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Michael Horn Live, EP 18

Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 Pacific Time

33 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 18

  • Hi MH There`s no sound coming out of EP 18? I checked everything out on Yoiutube and the sounds on Control Panel everything is fine except your EP 18 video. Sorry to bother you for this but I wonder what happened to the sound on EP 18? I hope you can help me fix the sound? Thanks.

  • Thank you for having me on the show. It was a pleasure to meet and speak with everyone tonight. This truly this is a stepping stone towards taking action with the information we have read and learned. As said by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn “One drop of truth can outweigh an ocean of lies”.

  • The Spiritual Teaching, to me, is what a human being of the Universe that we find ourselves in should and shouldn’t do. We have believed others for far too long, that have turned out to be wrong. Wrong because they have mostly lied to us and that is wrong, or wrong in their own beliefs and far from the truth, which is the thing that brings success, including survival. The TRUTH NEVER changes, only the lies do. Eg. First there were Hindus, then Buddists, then Jews, then Christians, then Muslims and then Scientologists.
    The vast majority of the humans of this planet are too far gone down the path of belief to remember that there was a fork in the path a long time ago and the signposts saying, “U-Turn Permitted” have been torn down by a few evil beings. Now that one true Human Being has come along and erected rearview mirrors, visions of the current paths future and paths that link this one of false beliefs to the path of TRUTH, there are only very few whp have the intellect and guts to travel those linking paths.
    If the vast majority don’t have it in them to even attempt rationality, then the Universe that we find ourselves in, will without a hesitating doubt, apply the law that it holds itself to, of Cause & Effect.
    If you want the Universe to allow it to be that you don’t have to have your consciousness taken up with remembering to inhale and exhale every few seconds then you might want to take heed of a few other automatic processes that are part and parcel of the very thing that grants you existence. If you don’t want to preserve the very thing that gives you your atmosphere, water and food, guess what?

  • Hi MH I just caught you on EP 18. Thanks again for another great lecture and thanks to all who participate too and also Jedi too. Great show.

  • MH I`m not sure what to do about the RayGaurd do to the cost since my budget is so very limited but would love to buy it if I could find a way? I don`t even use credit cards and only have a debit card or else I could send a money gram. As to emails, outlook express is no longer in business but I can use inbox if need be the case. If money were not so limited and such an opstical I would have already ordered the RayGard by now but at this point I`m in a quandary as to what to do??? :-(((

      • Hi Ann I once used Goggle Gmail and later found out that Google spies on every move you make and every stroke you make on the keyboard. George Noory had Liz McKantyre on c2c some time ago and said Google spies on everything you do. I like startpage but can`t afford their email whch is $30 to $60 to use their email besides I`m a very strong advocate for the rights for privacy. I only use Google Crome for foreign language translations such as Billiy`s German for example but startpage has bing translations too however though I like my privacy if I can help it due to the NSAs spying on innocent non-violent human beings such as you and me.

  • GREAT SHOW guys 🙂 … just now was able to catch up and wow … if I could draw a huge loving heart here in this comment for you, I would. So nice to see other faces and hear these great and good words coming from you all. You have made my night. 🙂

        • Sorry I spelled your name Anne wrong. My middle name is Ann but I dump my middle name because its too much of a long wimded southern bell name like Scarlet O Hara from the 1939 move Gone With the Wind:-) Haha

          • No worries on the name spelling Terry 🙂

            I understand your concerns with privacy and using tools like Gmail. Yes, we sure do live in a time where our every move is tracked through technology it seems, even through our TVs. The only way to avoid this completely is to live off-the-grid and that is not easily accomplished. I wouldn’t worry about this too much Terry, just do what you can to protect your private info. from criminals (id thieves). Google does allow you to opt out of their ad tracking and so forth.

  • if you allow me to go off topic –
    do you know what happened to FoM? kept getting 404 error. I read things there like daily… I will be very sad if it’s forever gone..

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