If America’s insane warmongering against Russia isn’t stopped

In the 704th Contact Report, from March 1, 2018, Billy Meier clearly and unequivocally states that the failure of the world’s citizenry to stop the escalation of war by the USA and European Union-dictatorship, will almost certainly lead to an all-encompassing, completely catastrophic, cataclysmic,  worldwide nuclear war.

There will be no…winners.

It is now solely up to reasonable people to summon the courage to evict the insane, false leaders from their positions, if we are to survive. If we are to have…a future.

Meier, the Plejaren and even the prophets of old, have long warned about this time in history, these conditions and the unimaginable devastation that awaits us, should humanity fail to take full and complete responsibility for returning this world to the way of peace, love, freedom and harmony.

The Only Solution

“If now all these things, factors and facts are considered, then there is the only solution for the peoples of the USA and the European Union dictatorship, as also for the NATO, to finally admonishingly reflect and to cease their warmongering and enmity against Russia. And for all human beings of the earth, who want peace, freedom and fairness, be it said, that there is only the one single solution, namely him/herself to stand against their warmongering and war-raging governments, military and intelligence agencies, etc., and refuse to take weapons in their own hands for these simple-minded and irrational as well as power-crazed and feeble-minded, conscienceless, without Intellect, without rationality and irresponsible idiots. Thus the only solution for a continuation of the earth’s humankind lies therein, that the peoples themselves strictly refuse, to place their lives on the line for their irrationally-crazy, might-addicted, feeble-minded and insane, war-rushing mightful ones of state, military and intelligence agencies, etc., to not throw down their life and to not draw into a war, which there is no victor, but rather will only give just losers and a completely destroyed earth. Thus there is for that reason for all powers of the peace, the freedom and the fairness only one: to say NO and themselves to refuse, to bow themselves down to the insanity-will of the mightful ones of state possessed by hatred against other states and want them to be drawn into-that-war. All human beings of all peoples of the earth must themselves get out from the control of their war-mongering mightful ones of state and say good-bye to the imperial structures of the war.”

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  • “URGENT” Please watch or read or both in Democracy Now with Amy Goodman(democracynow.org) especially the second instalment interview with Daniel Ellisberg about the threat of nuclear war and also his new book “The Doomsday Machine for Friday May 18th,1018 Thanks Salome Terry

  • http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/The_Talmud_of_Jmmanuel_-_Prophecy

    “6. And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him and said, “Tell us, when will this take place, and what will be the sign?”

    7. And Jmmanuel answered, saying, “Two thousand and more years will pass, but meanwhile Israel will never find peace because wars and many calamities will threaten the unlawful occupants of this land; but see to it that nobody leads you astray.
    8. “That is, many deceivers and false prophets will come in my name and say, ‘l am Jmmanuel, and I am the sign of the time,’ and they will mislead many.
    9. “People will hear about wars and threats of war, and they are to witness this but not be frightened because it must transpire; but it will not yet be the end.
    10. “For many a nation will rise up against its government, one nation against another and one kingdom against another, and there will be times of privation, earthquakes and immense storms and floods all about.
    11. “All of these events are just the beginnings of the woes.
    12. “Soon the knowledgeable people will be consigned to misery and will be killed.
    13. “They will be hated on account of the truth of the teachings and the wisdom.
    14. “Various religious cults will rise up against one another, and much blood will flow.
    15. “Then many will succumb to the temptation, and they will betray and hate one another because they remained small in consciousness.
    16. “Love will grow cold in many people because ignorance will gain the upper hand.
    17. “Hatred will rule over the world and evil will reign,
    18. “but those who persist in the truth will survive.”

      • All of the stuff before and after is just as important. It sounds like a prophet of old long came to the point about something. I’ll leave it for other people on their own to make what they want with it.

      • 12. “Soon the knowledgeable people will be consigned to misery and will be killed.

        To this

        18. “but those who persist in the truth will survive.”

        How do you survive persisting with the truth if on account of the knowledge you are killed.

        Should it read something like this instead.

        Among the knowledgeable ones they will be killed because of their knowledge of the truth by the unknowing ones but also many among the knowers of truth will also survive having held steadfast to their devotion to the truth.

        • Again, it’s the stuff before and after and learning the hard truth. After all, this is Jmmanuel we’re talking about who showed more courage and spine 2000 years ago in the land where the Mount of Olives are than most people on the world stage today.

          Further to quote:
          “41. “This is as the law and destiny ordain it, and so it shall be.
          42. “For as lightning flashes and illuminates from start to finish, so will be my coming in the future, when I will bring the teachings anew and announce the legions of the celestial sons. At that time I will have a renewed life and will again be accused of deception and blasphemy across the entire world, until the teachings of truth will bring about insight and change in the people.
          43. “People of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures gather, so watch out for them.”


          Isn’t that the FLAK folks that read the Meier material experience?

        • Would the above be your own interpretation of the verses Matt?

          The physical body can be killed but the spirit cannot. When we strive to acquire the knowledge and wisdom from the Spiritual Teaching we are growing in our consciousness-related power and evolving our spirit. This is everlasting and cannot be taken from us through those who would do us physical harm. When we reincarnate, as new personalities with new consciousnesses we have our stored wisdom available to us in impulse based form. This is a very simplified explanation, and I would encourage anyone reading this to undertake a deeper study directly from the Spiritual Teaching, to gain your own cognition, etc. about life and death and so forth.


          • Also to add to my above post:

            “18. “but those who persist in the truth will survive.”

            Immanuel was in effect saying that despite all these terrible events occurring in what is now, the time we’re living in that we are witnessing and living through, that the Truth (Spiritual Teaching) will survive through the knowledgeable ones that remain steadfast – meaning the students of the Spiritual Teaching, the Mission, etc. Even though we may face many coming hardships and even death, the Mission will continue and survive, and eventually be spread over the Earth.


        • Hey Matt you’ve taken those sentences out of context, and forgot about time spacings, usually these types of sentences only apply to a specific sequence/chain of events. eg with the knowledgeable killed, if this is slotted into the prophecies this refers to a specific passage of the future where indeed many are killed under those conditions, later however and in another incarnation in the future, those who turn to the truth are then the more dominant among society. All combinations play their hand at different times. Currently we are in the religious and dark-order and stupid times where people smash things for fun and dignified pleasant behaviour is often wrong, later in history it will be the other way around and those who recognise the truth, names mathematically scientific, evolution, extratterestrials, genetics, time, spirit, etc they will have the upper hand and hold the economy where today it is the wrong way around because that is how things unfold.

    • 51. “So will it also be for the people of that time; when they see all this transpire they may know that these events are upon them.
      52. “Truly, truly, I say to you, this is how it will be.
      53. “And that generation will not pass away until all of this has happened.


      What was Jmmanuel to have said 2000 years ago according to the Meier material?

  • War escalation with Russia is a serious mistake. It is the wrong course of action, the collision course with the world encompassing nuclear war must be averted at all costs, unless we want to collectively pick up the pieces of a ruined society ravaged by nuclear war.

    To the powers that be: if your intelligence doesn’t indicate a potential nuclear war then your intelligence is wrong. Slow down and think about what this is really about, the rise and fall of empires. The US superpower status could be gone by 2020 if things don’t change for the better. Isn’t it time we try some things different to avert course to the better route?

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