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We petition the Obama administration to:

Call for and Join an International Coalition and Multi-National Army to Stop the IS

The world has ample evidence that the IS is a murderous, criminal, terrorist organization whose goal is to persecute, destroy and subjugate the whole of humanity. Their inhuman and inhumane actions are part of an openly declared and perpetrated policy of mass murder and extermination of all those who are not aligned with the fanatical beliefs of this organization, its leaders and followers. If allowed to proceed unchecked, this gang, which currently numbers approximately 100,000 soldiers, will only continue to grow and become unstoppable in spreading its destruction worldwide and effectively plunging the world back into the dark ages. The world must recognize that their deluded leader is nothing less than a potential Hitler who must be stopped now, lest his deadly global plan be fulfilled.


We call for the formation of a true multi-national army, of at least 300,000 soldiers, to be armed with the best and newest weaponry and supported with every kind of military equipment, such as tanks, fighter planes and tactical missiles, etc. We call for this huge and powerful army to be drawn from as many countries of the entire world as possible, including an alliance of all countries around Iraq and Syria, and including the strong armies of the USA, England, France, Russia, China, Canada, etc.


As the real urgency of this situation is now clear, we call for this coalition to be assembled promptly, with firm resolve and without unnecessary political delays. The world will not have another chance to forcefully and effectively eliminate this terrible threat to everyone and everything that we have already accomplished, as the IS would destroy any and all of our scientific and medical inventions and cognitions, as well as our entire written and recorded knowledge base, as they also view these as elements that must be destroyed.


In the face of this coordinated, overwhelming military might, a humane option would be presented to those in the IS to lay down their arms and to be incarcerated for their lifetimes in isolated regions where they can no longer do harm to humanity and yet could still have the opportunity to develop their conscience and consciousness for the sake of their own evolution. Those who refuse or resist would suffer the consequences.


The highest priority is that the safety and security of all of humanity must be protected and preserved. This responsibility for the USA to become a leader and a participant in this global mission is underscored by the inescapable fact that had the USA, under the command of George W. Bush, never conquered Iraq and tracked down Saddam Hussein and killed him, Saddam Hussein would have had the ability – along with armed Kurdish fighters, called Peshmerga (who ironically helped the USA in its mission to capture Saddam) – to control Baghdadi and the IS.


This is now the only way to stop the IS. We must stand firmly on the right side of history for, if we do not, there may not be much left of our previous history, nor of our present humankind and all of its achievements and wonders.


Michael Horn

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  1. Well I shared it with a bunch of people. So far, the only response has been relative indifference. Even after lengthy discussion with people who know that the Meier case is legit. The wall of stupid is just too thick. At least where I live. Another hillbilly bible belt zone. I have a hardcore skeptic family member who even saw a UFO the other night for a full five minutes and he dismissed it as lightning… In -20 degrees Centigrade weather which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Just too much stupid. By the sounds of it, it might have been a telemeter disc.

    1. I guess it depends on who you are talking to. I sat down the other day with my former military buddy and he asked me what was the latest information. I told him about this threat of ISIS. The guy at another table who was also retired military overheard me and said the threat of ISIS should have been dealt with 2 1/2 years ago and that this isn’t anything new. I told him we are now at the crossroads of it becoming a reality. No one disagreed.

    2. Hi Daniel. It’s not so much about stupidity, but fear and insecurity. The Plejaren’s and Billy’s information/teachings attacks and demolishes most aspects of current Earth human life. To be told that the way you think and live is wrong, is pretty hard to bear. In 800 years time, the events that are occurring now will be studied and only go to bolster the teachings. Perhaps it’s necessary for the ‘mission’ to have no success now so that points will be proven in the future. Battles and wars and all that. The only way to win in the near future is if people (lots of people) who are knowledgeable about Billy get into positions of power in governments and the main-stream media. Or, if the galaxies biggest airshow was brought to Earth courtesy of the Federation of Worlds. 🙂

  2. I just found two new documents on the German FIGU site:

    One of them talks about how the West is constantly mocking, provoking, sanctioning etc. Russia, which has basically lead to a new Cold War.

    The other one talks, besides other things, about how the IS is funded from Qatar and that the German chancellor Merkel has met the Emir of Qatar, Tami Al-Thani, in Berlin in September and even thinks about delivering weapons to Qatar, which could end up in the hands of IS-terrorists.

    Meier also makes clear, that almost everyone fighting for the IS cannot be reasoned with in any way and that those people are only humans by name but not by what they think, feel or do.

  3. Hi, everyone.

    I think we should give one more try at petitioning the current administration to press for the formation of an international ground force to quell ISIS. To that end, I prepared a draft with the following text (to view the file on Google Drive, this is the link:



    President Obama, we call upon you to engage the international community, namely the United Nations, for the establishment of a multinational military ground force tasked with dismantling ISIS and providing the necessary aid to civilians and victims in war-torn areas.

    We ask for the immediate and concerted effort to mount a peacekeeping contingent, strictly beholden to the international community or the UN Security Council, to be deployed in Syria and Iraq, in the region surrounding the ISIS Militia, in order to accomplish the following objectives:

    1. To end the violence, bloodshed and destruction brought on by ISIS, swiftly and expediently with minimal loss of life.
    2. The rescue and safe return to their families of hostages and people forced into servitude by ISIS.
    3. The effective capture and/or neutralization of the leadership of ISIS.
    4. Support of the recovery and reconstruction efforts, as needed by the stricken nations, once ISIS has been dealt with.
    5. Consolidation of peace and stability in the region, allowing refugees and those displaced by war to return to their homes.

    We firmly believe that this contingent should be at least 500,000 (five-hundred thousand) strong and consist of fighting forces from the UN member states including but not limited to: the United States, Russia, China, France, Canada, India, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    The size of the international task force must be large enough to counter any and all attempts of opposition, retaliation, escalation, evasion, and prolongation of conflict by ISIS, thereby fulfilling the aforementioned objectives.

    We are also convinced that, with numbers on their side, the peacekeeping force will be in a better position to compel the ISIS militants to relinquish arms and to surrender peacefully, thus minimizing casualties and collateral damage.

    We feel that this initiative represents the best hope for ending the senseless violence, which has since spread beyond the boundaries of that imprisoned region, and for securing a true and lasting peace in the world.

    We urge you to push this idea forward and to enlist the collaboration of all peace-loving nations at the level described above, superseding the current US-led coalition engaged against ISIS, and to cease all bombings being undertaken in that region.


    I would very much like to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Thank you, all.

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