Too Stupid to Survive?

UPDATE: January 31, 2015

The Dark Ages are indeed further encroaching on sleepy humanity.


More evidence that big, stupid species don’t survive

A recent article titled ‘Biggest dinosaur ever’ discovered reveals that the fossils of this gigantic creature were discovered in… Patagonia.

Let’s just walk through a couple of indisputable facts; indisputable if you aren’t a brain dead skeptic.

Meier’s information below was first published in 1987. It was also verifiably translated into English and posted on the internet in June 2010*, about four years before this “new, official discovery”. Now, unless you are among the walking brain dead, which may also include politicians, religious fundamentalists, scientists, university professors, etc., you’ll easily recognize the ironclad nature of what constitutes a legal standard of proof of prior publication. If you have any trouble with that, please stop now, go to church, a political meeting, your local university, etc., and don’t trouble yourself with actually…thinking.

Billy: Since we’re already talking about large trees, I would like to ask you a question about the dinosaurs again. Which ones were the largest and where did they live?
60. The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.
61. These were the so-called long-neck dinosaurs, whose largest specimens reached up to 60 meters in length and exhibited a weight of around 135 tons.
62. This was the largest land animal that ever existed on the Earth.
Billy: And what about the time – when did these animals live, and were there any predatory dinosaurs that killed these magnificent animals? Have any skeletons, etc. of such giant beasts already been found by the earthly paleontologists?
63. To my knowledge, still no such findings have been made by the earthly paleontologists.
64. And as for the time when these giant animals lived, this must have been, to my knowledge, around 100 million years ago.
65. The long-necked dinosaurs possessed tails that were about as long as their necks were to their heads.

Please also note that the actual size of this particular specimen fits well within that which the Plejaren provided to Meier…as does the time period.

In case you object to the assumption about the existence of the Plejaren, let’s just restate the actual…facts:

Scientists, in 2014 discovered what they said is “the largest creature to walk the Earth”, in Patagonia.

In 1987, Billy Meier was given and first published information saying that, “The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.”

Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information was published…27 years before “official discovery”.

How did he get that information if not exactly as he said he did, from the Plejaren?

If you haven’t at this point called everyone you know to tell them that you’ve just read (more) ironclad proof of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific accuracy and that you now know that Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrials are absolutely authentic…then there’s something stone cold wrong with you.

Stop and…Get Going

Speaking of possible dinosaurs, or those who may meet the same fate, here’s a few words to the 700,000 people who marched in France:

Stop marching and help to form a worldwide military coalition to stop those subhumans.

I don’t want to be a party pooper but hasn’t also occurred to anyone that thousands of unarmed civilians make pretty easy targets for determined, demented killers? At the risk of using politically incorrect terminology for the analogy, let’s not be the proverbial…frogs sitting in a pot of water that are also turning the heat up past the boiling point on themselves.

Sleeper Cells

There’s also a new warning reported on CNN about the suspected activation of so-called “sleeper cells” that could be targeting French police forces.


Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders made a particularly courageous statement, regarding what should correctly be termed radical Islamic fundamentalism, that echoes the warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren. Certainly there are things to take issue with but the essence is true: radical Islam is spreading its murderous mission and the West is apparently too weak to recognize and respond to it appropriately. More dinosaurs?

One More Time

Warnings from Meier dating back to 1958 about that which is now upon us…will send the world back to the Dark Ages if the spineless weaklings and wimps, the politically correct, the profiteers, the escapists transfixed by their techno-toys and phantasmagoria aren’t slapped upside the head by their friends – because their enemies simply want to cut those heads off.

Will Europe (and the West) really “wake-up”, now that what Meier specifically warned of, in 1981 and 1987, is manifesting in plain sight?

Big, stupid species don’t survive if they don’t evolve and adapt to conditions. If we don’t want to become fossilized relics to be discovered by possible future visitors to a barren, self-destroyed world, we’d best get about the business of dealing with the threats to our very threatened future survival. As we’ve said for well over a decade, the Meier contacts are the key to assuring it.

One more time for the attention deficient:

Scientists, in 2014 discovered what they said is “the largest creature to walk the Earth”, in Patagonia.

In 1987, Billy Meier was given and first published information saying that, “The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.”

Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information was published…27 years before “official discovery”.

How did he get that information if not exactly as he said he did, from the Plejaren?

Got it now?


*NOTE:  Contact Report 221 was also published in German in 2004 in Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte block 5.

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Thanks to Tom Day, Ken Smith and Annie Newman for the information.

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  1. Hi Jacob and Michael,

    … actually what Billy said about Darwin in a CR in 2006 and which was again repeated in the FIGU special Bulletin 32 of the year 2007 ( , about the origins of the humans and that the homo sapiens is not originating from the apes, but the apes are a cousin of the homo sapiens and that the species Homo sapiens and their cousins the apes have a common ancestor, was corroborated in a french science Magazine “Science et Vie” of June 2010, which i have in my posession….. It is a serious magasine with a big “peer”, as it has for the french community the same standards as the “Scientific American” or the “Spektrum der Wissenschaft” in Germany. Persons who have no clue about certain sciences (in this case paleontology) will directly go back and look for the dates where and when the oldest skeletons were found,…. this is wrong and does not give the answer to the question as the answer to the question lies in many factors and one key factor is genetics. This has also nothing to do with blunt models that were created before to check the percentage of validity, or the possible trueness of some hypotheises about the origin of the human being that were done in 2003.

    Genetic studies were carried out and their results show that, if connected to other facts,…. I will put it in the paleontologists blunt words “The human being does not originate from the ape, but he is an ape himself” :), they found more cousins of the homo sapines and also new human species on their way, which makes our “familly” a big one….. Many factors that were collected over the years, including genetic research, permitted scientists start to emprirically proove it. Before the CR was published some scientists already maybe played with the thought that it might be so and ran some models and published some papers about their thoughts, but they could not proove it yet. … and honestly I doubt that Billy had contacted them….. I won t go into detail here because I still have other things to do ;)…..If one does research with “google”, be carefull to not read a paper from scientists that are practitioners and believers of the “Creation/the christian one theory” , creationists, who tell that evolution does not exist and which of course contradict these findings in their own “scientific ways”…. Maybe these articles are interesting: (this is a difficult read) 😀

    Here is an article easier to read:

    The evidence and the facts of our scientists point towards the genuinity of what was written in the CR and the FIGU Bulletin published a few years ago 😉 We will have a definitive answer not too far in the future 😉


  2. Needless to say , I intend to show up . I intend to surprise . I intend to become what most would consider impossible . I will show up .l will be what is an unexpected event . I may even evoke the man on the six o clock news . I may be your neighbor . I may be your brother . I may be your greatest fear . If you are the last , it is me . I am everyone , I just stopped in to reach out and give you a hand up . And to make it official , it was a boston cream donut . Mmmm . it tastes so good , when good intent meets a good reason and it finds its way to a person in the way .

  3. Getting bored with dumb people. If this whole planet turns into one big pile of fertilizer, I won’t really want to be fermenting inside it in the dunce hat corner of stupid when I’ve gone to so much effort to prevent that from happening and trying to warn people. If people are this fantastically stupid… I just wonder sometimes. Some people get it though because they are not filling their precious time up with making bad assumptions and believing them but just getting down to good old fashioned research instead. But for the multitudes who don’t, the wall of stupid hurts. It’s exhausting.

  4. Back in school in the ’70s we were taught that dinosaurs were cold blooded creatures with reptile like skin. We’ve come a long way baby.
    If anyone wants to know where all the dinosaurs and giant human skeletons are kept in the U.S., you don’t to look any further than the Smithsonian. Why are these “acadamia nuts” allowed to confiscate (eg. Sue 13) and put them on the backroom shelf for NO ONE to ever see again? But this certainly explains why my friend’s dino blogsite is constantly being “ripped” by the U.S. “services” long sticky fingers. Anything uncovered will be confiscated in the U.S. In Canada we can keep it but cannot take it out of province as it is “owned” by the provincial government.

  5. How do you folks put up with people’s stupidity these days? It feels like if, as the years go by, it’s somehow getting worse.

  6. I am putting this post in this blog because it just may be evidence of some persons’ being too stupid to survive.

    I took a couple fo minutes to look at the so-called “deconstruction” of Meier’s Universal Barrier photos (

    Here are some observations. As has already been pointed out, Meier got his first color TV verifiably in 1976 ( That alone creates big problems for the “copied it from a TV” theory. Just what TV did he copy it from? If the skeptics can’t substantiate his access to such a TV, the game is over before it starts. Which it is but we’ll go on.

    And yes, where in Meier’s photo is ” 3-color grid of the “cathode ray tube, which would show the colors blue, green and red arranged in three dots if the photo was taken from a TV…”? We’re talking 1975 TVs here, not the newest 54″ plasma Samsung whatever.

    Of course there are other problems with this flimsy attempt. We’re told that the press release came out about a month earlier. Where is it? We see a black and white version but not the color version.

    But here’s an even bigger problem for the online armchair experts who think that they can figure out everything just by…searching for it online:

    There’s absolutely zero evidence or possibility that Meier just happened to pick up a copy of a NASA press release, unless of course the skeptics can provide actual evidence for it. That would require them to substantiate the means, motive and opportunity for Meier to obtain a press release in pre-internet days, complete with a nice color photo, which we now can only assume was included. Let’s take it one step further. Meier would have had to obtain a rather perfect, unwrinkled clear color print on paper from 1975, with a print from the same era technology. If such existed and was a high-quality print, the likelihood that they were just floating around and making their way to Switzerland, completely undamaged, and then availalbe to a man living in the farmland regions, etc. futher defies logic…let alone substantiation. By what means was this alleged photo supposedly sent and to whom? Where is the chain of possession?

    In order for the theory that Meier copied the picture from a TV set to have any validity – forgetting for only a moment the above mentioned problems – we would certainly have to know the EXACT time and date that the photo was shown in Switzerland. But the bigger problem is that for Meier’s photo to be a copy of the painting – and taken off of a TV – Meier would have had to have known the exact, fleeting MOMENT when the photo would be shown and be in the PERFECT position to capture it precisely. We don’t even have any evidence that the photo was shown as a still shot in the TV show and that it remained on the screen long enough for a photo of it to be taken. Once again, where were the means, motive and opportunity for this exact photo to be taken, in 1975, from a color TV (which Meier didn’t possess) and with no evidence of the 3-color grid from the cathode ray tube visible?

    We have Mahesh’s own words to describe his pathetically amateurish, inept, illogical, unthoughtout attempt to “deconstruct” rather than to determine the truth: it “doesn’t make any sense” and is “rather absurd and far fetched”.

    Wow, what a legacy this person is creating for themselves.

    1. Yeah you are right
      But let’s simplify it further.
      Was that NASA footage broadcast in Switzerland in the first place?
      If so then when?
      If not then it goes to show how stupid-obsessive-compulsive-disordered-delusional agenda driven people are.
      I wonder how much Kal Korff is paying Mehesh for his services?
      It beats selling batteries for a living.

    2. The fact remains that the artist Rick Guidice who supposedly painted the universal barrier picture which Mash1thead is claiming is the source of Billy’s photo is on record as saying his painting had “no date and he cannot find anything that pinpoints the date created”. So he doesn’t remember when it was painted. Then Rick Guidice goes on to quote a response from NASA which claims that a NASA archivist (no name is mentioned which is rather weird) who claims to remember Rick’s pictures being photographed while still wet. Rick can’t even agree with it, he only quotes it which means he’s towing the party line. I find the emails between Mash1thead and NASA pretty disturbing because so much is “left out”. I find it odd how he starts out in his letter to NASA stating (like he knows it’s true) that the painting was from 1975. Doesn’t really sound like an investigator when he puts out to NASA which year he “wants” the painting to have been painted. Sounds more like collusion between Mash1thead and NASA.

      1. It should be pretty clear to everyone now that Mahesh, in his rush to do a hatchet job, shows what a shallow thinker he is. It really is looking like his performances will ultimately resolve any doubts about the credibility and authenticity of the Meier case, though that’s not what he intended.

        1. True but then again in the mean time he seems to be rat catching a few children and leading them to the forest.
          Oh the tune of such flute always seems to mesmerise the naivetes

  7. Islamic State militants blow up the central library in the Iraqi city of Mosul –
    10 thousand of library’s books were destroyed, including rare copies on culture, philosophy, Arab history and hundreds of manuscripts

    February 23, 2015 article from Tass Russian News Agency

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