Michael Horn Live, EP 12

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  • Questions from the Chat Room
  • Vow of Silence
  • Neutrality in Difficult Times
  • The Hawaii Missile Crisis
  • Your Spiritual Teaching Library
  • More Water on Mars
  • The Water Stats*

A Call to Action

In a world awash with conflict and aggression, people seek respite and may turn to things like religion for peace and solace. But ultimately, with religion, as is often true of politics, more fear and war are reaped instead. And as the breakdown increases, and people feel more helpless because the promises of safety and salvation are revealed as false and without substance. So, fundamentalism with all its desperation and emotionalism, increases.

You can see a great example of it with Alex Jones. However valid or invalid some of his information may be, his presentation is always polarizing, promoting a desperate, us-against-them mentality. Like a fundamentalist preacher, there’s a palpable fear beneath his increasingly emotionally charged pronouncements about his connection to his beloved, imaginary, God and Jesus. So, inevitably, this only leads to more emotionality, polarization and frantic behavior, which includes invoking the protection and participation of the imaginary figures in a holy war.

If you maintain a fairly neutral perspective while you watch these types of polarizing presentations, which aren’t limited only to the spokesmen and demagogues of the right, as the same intensity of negative rhetoric flows ceaselessly from the primarily non-religious left, from which violent attacks have already occurred, you can see how, according to the law of cause-and-effect, there will be endless consequences and further provocations from opposing sides.

Rather than get swept up in all of the intensity, the doom and gloom, and rather than remaining indifferent, one has to see through the drama and the fireworks with clarity to determine what the best, and most correct, line of thinking and acting will be.


*Regarding the Water Stats above, a friend named Terry suggested that I provide more specific information on the Multi-Pure drinking water systems, and the surprisingly comprehensive list of all the contaminants they remove. Please go to this link and then here for all that information.

Michael Horn Live, EP 12

Tuesday night, Jan. 16, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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49 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 12”

  1. i would encourage everyone to educate themselves as much as possible about overpopulation, it is more of a problem than most realize. too many spirit forms active ,too short of time between incarnations ,next life a bit handicapped, too many swinging waves , damage to the planet, everything out of balance . billy and the plejaren were right… the more i learn, the more clear the looming danger is apparent…

  2. I just discovered this blog and your wonderful work. I am really excited to be a part of it and will be a proactive supporter of the mission

  3. What do you guys think of blockchains like bitcoin to restore some financial power to the people? Seems pretty great from what I can gather. I’d be interested to hear Billy’s and the P’s opinion too. Does Figu accept crypto donations? Do you MH?

    1. Nick, there will be an update on that in the coming weeks. Yes there are many benefits to humanity that crypto can bring, but likewise anything else, it’s a tool, and should be used neutrally. I work in a Crypto Trust with expert traders, researchers, analysts and marketers.

      1. I thought crypto’s were the mark of the beast because the NSA started them?

        Crypto’s can be used for good or bad. My feeling is our powers will likely use them to enslave us even more.

        1. Kaspersky co-founder claims Bitcoin is product of US Intel.

          I was thinking for a long time that Bitcoin was a creation of US Intel, likely in cooperation with central banks (or trilateral commission etc.), to test the tech and prepare for launching the “Pheonix” digital currency. However, Russia and China are setting up (and succeeding) an alternative economic system, which is already by-passing the US dollar, and its highly likely, even unstoppable that other countries will follow. (BRICS, Iran, Venezuela eventually, maybe even Australia and surrounding countries). And its no secret that China and Russia are stockpiling gold.

          1. There is still zero evidence who created it, even with this article. Besides, there’s not much point in investigating its creation which can turn into a rabbit hole loop similarly to 9/11. The fact is, it will / is in the process of becoming a parallel existing financial system. It will not crush the current one, but create new opportunities. Also, the millennials will be the drivers of crypto. Millennial trust in traditional financial institutions are extremely low, (some tests provided an average lower than 8%) and Bitcoin / Crypto continues to attract more of the younger (my) generation’s attention.


            Finance 101 books 30-yrs ago not true anymore… will evolve for crypto…
            Figure: Comparative changes in approach to valuations
            Crypto and blockchain valuations will lead to an evolution in thinking about market valuations for tokens.
            While these are not traditional equities, there are elements available to create a valuation approach.
            • Investors seem to be dismissive of the value of tokens, because of the apparent blurriness of token
            governance versus equity (like a tracking stock) and the unclear position within a capital structure.
            • But as highlighted below, while fundamental valuation remains central to any approach, markets have evolved
            their approach to valuations of assets.

            Also Russia has already in the process of creating their own crypto (along with every major player, really): https://cointelegraph.com/news/breaking-russia-issuing-cryptoruble

            Ethereum was also created by Russian crafting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitalik_Buterin

            Vitalik is a genius, and has already met with Putin before.

  4. could you talk about this word ‘believe’ cause people who even knows billy ‘s teaching now they are just believing msm plejaren warn us about this word ‘believe’ i think because of this word ‘believe’ the civil war will happen in us

    1. It’s going to take hundreds of years, and I hope it does take hundreds of years because what the planet really needs is a million years for the 7 races to settle back down into a normal mode of 3 again and be beautifully harmonised with the world, and earth isnt even a particularly good world to settle down on truth is told, so several to 800 years would be ideal, we’ve only just expanded and rolled the thing out properly literally just now, still happening today, many issues exist in all our communities needless to say with such a compacting mottled cobbled together bunch but luckily our ideas are suppressed enough by belief as you say that we don’t throw everything out of the pram, but you know the Germans and other nations did several times just in the previous century it’s not unheard of, I personally recommend a civil war in America, really good way of dealing with it, I don’t recommend suppressing it because it seems to cause more wreckage if a nation needs a release then it’s best to embrace it rather than knock it down, but I say this based on the potency of comparison of the people of those nations which have been sheared back for millenia compared to those that have been allowed a certain lee way. Truth be told rarely there are 2 civil wars prophecied because the 1st causes a hard irrational hammer down making it inevitable that a bigger fill becomes necessary. Best way for a country to behave is to expect government overthrows now and again like many democracies do, that way it can all play out in a more civilised way and the military doesn’t need to get involved, also the citezens do not need to build themselves up so high with bazookas etc they can just get very angry and walk into government instead of exploding i.e 1 civil war not 2 needed. There are many othe civil wars by the way forecast for the whole world and if we count revolutions and social uprisings as roughly equivalent depending on how they deal with eachother. These are my philosophy evolution irreligious opinions, hope you enjoyed reading.

      1. Don’t even get me started with throwing your own words back in your face. It is mentioned in Decalogue that we are guilty of accusing others of our own shortcomings, and don’t even think about starting to put yourself on the same pedestal that you have put the Nokodemion Spirit-form on and equating the same to its wise edification.
        Buy the books, read them and understand, don’t imagine!

          1. You have it wrong Jedaiah, the onus and obligation is on you not me, to know who John H. Watson is. Do you Jedaiah know who John H. Watson is?

          2. I am not the person you think I am perhaps. I am not a member of FIGU, never will be a member of anything like it on principle, I have never read any of the books, never joined any similar groups or read similar books or similar info like the bible or some other thing like spiritualism. I have just been interested in the simple things like what is going on, what position has been taken and these boring things. I read scientific journals, financial market books, academic papers and political stuff, with same again, no affiliations. I’m one of the independents, and I don’t recommend anyone ever delude themselves about that nor about my atheism.

          3. I don’t usually care what an individuals says, seeing as we are being honest, I look at the position they have taken, because the position tells me every likely combination of thing they’re likely to say and think and I don’t care so much anyway, so slander away Jedaiah your welcome to it.

            1. “so slander away Jedaiah your welcome to it.”


              Funny thing about words and how people form their interpretations. I was genuinely curious if someone could read the spirit-teaching books and still arrive at your kind of thinking – which to me seemed unlikely. This was my purpose for asking. There’s so much I can pick a part and use against your comments but I think you’ve nailed the coffin sufficiently on your own. I know it’s easy for you to think people would try to slander you, but I’m afraid that’s (once again) your own projecting assumptions.

              Once again, have a good weekend.

          4. Psst… Daniel
            Did you mean shorthand (one word) which would mean that you can read all the symbols of The Spiritual Teaching and have access to BEAM’S telepathically received Contact Reports and books from the Petale level and the like; or are you referring to what women say about the length of a man’s hands?

          5. That was proper stupid Andrew you should know better than that. It means neither of those two options, it means I don’t care for your opinions unless they are short and have value, Andrew and Jedaiah try someone else to talk to I have no time for it.

            1. Guys, can we please find a topic and stick to it? It’s fine to disagree but getting off-topic and off-track into personal attacks isn’t productive.

          6. Psst… Daniel
            In the Spirit of Love, Peace, Freedom, Harmony, Intelligence, Knowledge, Self-Responsibility, etc. I will check up on your spirit-form in 70,000yrs from now and if you are still standing in terror on the pool deck at the shallow end with your floaties fully blown up, I’ll bust your floaties and push you in!
            You’re welcome!

  5. Hi Prianna, If you watched EP 12 on Youtube MH just said we are now in the beginning stages of a civil war. You can just see what is already happening with the illegal immigration DACA DREAM act being destroyed by Trump and the Republicans in congress in Washington C.Dc. and I might add with the new tax law the was just passed by the Republicans last December 2017!

  6. You guys remember about the night time weddingcake craft photographed by billy from a hilltop and right above a wooden fence post.
    Well I am not sure but at the bottom of this blog page there is 4 photos in @michael812 twitter page.
    On the bottom left photo there is a wooden fence post overlooking the hill with semjase craft hsnging in the sky.
    Its not that important but you guys think that maybe this exact location is where billy photographed his night time wedding cake ship of Quetzals with the lone wooden post directly underneath it?

  7. I apologize for being off topic. Does anyone heard or read how much is the human population as of Dec 31, 2017? Just wondering if Billy and our Plejaren friends have made calculations on such.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Dolly,
      Figu Canada has Ptaah’s latest population number for the Earth.
      Another hundred million plus .

  8. It’s officially Saturday in Switzerland! Happy Birthday Billy Eduard Albert Meier! Hope you have many, many more to come!

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