Best way to get UFO truth out through a CG mini-me?

Rumors are circulating that the UFO expert and representative for the Billy Meier UFO contacts, “Michael Horn”, is really a clever, CG-I created mini-me of billionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post.

The theory is that Bezos has long known the truth about the Meier case, its evidence and prophetically accurate information. With events foretold by Meier now occurring and threatening to alter the world as we know it – keep an eye on the volcano at Campi Flegri – sources say that Bezos needed to find a way to warn the world without risking his own reputation…or life.

Availing himself of the best CG technologies, he created the older, somewhat poorer, Horn character through whom the warnings could be issued with a subtle hint of who was really behind them.

Never Seen Together

It’s been pointed out that Horn and Bezos are never seen together, even in easy to accomplish CG visuals. Further hinting at the Bezos link is the fact that And Did They Listen?, the latest documentary on the Meier UFO case, featuring Horn, is now to be found on…Amazon.

Some conspiracy theorists have even suggested that Bezos’ wild attacks on Trump, through the Washington Post, are meant to deliberately mislead, since he knows that Meier’s warnings about the dangers of provoking Russia into a world-ending nuclear war would be extremely bad for business.

So, the story goes, that while he publicly contributes to the Trump pile on by the bogus mainstream media, Bezos has secretly been advising him to reduce international tensions, especially with Russia, and avoid a Third World War.

We must ask, will Bezos – who some say is actually Mike Myers – finally come forward and openly reveal everything, including the cover-up of the Meier UFO case and its singular authenticity?

Time will, hopefully, tell.


Los Tres Bozos









53 comments on “BREAKING: Is ”Michael Horn” Really Jeff Bezos?

  • Seriously there is no comparison between the 3 of you. The sell out Jeff Bezos and his Washington (Com)Post:
    Secretly advising Trump ha. I post on Trump’s Twitter and he up votes (not sure if this is the right term) me every time I call for – the only solution, in the Henoch tradition, international coalition of Peacefighters whose mandate is to stop wars,murder,torture,rape.
    So it’s not like Trump hasn’t been hearing it for months. Bezos is a sellout who would only further CIA agenda and logic dictates that the CIA doesn’t want an international coalition that would take away “their job”.
    The actor: Mike Meyer, although he’s a funny guy in no way compares to the surgeon Dr. Mike Meyer, the latter outperformed the actor by the hundreds of lives he saved.
    The one and only: Michael Horn whose decades long perseverance has made a difference in so many lives by leading them to BEAM. Also a comedian and lifesaver, the only one out of the 3 that serves the mission and is not a sell out.
    The rumour is unfounded.

  • Thanks Sheila for the link I just read. As far as I`m concerned the news is becoming so faked up,the news is a no brainer down right discussing and boring! All those politicians are such a bunch of boobs!

  • Oh my.. could it be ? A Dr evil mini me : “Well, congratulations numb nuts… you’ve succeeded in turning me into a frickin’ Jack in the box. Get it off! Get it off! It’s dark, it’s dark! “

  • Hello Michael. I’m thinking that if you grew a moustache you would look like, Lee van Cleef.
    Scott Reed.

  • No wonder when I met you in California, the pictures we took together looked so odd. You got one over on me, Michael. Or should I say Bezos??

    • You mustn’t reveal our secrets Lotus, now everyone will want you picture. Please do use your last name also when posting…or they will also get mad at me.

  • Hahahaha, really funny….. Not

    So now you are beating on Bezos and the Washington Post for that little bitch Trump?

    There is no such thing as “fake news,” only truth or untruth and spin. AND it is the responsibility of the individual to FIGURE OUT THE TRUTH FOR THEMSELVES by looking at all the angles instead of relying on some authority to GIVE them the answer.

    “We’ve got the power to be
    Ringing the great bell out there above us
    We’ve got the power for that
    We got the power to do that”


      • Please, what are you trying to say? I see little relevance with this reply. I was hoping we could talk about xenomorphs. I have spent my entire bike ride today thinking about how I was going to talk about robots going crazy on this so called UFO forum, thinking they have become a god because of their superior abilities to humans both physical and mental if not programed correctly.

        “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”

        And how this will be a problem for future robots when we program them with our flawed view of reality; like “We are creators we are gods and gods never die” AND how important it is to program IA with an observance of natural-Creational laws, like the law of one for example. That way a robot is programed to be a part piece of the whole rather than seeing itself as superior to biological creatures and wiping them out. Also it will be important for robots to observe the law of becoming and passing away as many sci-fi depictions show the robots thinking they “will never die.” And then the robots destroy man because of this “flaw.” This is of course ridiculous since nothing material lasts forever, and a robot can be destroyed for example even if it will not die of old age.

        Isn’t stuff like this more fun to think about than clown trump and his circus?

        • We’re sorry, the number you have called is at the circus at this time. Please hang up and try again…or get some popcorn, which ever is more appealing.

          As it’s a bit late here in Switzerland, any further immoderation will be attempted tomorrow.

          P.S. Please also note that you appear to be the one mentioning all things Trumplike. and remember, xeno evil, speakno evil and hearno evil.

          • “Some conspiracy theorists have even suggested that Bezos’ wild attacks on Trump, through the Washington Post, are meant to deliberately mislead, since he knows that Meier’s warnings about the dangers of provoking Russia into a world-ending nuclear war would be extremely bad for business.”

            I am only commenting on YOUR article, which is about trump and fake news, in addition to your three stooges routine. So you are in Switzerland? Great, bring me back a chocolate bar, would ya please.

          • Salutations ““alien,” “strange,” “guest,”- “having the shape, form, or structure” of the kind or number specified by the initial element”

            Do you not agree that it is a positive idea to never, never speak an untruth; but to go around telling untruths is a positive idea?

          • MH, hope you got mosquito spray, they got Tiger mosquitos there. You don’t want yellow fever or Dengue fever.

        • Can you make whatever your trying to write more understandable? I feel like you’re trying to lead me to see something, and I don’t doubt your intelligence, but I just don’t get it. I write really understandably for people to follow along logically with the truth, but you write like a jester. Why? You look like a clown to me from your posts. I don’t think you’re funny also, because you’re too arrogant to have a real sense of humour, guy.

          • Ok never mind that actually, I feel already like it’s going to start a pointless thing, and you’re probably funnier than I am today, cause I’m just moody here and dark, since it’s been rainy all week.

            Anyway, please Anthony, what important thought are you trying to convey? It’s probably useful, unless do you think it needs to be clothed in secrecy still?

          • Andy,

            It is illogical and against reality that any given human would not ever speak and untruth. All humans, no matter the evolution, are NEVER perfect. So even the most spiritually minded would slip up with an untruth from time to time.

            Likewise, it is illogical to assume that you would never hear an untruth. And in order to understand truth, it needs to be compared with untruthful things. This is why Billy recommends neutral-positive thinking to see as many of the angles, and then settle between the polarities of the subject at hand. Billy has said, “in order to understand heaven, one needs to go through hell.”

            Where it becomes “positive” is when the human being sees the untruth from the truth by figuring things out for themselves, and then breaks an untruth with the truth as a solution. This is evolution.

          • Tyler,

            I write like a jester, eh? Well I am trying to be silly, but realize that my humor is often not in line with the rest of the Figu crowd. I am a big Bill Maher and Steven Colbert fan. And it seems MH and the rest of his people are more Laurel and Hardy, Leave it to Beaver types. I hope I have not offended anybody.

            What am I trying to say? I guess I am trying to say that I found some Figu values in some recent entertainment media. Being excited about the new Gorillaz album, I found a song that, IMO, speaks to self responsibility and not having a God or authority figure out there ringing your bell. WE HAVE THE POWER to be ringing the great bell above us….

            And the second thing is the new Alien Covenant movie. The new story deals with some very interesting questions like:

            What really is God? What happens if you program a robot with the power to create life out of nothing? Will the robot now assume it is a god because it has created life, better “works” than it’s biological creators?

            I just thought I would share what I discovered with the rest of the class. I sure hope folks like show and tell!


        • OK! I’ll “bite” at you called me!

          I have just received my Masters from the school of hard knocks in HOW TO DEAL WITH STUPID! After many years of failing this course I finally figured out that, “How do you beat stupid?” is the wrong question. The right question is, “How many times is it going to take you to realize that stupid can not be beaten, it can only end badly!”
          This great course has taught me to be able to recognize stupid and turn around and walk away!!! So, whatever you typed after Andy never made it into my consciousness, and I am not the stupider for it, thanks.

          And Tyler, you won’t have to worry about reading any more of my unintelligence in English or any other language as I intend this to be the last comment I make on the internet in this lifetime.

          • Andy,

            What is your deal? You sound like an angry child who thinks he is better than some people. Go ahead and take your little red ball and leave then. The world is overpopulated so nobody is going to miss you….

          • MH,

            Please, try and see the reality of what is going on here on your blog. I am NOT digging at anybody! It is ANDY who is being unreasonable. I have shared logic and he has attacked me personally, not my argument.

            If you would like the spiritual teaching to get a foothold on your blog, you need to recognize when it is being applied and discussed. Anytime I try to bring in nature, logic, etc it is rejected on this blog? Don’t you see this as a problem?

          • Don’t leave Andrew. Alien Covenant was a really crappy movie btw. You know it’s crappy when you hope the aliens will kill the main characters because they are so stupid and you just want the movie to end. It’s not as great as what Anthony claims unless you’re into mindless drivel.

          • Huh..?

            I didn’t mean for you to become so hurt, just from a comment.

            I was caught up in know-it-allison before myself..

            I got to wake up this morning and see this.

            Please you guys, your not even fighting over any thing that has a reason to fight over.

            Is there a sunny sunrise for you today? It’s 5am here, I’m eating my breakfast, then I might see the beautiful sun this morning. It always helps me see what’s more important

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