Grilled about Billy Meier’s UFO evidence, stunning prophetic accuracy

Det. Larry Lawson, a law enforcement professional with 34 years of experience, grilled Michael Horn for an hour Wednesday night about the Billy Meier UFO case, its evidence, prophecies and predictions.

Lawson is part of a group of educators and law enforcement professionals who joined forces to form the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, also known as FBPI, in order to investigate claims of the paranormal. They use the tried and true methods employed by law enforcement, as well as by paranormal investigators, for the ultimate purpose of finding evidence to test in court to determine the truth.

The Waters Rise as the Prophecies Fulfill

Billy Meier has long warned about the rising sea levels, due to the glaciers melting, as was also documented by Bob Wiegand*, and now we have more evidence of the undeniable impact of this manifestation of manmade climate change.

Sfath’s 1948 Letter

Matthew Knight suggests that Sfath anticipated that his 1948 predictions would be released now, at the time when they are most relevant, and especially because we had failed to heed the many decades of specific, prophetically accurate warnings provided by Meier.

While there are warnings about the coming destruction from the Eifel caldera, Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli, and the Phlegraean Fields, as well as the largest active European submarine volcano, Mount Marsili, Sfath also warned about the coming damage from seaquakes, which was reiterated by Ptaah, in his comments about the actual dangers from the Fukushima disaster.

New Corroborations

Here’s another “new discovery” about vast amounts of water in the Earth’s interior. Quoting scientist Steven Jacobsen’s estimate of how high these “newly discovered” waters would rise, should they be on the Earth’s surface:

“We should be grateful for this deep reservoir. If it wasn’t there, it would be on the surface of the Earth, and mountain tops would be the only land poking out.”

 …echoes what Meier was already told…five years ago (emphasis added)**:

“A disturbing influence takes place, e.g., with regard to the movements of the earths petroleum lakes located in the interior of the planet, as enormous masses of water also located in the interior of the earth, will however move in equal measure, which would bedeck the whole earth kilometers-high, would they penetrate to the outside.”

From the depths of the Earth, to the depths of space, in case this information about wandering black holes (corroborated Contacts 223 and 224) wasn’t specific enough for doubters, we note that there is now even more new evidence for a wandering black hole, something Meier reported almost 30 years ago.

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*Wiegand’s File

**Thanks to John Bryant and Christian Frehner for the information about the water masses in the Earth’s interior.

41 comments on “BREAKING: Michael Horn Questioned by Police

  • Hi MH, I just heard your interview from stakeout with Larry Lawson. Great interview,ut I had some trouble understanding you do to the cell phone wasn’t quite clear but great anyway. I hope you can do more interviews especially on Youtube. Keep up the great work you`re doing. Saome and peace,Terry

    • No, he said something to the effect that Trump was wrong about certain and that there was some hope he would improve and correct them.

      • Well congress didn`t get enough votes so Trump Care was canceled but these shills will try to find some wiggle room about Trump Care the move to tax reform for the wealthiest rich 1% and make the rest of us poor folks pat hefty taxes especially the poorest 99% such as seniors and the disable such as myself wil get ythe highest taxes of all! “What a bunch of rotten shills!!!”

        • In reply to my last post, Obamacare was restored! At least i can now keep my Medicare and AARP and apply for Medicaid to cover the cost for my prescription drugs which are so damn expensive I only take 2 prescription drugs for my health condition fortunately i don`t have life threatening conditions,just the usual aged related missing third strand RNA and third strand DNA.:-(((,what else is new on earth???

  • MH could please tell us the rest of the story about the 2 ET’s Meier met in 1964 India…you apparently were cut off from finishing your story?

    • Darcy, I really don’t know much more about it. Meier saw the two men speaking with the monks at the Ashoka ashram. They then disappeared. He also said that he saw one more of the people very briefly in India. That’s actually all I know.

  • The interview was very interesting especially the part where Larry got stuck on the fact that there was no video of the laser gun being shot. Just looking for the evidence to do exactly as you said Michael, call in the military to seize it and arrest Billy. He seemed dumbfounded that you had already figured out his intent. The whole premise that former cops think they are serious investigators is quite laughable considering that was never part of their job in the first place-investigation. I bet Larry never posts here because he’s off searching for his next ghost. Your part of the interview Michael is always good, it wouldn’t matter who the interviewer was as you always give first rate interviews.
    For everyone else: don’t talk to the police and here’s why:

  • Michael Horn Questioned by Police, Bull, why would the Police be interested in Meier???
    (Unless he was beating his wife) you are just promoting your propaganda like you do to everyone. this is Click-bait, maybe now is a good time for the Police to come talk to you

    • Salome everyone. To “Sarah Jones”, you know what you can do, and it rhymes with “Truck Scoff”. Sarah’s a troll, plain and simple. Real original name by the way “Sarah”, fail.

      Michael, may I relay the following as a suggestion. Do please let me know if you or your web developer needs any assistance with this. Contact your web developer/designer, have them look into IP/Geolocation plugins for WordPress and proceed. I know it’s technical, but your web developer should have a good idea what I’m on about. My vast technology background in the IT and Web Development realm has taught me a few things. One of which is there’s always a solution to every problem and the relayed information may help to filter the unwanted/unwarranted visitors and/or comments in your blog. Your Web Developer should be able to identify, filter and implement the appropriate plugin. The appropriate plugin should be able to identify every visitor to your site via the IP address they use, in addition, you will be able to ban certain IP addresses you deem suspect or have been causing you issues. Yes, it is an identifying/tracking measure and banning an IP or certain IP’s can produce a false-positive – as trolls can anonymously use VPN’s and other IP cloaking identity masks – but it does make a difference. I’ve implemented and utilized quite a few of these plugins and security measures in the past, with great success.

      Salome everyone, “Sarah Jones”, read my 2nd sentence.

      • Hi Charles,

        Thanks for the info. I feel that allowing critical comments is just part of the process. I do ban people who get abusive, try to repeatedly post delusional info, etc.

        However, I do appreciate that you can/did look into things like false identities, trolls, etc. I don’t think (not sure) that we get a lot of them. I often ask for a verifiable identity to be sure.

      • It’s good security measures though it is possible to bypass, especially through custom-fetched organic IP cloakers.

        I’ve jokingly made a comment about a certain group being some of the trolls. It is possible some trolls may be paid off, in a disinformation group, or the like. Not trying to promote paranoia but let’s be real – not everyone wants the mission to succeed.

        Certain eyes are watching and have always been watching.

        • HiEvelyn,

          Please clarify/substantiate this:

          “Billy Meier as Nokodemion sowed derision by forming several unique groups through time and spin them off against one another to boost evolution”.


        • Agreed on your intention Michael, it is hard to filter conversations that could be a productive facet of/for the mission. As I’ve encountered in the past, playing the gatekeeper can be a bit of a pain in the, well, you get the gist. 🙂 Whatever I can do to help, just let me know and keep up the fantastic work Michael. You are a true spiritual leader/soldier for the mission in every fathomable way. I, and I know others, truly and greatly appreciate and thank you for all you do brother!

          I also agree with your statements as well Jedaiah, cool name by the way. Being in the IT/Web realm as long as I have – as I’m sure you’re privy to the knowledge as well, as indicated by your tech knowledge in your first sentence – it is always a challenge to counter-act the nefarious intentions and actions of others, as well as staying current and ahead of the ever evolving tech realms. With the advancement, roll-out and implementation of AI entities (of which I have seen increasingly within various websites across the net in the past year or so), filtering who is who and what is what, has made it much more difficult to decipher. In other words, the AI’s are evolving and getting better. So much so, it makes me wonder how long it will be before AI’s will be able to thoroughly pass the Turing test.

          In tandem with your statement relative to paid-off trolls, There are tons of paid-off-trolls on the net (paid off by Soros and his maniacal hooligans), and the majority of them (if not all) are from the liberal side of the political party, anything to discredit what Trump is attempting to correct and fix from the mess he inherited.

          Salome everyone!

          • Michael, I like this guy!

            Very good information and solid posting. Worth noting. Also agreed on the part with Soros – very true and great observation. As time moves on we need to be very aware of the threats out there, especially cyber related warfare which continues getting crazier everyday and utilized by ulterior forces (Elites, counter-groups, secret intelligences etc.)

            Also we need to do whatever we can to continue aiding theyfly as best we can. We live in the age of the internet. Different times.

            PS: Charles, I like you already dude!

          • No worries, in your own time Michael, it’s all good, you have my email brother. There are always solutions, and I can help 🙂

            Appreciate the sentiments Jedaiah, they go both ways brother. Your interactions with others within this site are quite diplomatic and you’ve good energy emanating as you participate with others throughout the various posts. I get the sense that you’ve quite the intellectual arsenal and a solid approach for a better future for humanity. All good things brother, keep fighting the good fight!

            We’re all snowflakes (not the liberal p***y kind; sorry Michael, couldn’t resist, you can edit this parenthesized section out lol ) packed together in a snowball rolling down the hill gathering more flakes along the way. We all matter, we’re all in this together, and that’s how we shall roll, as one!

            I’ll get in touch with you Jedaiah. I’m a techie dude, you know I have my methods lol

            Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Freedom and Health to everyone; and not necessarily in that exact order 🙂



  • RE: the two men Eduard aka Billy saw disappear in India in 1964, Phobol, who was a young girl staying at the India ashram at the time, told me she remembers a moment in the ashram then when that happened and she witnessed it.

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