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  • Vow of Silence
  • Neutrality in Difficult Times
  • The Hawaii Missile Crisis
  • Your Spiritual Teaching Library
  • More Water on Mars
  • The Water Stats*

A Call to Action

In a world awash with conflict and aggression, people seek respite and may turn to things like religion for peace and solace. But ultimately, with religion, as is often true of politics, more fear and war are reaped instead. And as the breakdown increases, and people feel more helpless because the promises of safety and salvation are revealed as false and without substance. So, fundamentalism with all its desperation and emotionalism, increases.

You can see a great example of it with Alex Jones. However valid or invalid some of his information may be, his presentation is always polarizing, promoting a desperate, us-against-them mentality. Like a fundamentalist preacher, there’s a palpable fear beneath his increasingly emotionally charged pronouncements about his connection to his beloved, imaginary, God and Jesus. So, inevitably, this only leads to more emotionality, polarization and frantic behavior, which includes invoking the protection and participation of the imaginary figures in a holy war.

If you maintain a fairly neutral perspective while you watch these types of polarizing presentations, which aren’t limited only to the spokesmen and demagogues of the right, as the same intensity of negative rhetoric flows ceaselessly from the primarily non-religious left, from which violent attacks have already occurred, you can see how, according to the law of cause-and-effect, there will be endless consequences and further provocations from opposing sides.

Rather than get swept up in all of the intensity, the doom and gloom, and rather than remaining indifferent, one has to see through the drama and the fireworks with clarity to determine what the best, and most correct, line of thinking and acting will be.


*Regarding the Water Stats above, a friend named Terry suggested that I provide more specific information on the Multi-Pure drinking water systems, and the surprisingly comprehensive list of all the contaminants they remove. Please go to this link and then here for all that information.

Michael Horn Live, EP 12

Tuesday night, Jan. 16, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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49 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 12

  • I’ll be in dreamland when the show starts, will catch it later! Another enthralling installment by the “Hornblower” 🙂 Looking fwd to it Michael.

    • Thanks Melissa. I may want to teach a course titled “Lack of Preparation Is the Key to Success”.

      Actually, what this is showing me is that the conners and questions form the chat are an important, driving force for the show.

  • Hi MH I almost coun`t get on They Fly Blog:-((( I had to get on three other browsers to get They Fly Blog but eventually I found a way out by typing Michael`s Blog/They Fly Blog again, What a mess with this purloined “NO More Net Netrality ISP bull!!! In the meantime thanks for mentioning me on your blog. Unfortunately I don`t have credit cards and hope the water purification system isn`t too expensive since still living below the poverty line:-((( I`ll let you know after I`ve seen Video #12. Salome Terry

  • Hi MH Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I almost didn`t get on your blog. I had to log onto 3 other browsers and finally had to type in Micheal`s Blog/They Fly Blog again. looking fwd to watching you on Vid 12. Salome Terry

  • Hi MH Thanks for mentioning me about the water purification. I hop[e it won`t be too expensive since I don`t have credit cards and am still living below the poverty line. Looking fwd to vid 12. Salome Terry

    • Hi MH I just saw EP 12. Great show. I just ad an idea while watching you. I`m a Treker after a fashion but not a fanatic of the Star Trek Universe. here is my idea,if Star Trek and Star Wars can sell itself to out to the general public why not do what these cable religious programs do or on lacal cable channels do, open up discussions about the spiritual techings,prophecies and predictions, discuss,lecture on CSAN 1,2,or 3 and also do lectures around the U.S. too to bring all these ideas out into the general public about the Creational Natural Laws and the warnings of what is to come if we don`t heed the warning signs you just mentioned in EP12 and the Birth Stop/Birth Check solutions too,etc. I know this will be alot of work and hassle but if we don`t do something to enlighten the general public how else will we all get Billy`s message out and soon before all hell breaks out?

  • Hello Michael, this might not be the best place to ask this but with all the recent talk and action regarding autonomous vehicles, it would seem that these vehicles will have no need for rear and side view mirrors. Could this be a sign that Billy is going to be proved correct yet again?

  • Hi M 🙂 Great show as always. Do enjoy the Q&A format.

    I do want to mention, with regard to overpopulation, that one of the main (and hardly mentioned) underlying problems with this situation we’ve gotten ourselves into; is the discrimination against women, fomented and propagated by religions and cult-religious sects, globally.

    For your readers/viewers: More info on this topic is available in the FIGU booklet “Overpopulation Bomb & Discrimination Against Women”.

  • MH, I enjoyed last nights show!

    Is it possible to submit questions outside of the chat room? Some (financial) Youtube channels I follow allow questions to be submitted in last weeks (youtube) show comment/replies for next weeks show. I am always asleep when your show is on air. This way people living outside of your time zone can have questions answered and Jedaiah or yourself can pick the good questions to answer too.

    • Sure and we’ll do the best we can to answer them.

      BTW, I’m also asleep when my show is on the air but I don’t let that stop me from not knowing what I’m talking about!

      • Hi MH &Ian, I have to wait till the next day to wtach you on Youtube because on the day your EP airs Youtube doen`t play your EPs soi I have to wait till the next day to watch you on youtube.

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