The Hope of Tomorrow

Those who truly care about people and life will appreciate Natalie-Marie’s efforts and those of other young people like her

After three recent presentations in Berkeley, California, I had a remarkably hopeful experience, which resulted in this interview. In a day and age when so many young, and even older, people are wasting their time with absolute trivia online, with relentless texting, tweeting, game playing and other irrelevancies, Natalie-Marie, a 16-year-old Canadian girl is now in the fifth year as the host of her online radio/video show.

She covers many topics, including alternative subjects, and invited me to be interviewed on her show about the Billy Meier UFO case. (You can also watch and listen to the show here.)

This show was also eventful for another reason. The initial interview took about an hour but when Natalie-Marie reviewed it prior to posting, she found that the entire audio recording was completely distorted from beginning to end. It was the first time something like this had happened on any of her shows. Then when we did the interview over, the audio was fine but the video was corrupted and, Natalie-Marie told me, that in some parts of it I appeared completely upside down…another first.

With the strange, unprecedented technical difficulties we both wondered if “somebody” didn’t want this interview to reach her rather large, young audience.

Natalie–Marie’s generation is inheriting the mess of this world and those who should be far more responsible instead pollute not only the planet but the minds of young people with a ceaseless stream of utter garbage. Fortunately, there are families like Natalie-Marie’s that support more meaningful endeavors, such as her show.

For the Love of Love

Those who truly care about people and life, and who choose to rise above the abysmal mediocrity and degradation of this world,  will appreciate Natalie-Marie’s efforts and those of other young people like her.

In addition to the lyric that I’m including below, I also invite you to listen to my new recording, For the Love of Love, which you can find here. Indeed, it is for the love of love that we must do all we can to support and nourish the good in people, and especially to care for the young that they may fulfill their full potential as true human beings.


The Hope of Tomorrow

You wander through the world

you know there’s something you were born to do

and everywhere you wander

you hear your destiny call out to you

it’s ringing true

For you are the hope of tomorrow

yours are the dreams that never sleep

you you’re the one for whom life has just begun

you will find the stars within your reach

You’re gathering together

everybody that you meet along the way

showing them the power

of a heart that’s free to give its love away

they’ll hear you say

For you are the hope of tomorrow

yours are the dreams that never sleep

you you’re the one for whom life has just begun

you will find the stars within your reach

But in a darkened moment when you fear there’s not enough

reason to keep going instead of giving up remember

For you are the hope of tomorrow

yours are the dreams that never sleep

you you’re the one for whom life has just begun

you will find the stars within your reach

Words & Music: Michael Horn

© Sounds Eternal Music









71 Replies to “The Hope of Tomorrow”

  1. I was able to see the interview before it’s
    strange removal, I hope more interviews such as this one open up to you Michael, as you said so people who somehow find some sense and logic in the information begin the process of critical thinking in observing the ongoing events of the world.

    1. You may be

      NOTE: Despite Dave’s lavish words of praise, the policy is still to not post comments without the first and last name.

      I’ll ask Barretto to also do this even though many of already know him of course.


  2. It is true the “the interview” by the young woman was removed. Okay… The hope for tomorrow is a far greater goal to achieve. We get so balled up in the trivia we ignore the elephant in the room.

    In this case… it often has barriers to find the material. Michael I’m sure has come to road blocks and has either avoided them or skirted around them. Learning how to think is the point of most of Michael and Billy for that matter… write about…

    They will try to place a banana on a string in front of us and or put up a mirror to get the narcissistic folks to faze out… No wonder “The Walking Dead” and Zombies are so popular they identify with them…

    Folks who know me… said when The Matrix came out… “I’ll bet YOU liked it they said…” but really I did not it was not even close to the truth… Don’t get me wrong I like Keanu Reeves but I did not think the story was very compelling… The truth… is.

    So we have to think about what we are doing… what is going on with our day… did we accomplish anything? Did we help anyone? Do we think about our future and plan accordingly? When we attempt to live our life with zeile (spelled in the German way) which means to start with the end in mind… to begin work from the finish and work our way back to what we can do… relatively quickly… we will begin to see that our life falls into exactly the path we would like it to fall and we can do that on a global scale!

    So… my goal is to see peace in the world… not very popular… in fact folks will do anything to see hardship and suffering… including going to Disney World to see Star Wars… Sheesh! I like the idea of Star Tours… but war? Uggh…

    We have to learn that we are powerful beings and that we do not have to be lulled into unconsciousness and sit up and understand we create the reality we find ourselves in… Then… and only then will peace: both personal and global will occur and we will increase our quality of life a thousand times!

    Salome: be greeted in peace and wisdom

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