Once we meet internal peace then the outside is healed. Can we meet peace by focusing on illusion? …or by withdrawing our belief in it?

  8. I have no intentions on judging anyone here . The topic is strong and many of us are really impacted by impure messages globally . It effects all of us in solo many ways. Do not be offensed by your fellows commentary. Anger is a direct reaction of fear. Just forgive , listen and decide to grow past it . These are very trying times , plus we are all amidst great manipulations we need to collectively overcome. Your TV , computer and audio have built in control science to generate results of confusion and implied frailty leading you to be compliant . So pause,restrain and ponder . Do not let it permiate your will and let it employ conflict , confusion and doubt in oneself. We together are much more than that . Find the way to elevate our brotheren an reach for the light with pure respect for our creation.

    1. “There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future.” ~ Shri Haidakhan Babaji

      “The path of truth is long and the wisdom of knowledge will only penetrate slowly.” ~ Jmmanuel

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