Whistleblowers and Those Who Only Whistle in the Wind

Truth and denial now lead to the same unavoidable consequences – the real price of US policies

In 1964 Billy Meier specifically foretold:

“Also asylum seeker, neo-Nazi and extremist entities, ethnic migration, worldwide terrorism and new wars will spread out and create dissent, need and misery and other new, big problems.”

That one sentence, written more than 50 years ago, is now effectively the essence of all of today’s news and doubtlessly will be for some time to come. It encapsulates the consequences of our failures to grasp the information, the prophecies and predictions from Meier based on the immutable law of cause and effect.

It also is the appropriate introduction for this profound video presentation by two highly credible and uniquely conscientious people, who happen to be former CIA analysts, which brings home this reality in clear language.

On the other end of the spectrum are the utterly deluded, self-important “journalists” who do their best to spread sensationalism, disinformation and contempt for the truth, such as are exposed by Taro Istok in this article.

Considered together, we can see how this, from the Henoch Prophecies, looms on the horizon for our country:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The US has been waging a war on the world for many decades. The pendulums have been ceaselessly sent out and, according to the Law of Causality, will return as wrecking balls. It’s a good time to study the spiritual teaching.


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Thanks to Mariann Uehlinger and Willem Mondrian for this important video.




58 Replies to “Whistleblowers and Those Who Only Whistle in the Wind”

  1. Shawn,
    Actually it’s worth thinking a bit more on the information that intelligent men, like Billy, give us on this topic, especially when they accurately predict the future. Of course you are free to dismiss the information & talk crap about it & suggest it lacks depth, or, reward (I mean what kind of person looks for reward in any of this really?) but, then, who are you to advise me, or, think you know better than Billy? I give myself enough credit to recognise when sage advice is given on a topic & do not feel undermined or limited for seeing the sense in it, like you try to make me out to be.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Obviously I came off the mark of what I thought I was trying to explain from my perspective. Put bluntly, I thought your wording lack a strong conviction of Billy’s teachings. I don’t know better than Billy, but he doesn’t do all my thinking for me. As for ‘seeing the sense’ in what Billy advices, it’s ok to examine it deeper and find even greater truth waiting for discovery. I can say the little dead boy would not have washed up on that beach if our gov. never invaded innocent countries with war. That’s a no brainer. Of course what happens after that needs to be addressed and pirates and such are a part of that. I didn’t mean to offend you, just thought you expressed something I took as awkward and your response to me shows I did misinterpret you. I accept my apology. I hope you’re ok with that?

    1. What has your accepting your own apology got to do with me? If you’ve been following my posts you would realise you sound stupid for suggesting I don’t think deeply enough. In the real world, real causes need to be dealt with rather than giving all power to amorphous groups like the US puppet government whereby that stupid thinking will lead to the complete breakdown of the US by 2020. Apologise to yourself then.

      1. You are a c*** Matt
        Nah you are a top dude.
        Yep same to me.
        Hey just kidding.
        I thoughts I just do an Anthony number on ya.

          1. Well it didn’t mean that his point was correct only that he possessed a point.
            I pointed him in the right direction but like many directions he pointed to, it was everywhere but where it was supposed to point to.
            But like all things and everyone on this board you and me included we are the springboard to each other to learn by and to learn from and in some cases, to help others to delearn.

    2. Hey Shawn this is just Matt’s way of making friends by calling them stupid. I guess that’s how they do it in the UK. I would take it as a compliment

      1. On another note I would like to apologize to Billy Wilson for misunderstanding what he wrote. Please come back.

        1. It appears that all the nightly studies must be paying off, I did not even mean to hit the bookmark that put me here. Glad to know that there is a spare candle in your window, a point of light I seem to have found by chance. Thank you for sending out the feelers.
          Billy Wilson

          1. Well I’m glad you felt it Billy. It’s bothered me since I typed it knowing shortly after I hit the post comment button, how very wrong my response to you was.
            My dear sister recently passed away unexpectedly and it made me think (yet again) how very short and fleeting our current lives are. I do not want to go through the dying process without correcting some of my wrongs. There are so few of us in this world trying to attune ourselves with Billy’s material, that I felt it was important that I make the effort because we are after all brothers and sisters. Welcome back.

        2. You are a gentle women Sheila not afraid to apologise when need to
          I say this in gest but some of us would do well to borrow a nut or two from ya.

      2. Actually Shawn questioned my intelligence & understanding of the Meier material & because I have read, thought about & recognised the correctness of that info & supported it, I have the right to defend that when called out. I feel it’s better to answer direct questions – rather then jumping up like good pavlovian puppy to every opportunity presented by others arguments to make me look virtuous in the eyes of others which is no measure to go by.

        1. Oh Matt nice try but there’s no where in the material where it says if you are questioned about your intelligence you’re supposed to respond by calling that person stupid. So are you saying you weren’t trying to make friends?

          1. Yeh and nowhere does it say to twist the words of others to make them look bad & you good as I never said Shawn was stupid – only his idea that I don’t think deeply about the material. This is none of your business & you are wrong (again).

          2. The reply part of this blog software loves to give obky three chances for replies and you are done. While you are still connected to your very inner self Sheila Clark, I hope you have found the true depth of creations love by doing the death mediation as Billy has written about. The doors that can be opened for you or the clarity that you can get are beyond words or within the finest art. I would have never have thought that the passing of my father could cause such an amazing chance for me to evolve,
            Peace to you all those you hold dear.
            Billy Wilson

        1. Hi Stephen I was kidding about that’s how they make friends in the UK. Was wondering if you have checked out the Pluto pictures? I’ve been trying to find the spot where the experimental androids crashed the beam ship. I’m sorry but I still do think all the so called “impact craters” on Mars are below ground level as many of those circular mounds are above ground. Why are they always completely circular when we know an impact crater on earth usually has an elliptical debris field? Have you made any recent discoveries?

          1. What is this wizardry I see before me? My provocation failed. And I bought new sheilds and everything! 😉 Hiya Sheila.

            I actually haven’t looked at any Pluto pictures to be honest. However, the beamship did self-destruct in orbit so there may not have been anything but dust left (knowing their explosions), so perhaps there aren’t any noticable impact areas. I bet Quetzal would have hoovered up any remains anyway.
            Impact craters on Mars; well it depends how you throw your rock! 🙂 Perhaps they are due to removal of ‘items’ by our caring sharing space mates.
            Discoveries; only about myself.

            Sorry to hear about your sister btw.

      1. I agree! But there’s more to Mahigitam’s story and it’s not about finding the truth. He is on an agenda to prove the case is a hoax and will lie and twist things around to suit that agenda. And as you know he is also on an agenda to deconstruct you.

        He also keeps going on and on about none of these Meier prophetic corroborations can be proven http://www.theyfly.com/corroboration-evidence

        If he has some of the contact reports that were given to him, he can check with the copyright office or whatever to see if the copyright and wording in them is all there and legit. But even if he done that he would never reveal it because it doesn’t fit his selfish agenda.

        Why don’t Figu or you do that so it can shut him up for good?

        1. I have offered to debate him on a radio show but he would only agree if he could set the agenda and questions beforehand, which is something I never require, nor that I would agree to. FIGU also knows that people like him end up deconstructing themselves and in rather intense ways. Cause and effect is at play, of course, and his fundamental dishonesty, lying, twisting the truth have far greater consequences to his own consciousness that he is too arrogant and immature to even fathom at this time. So he will continue to pursue that course until it implodes on him, with all of the might of the inescapable truth rolling over him like a tsunami.

          However, this blind ambition only compounds his inability to be honest with himself and he’s dug himself in so deeply that he figures that continuing on is the only way to go. If you read the article that Taro had responded to you’ll see that it’s really an attempt at sleight-of-hand, devoid as it is of even any debunking of the Meier photo that’s featured, since he can only try to attack photos that even Meier has said were falsified and not taken by him.

          And so it goes. One prophecy after another will continue to fulfill, unfortunately, and he’s just be slogging around nose deep in denial.

          1. Thanks! I didn’t notice that. Very interesting read.

            Not sure if the truth will ever roll over him because he is a dishonest liar. He cares little about truth. He only cares about his stupid selfish agenda.

        2. I very much suspect an agenda myself. He clearly made a distinct 180 at some point and I often wonder what exactly caused it. His explanations don’t wash:

          “It was only much later, somewhere around the year 2011, that I really started to put on my skeptical hat and dig deeper into the evidence…”

          “In my opinion, given the evidence, based on the Occam’s Razor principle the explanation that Meier (with the help of his accomplices) has most likely fabricated everything is on very firm ground, rather than any other explanation that could be put forth.”

          In that same Top Secret Writer blog post he states

          “In the beginning, I paid almost no attention to the question of scientific validity and authenticity of the evidence”

          “Truly, one has to be either terribly naive or a conspiracy nut to buy into Meier’s unsubstantiated and crazy excuses, especially whenever skeptics find evidence that debunks Meier’s claims. For example the earlier investigations (8) conducted by the Ground Saucer Watch, ICUFON (Intercontinental UFO Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network) and others in 1970’s have concluded that Meier’s UFO/beamships pictures were hoaxed by a variety of methods and techniques – suspending model with a string, double exposure, double print, etc.”

          The “(8)” is a reference to his BMUFOR “Investigation of Others” page where he briefly describes Ground Saucer Watch and their final conclusion. But no mention of their process at all.

          Interestingly enough, you can listen to both Dilettoso and Stevens debunk GSW’s ridiculously hoakey methods in these two videos which Mahesh himself posted in 2012:

          Part 1: https://youtu.be/dmYbzZ3iYko (Dilettoso – 4:24)
          Part 2: https://youtu.be/Nz_YmxJr-oY (Stevens – 4:50)

          On top of that, in response to my mention of the Dilettoso/Davis photo analysis Mahesh wrote

          “…the same computer testing you are pointing to, according to Wendelle, revealed that Meier’s photos are nothing but double exposures.”

          I CONTINUALLY PRESSED HIM to verify his claim that

          A) it was the result of the “computer testing”
          B) this claim was indeed made by Stevens

          His only meaningful response was to direct me to his Stanton Friedman page where he mentions several group photos with beamships in the background. I’m 99% certain these were never part of the “computer testing”. But Mahesh refused to clarify or retract his either erroneous OR intentionally misleading claim. He’s perfectly aware of the “scientific validity and authenticity of the evidence” but tries to slip away once pressed right up against it. REEKS of agenda.

          1. Yes he’s a real POS and there’s no debunking that. There must have been quite a few of us here asking why the FIGU English forum continues to give him a platform. Seems to me that his issue is that he wants to be someone, in an overpopulated country which still has a caste system.

          2. Well one thing for sure he did disingenuously fool a lot of people into donating priceless Meier materials.
            I don’t want to add an addition negative aspersions on the guy but I suspect that with all the hours he spends on this stuff when people his age is out there working their butts off on a real job making an honest living, I do believe that he has financial incentives and sources to support himself to engage in his rubbish activities with even the full knowledge that Meier is telling the truth.
            It’s possible but I can’t imagine a person who spends the amount of time that he does reading all the Meier materials and come away a non believer so to speak.

          3. @Dennis – No problem.

            @Sheila – If he’s not careful, he’ll end up being “someone” like Kalvin Karlton Korff.

            @matt – Like many(all?) self-proclaimed debunkers and “skeptics” he’s very selective about what he chooses to acknowledge. I’m pretty sure that goes against the very definition of the TRUE skeptic.

  3. And the drama continues…

    After a 7-day wait, Dube finally posted and responded to one of my comments. The others are still blocked, still indicating that I used a “fake identity”. No correction. No apology. No surprise.

    If anyone is following, you can read my 7-day old comment plus Dube’s response from today here:


    For my yet to be “approved” reply, look for the “PENDING” comment(“Shoot first, ask questions later.”) here:


    I’ve also copied my discussion with Mahesh at his UFO-Prophet site in the event he decides to remove it.

    1. Great job Taro! He wouldn’t post my comment about putting all his eggs in Mahesh’s basket. He thought I was you. Or perhaps he thought my comment was pornographic? Either way he’s a dip$**t.

            1. No, he wouldn’t look at any evidence. His main comments were about how they “have to prepare students” for whatever the heck they’ll do once they graduate. He never mentioned, nor seemed to care about, the truth. It was a bizarre experience in “academia”. So I’m quite grateful of course to Professor Antes for daring to bring the information to his class.

        1. Ha thanks for the link Michael. I just posted a question asking if the Pluto Express was a success. And if they were able to monitor the planet for the gases that turned into snow. My chances are slim to none that it will actually get posted.

      1. Oh, don’t even get me started with this rube. Mr. Journalist can’t even figure out who’s who. I’ve managed to keep an email convo going even after he threatened to cut my emails off. I’ve kept track on my page:


        I think I may have touched a nerve by calling him out on his unprofessionalism. Like I’ve said before, the smarter ones avoid a discussion altogether. This one, not so much.

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