The true teaching of the man falsely known as “Jesus Christ”

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42 comments on “The New Translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel Is Here!

  • Being intelligent with money should not be a crime… Good on ya Michael… I hope folks will read this and enjoy the way the teaching of Jmmanuel was really meant to be portrayed… I like the part about the 17 FEMALE disciples… and how the light in the sky and three ISHWHS or wise men followed the light to Jordan to meet a very special man who would bring us the message of how to survive without blowing this planet up… Now… did they listen? (hint… you can cheat and see the DVD to find out…)


    Be greeted in peace and wisdom.

    • what do you think about this…
      The bible is filled with coded secrets that sugest some e.ts are angels, and these are the, the 3wize men followed a bright star, actually they followed a bright angelic space craft, throughout history angels were drew and sculptured with wings…Why? angels don’t actually have wings but because they flew from the sky’s in there craft the only thing that people could resemble this with is birds, so they drew them with wings. Angels are multidimensional beings and they use there space craft to reach our dimension and that’s why sometimes they are mistaken for E.Ts, and these are the ones that are mostly interested in helping humanity but there are many others involved.

      • Why are some E.T.s angels? Why aren’t they simply E.T.s? There are no angels interested in helping humanity no matter how much you wish it was true. Creative people have always drawn imaginings. Ken Ham thinks people only draw things they’ve seen, which is simply not true. Why would you think there are secrets in the bible that only you have discovered? My advice to you would be to get rid of the bible entirely and start building from the ground (nature) up instead of trying to continue to fit the bible into information you are currently learning because you will be confused. It’s like the people who constantly listen to C2C, so bombarded with false information, they are incapable of telling the difference between real and unreal. Reading the bible is a lot like that. I mean who do you listen to – the old God from the Old Testament who would have surely killed you for even bringing up what you just did or the God from the New Testament that claimed some unknown person by the name of Jesus died on the cross. Jmmanuel didn’t die on the cross, he lived to be 115 y/o. So the whole Jesus died on a cross thing is a lie. When your foundation is based on lies, it doesn’t make for a sturdy foundation and your house will probably blow over in a strong wind. Billy tells us to discover his information through the eyes of a child. Which means having no preconceived notions. Try that.

  • So the first one could not be translated correctly??? Or a translation to remove all the references to God. And I pointed this out to you before.
    Or make it fit with the Plejaren teachings??

    If you can’t do it right the first time, why would the second be any more accurate?

    • There’s a lot of info about that in the book. Considering the New Testament wasn’t even written by the supposed contributors and is based on falsified documents about a real man whose name, etc., was changed, and all real records still had to be acquired, with corrections of certain erroneous things that slipped by in the first translations, – real life with real people can be a bit more complex than fairy tales concocted basically to enslave people into believing in things that don’t exist.

  • About a third of the manuscript was translated / salvaged before the writings wete destroyed by terrorists at a refugee camp?
    It’s difficult to think about what was lost.
    And the life of a good man and his family.

  • MH, was it Issa Rashid and his family?
    Weren’t they persecuted and murdered because of his work on Talmud and his possession of the manuscript?
    Hope I’m remembering this correctly.
    A price was paid so that we’d have the opportunity to learn.
    Many thanks to them.

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