Did Victor Davis Hanson Just Endorse Billy Meier Prophecies?

Repeats UFO prophet’s warnings about coming Second American Civil War

While I recently sent a private email to Victor Davis Hanson congratulating him on his article, The Origins of Our Second Civil War, I think that I should have congratulated him instead on apparently discovering, and now echoing, Billy Meier’s prophetic information. Perhaps Hanson was a bit too…shy to openly mention it so, despite his modesty, I want to give him the recognition he deserves.

For anyone who might think it’s mere coincidence, all that have to do is peruse Hanson’s prolific writings to see that there doesn’t seem to be any specific, discernable evidence that he’d previously come up with all this on his own, thoughtful and incisive as they may otherwise be.

Among various contributing factors to a coming civil war, Hanson specifically points to:


Illegal Immigration

High Tech

And here are some of Meier’s specific, far more in-depth warnings that long preceded Hanson’s sudden awakening and which he probably  came to know about because of how broadly we have been publicizing the information, for decades.:

New Civil Wars in America


In future times, America falls yet into two civil wars, which will politically divide the country into four or five parts.


286. Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.

287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.



194.But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.


The situati­on today is also not very different even though the cold war is over and the so-called globalisation has, through immigration and the Asian economic boom, increased all problemsrelating to the over­population.


Also, the harmful globalization and the associated carry-over of diseases, plants and animals throughout the world, causing much mischief, can only be stopped b population reduction.


But should he succeed, he will fight against the globalisation and against the US as until now interfering too much in foreign states and thereby neglecting the order in the own country, but rather rebuild it [the order].

Illegal Immigration


348. It will be alarming that hostility towards auslanders, foreigners and other races will occur in all social strata, whereby the attitude towards all refugees and asylum seekers will reach a dangerous dimension.

349. Refugee accommodations will be subjected to right-wing extremistical criminal offences, set on fire and destroyed, with the result that human beings are also harmed and even the death of the refugees will be approvingly accepted.

350. Foreigner-hostile and racially hostile acts of Gewalt, as well as hatred of asylum seekers and refugees, will, unfortunately periodically become part of everyday life, whereby those who are hostile to asylum seekers, strangers and other races will by no means be only people who, as members of right-wing extremist groups and terrorist organisations, will engage in their hatred of strangers and other races.

35`. There will also be demonstrations by normal citizens against refugee homes, with right-wing extremists also teaming up with the supposed ‘concerned citizens’, or mingling with them.

352. In the coming period of the first two decades of the third millennium, the world will experience the greatest refugee crisis and the biggest rush of asylum seekers since the Third World War, which ended in 1945.


30. Through mass tourism from the industrialized countries, along with economic refugees from the entire world the industrialised countries will become inundated, as will a monstrous problem with asylum seekers become insoluble.


53.) An unimagined impending asylum seeker problem will break over the industrialized countries before the turn of the millennium and evoke asylum seeker tourism through which a great many asocial elements emigrate who release a crime wave, whereby the worldly possessions of many people will no longer be safe, nor will life and limb.


Through mass tourism the stream of economic refugees from all over the world also grows because the inhabitants of the poor tourist countries also want to have that which the tourists from the rich industrial countries show them.

Consequently they flee their homeland and, as economic refugees, more and more seek the life of luxury in the rich countries.

Also the problem of asylum seekers – together with the stream of those fleeing as environmental refugees, and the stream of those who are persecuted – increases ever more to the point of insolubility.


237. In addition, significant tensions will arise between the native citizens and immigrants from foreign countries, who as a rule also observe religious beliefs different from those of the native populace.

High Tech

It must be said that technology in itself is neither good nor bad, nor does it deliberately cause things to happen on its own…unless its created and programed with the potential to do so.

Billy Meier spelled out the sad consequences of what is indeed coming from our headlong rush into AI, robots, androids, etc., in this article. And Mariann Uehlinger further spelled out the dangers that our shallow, materialistic and rather primitive thinking have overlooked.

Of course Hanson doesn’t seem to mention the underlying problem for all this, overpopulation, as elaborated upon here. But perhaps, in time, he’ll discover that too.

Obviously, it would be quite helpful if Victor Davis Hanson – and the huge number of other mainstream and alternative journalists, commentators, scientists, bloggers, etc., would deign to to step forward and share Meier’s information with their audiences worldwide.

Of course, that would require that they were also willing to let their…egos take a step back and play a more supportive and ultimately more important role than they currently do, or believe themselves to play.

Coming Soon!

Update on Deception on Demand…stay tuned!


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13 Replies to “Did Victor Davis Hanson Just Endorse Billy Meier Prophecies?”

      1. Andrew,

        Funny you should mention that because it really does need to be changed. How it came on this blog as a representing photo baffles me.

        I was going to ask Melissa how it can be changed.

        This photo is of a child left in the jungle by his family to beg. He’s painted up as Shiva. I took it 10 years ago.

          1. G’Day Melissa, as I refuse to run a Microsoft operating system and only use Linux without running a virtual windows, I won’t run Photoshop anytime soon, could you drop that photo into Photoshop and reveal the background for me? 😉

  1. That was a hard read, what Victor wrote, it made me buy a dictionary and a thesaurus.
    I found his ideas on “What Might Bring the United States Together Again”, to be typically Earthwormy: “A steady 3 to 4 percent growth in annual GDP… Religious and spiritual reawakening is crucial…”, considering as MH pointed out, the 2009 possible population of USA was 48,374,953 with an actual population of 307,212,123 which is 6.66 times the possible! And as most of us around here know, religion is far from Spiritual.
    That wasn’t written for the layperson but more for someone who might say yes to the message he seemed to be sending out of, “I see what you have done and how you have done it, I’m ONE of you! Can I please have a bed on your yacht when you sail, that is if mine is in the shop at that time?”

  2. I just heard on c2c that the dictator Jon Kim Un wants to build super solders and clone them too along with cloning his whole family including himself! If this isn`t WW4 Then what else is this REALLY UGLY NIGHTMARE?

  3. I think its good way to see what sort of future people have available to them versus what they believe/want. We don’t necessarily want to be divided as a nation but you do have a lot of enablers and bad actors going about with no consciousness (pretty close to zero, many of them very intelligent and hip) stirring up discord. The solution does involve hard work but I don’t see that from the cast of characters mucking about in social media and regular media (in general). IT’s easier to remove than it is to build.

    It’s also very telling on the “long tail” of “history” when these folks go on about a rant. After all, with the way things sound folks are trying to piece together some sort of story with cause and trying to enforce a different result to occur airing out grievance (whether real or perceived) along the way. I don’t know why this is the case but this is a wrong headed approach with trying to solve real problems and determining whether we’re heading for a real future rather than a funeral.

    I’m not totally surprised with the way people conduct themselves as use of history isn’t in its proper place in order to paint a more faithful view of the past. Not many people consider when they look at past events whether at those times when they were once ‘present’ that our ancestors did indeed have other futures available to them and not something that was destined to play out. Unfortunately, since people frequently mistake the past as determining the future, like with prophecies, people (in general) will hold on to a more predictive/declarative view of the prophecies in order to coerce their fellow man in the present to give up his choice on the future and hand it to less worthy people. THIS is what religious mind set does and why no nation on Earth will avoid the question whether or not they will see their nation have a future or what choice they will make.

    Don’t give up at the present time your work for the future. After all, your future selves depend on it and why the P’s generally favor the Nato/American armed forces organization as it is the closes facsimile to a power that can ensure that future is available to people rather than bad actors using coercive means (whether through faith, poverty, or strong arm tactics) to cause destruction. Was the P’s past any different than our present time for them to make that suggestion?

    1. Where did you see that the Ps “generally favor the Nato/American armed forces organization, etc.”? It seems to be the complete opposite, as I understand it.

      1. Well, it’s from their understanding of a world wide peacekeeping force not so much who. Some background is provided here:

        “684. First, in the course of only a few decades, he established gigantic armies which were of an exclusively android nature. Then he armed them with all conceivable weapons and robots, whereby hard-hitting armies arose, sworn singly and alone to Nokodemion’s high command.
        685. The single leaders of the individual armies and troops finally were taken over and managed by the leaders and war-experienced of the different planets, whose governments united and were able to defend themselves against the criminal and unhesitatingly murdering conquerors.
        686. With these war-experienced ones and leaders, stemming from many different planets, and together with the robots and weapons built with the help of governments, and with the androids, Nokodemion constructed a multinational peacekeeping troop, so veterans instantly appeared everywhere, and fought the criminal conquerors, or imprisoned them, where these led their conquering campaigns.
        687. Within fewer than eight years all of the criminal peoples were in the custody of multinational peacekeeping troops, deported to a distant planet that was hermetically barricaded and guarded so that nobody could escape, even if anyone possessed flying machines capable of space travel.”

        Oddly enough, this CR also has this:
        “16. Until yesterday, I strove for a clarification of the things surrounding the falsification of the Talmud Jmmanuel and surrounding the destruction of your code, and what resulted was really astonishing:
        17. The person Krauer is not just an uncommon Israel-related sympathizer but also a follower of Zionism, for whom every means is right which can contribute to the achieving of world domination by the Zionists.
        18. However, this whole situation with her didn’t just happen out of nowhere because it is based on a very specific background, which surprised me greatly:
        19. My remaining investigations revealed that the person Krauer also lived during Jmmanuel’s lifetime and came into direct contact with Jmmanuel.
        20. But at that time, her gender wasn’t female as it is now but rather male, and at that time, her current spirit form animated the Pharisee Simeon, the father of the traitor Judah Ihariot.”

        Any way, further we have this:

        Of course, that isn’t understood by all the wrong humanists and wrong peaceful people, to whom it doesn’t make sense that through a logical use of force, a lot of disaster can be avoided, and peace, tranquility, and order can be created. A fact that is also true of the former Yugoslavia, where the UN and NATO could have already created peace and tranquility as well as order a long time ago, if they would have intervened in the acts of war through logical force and would have brought these to a standstill. But the stupidity and cowardice of these two organizations speaks for itself, as well as that of those countries, like Germany and others, which are opposed to an intervention and which rely on wrong humanistic and wrong humanitarian laws and the like. But the fact that through this, they deliver thousands and thousands of innocent people, without hesitation, to deaths from wars and revolutions, this disturbs them in no way. Then, in order to cover this up and to mitigate it, they fetch those who are wounded out of the war zones, in order to nurture them and care for them, but with this, nothing is intended other than to exercise a false-humane alibi, with which they try to justify themselves to the whole world.”

        But, I do see where the confusion comes about between a multi-national peace-keeping force like the UN/NATO could also be wielded differently due to irresponsible actions (rather than the concept being bad, it’s something else in other words):

        “310. Through many irresponsible ones of the people and the government, the land of peace, as it was called in the early prophecies, will lose its true neutrality, despite contrary statements and promises of the irresponsible ones.
        311. The fact will be that these irresponsible ones – for which they already prepare and strive today – will form connections with the UN and NATO, as well as with the forthcoming European Union, whereby the true neutrality of Switzerland will be destroyed, and indeed, against all contrary assertions of the responsible governments and the misled population, as I already explained to you.”

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