If You Can’t Beat Them Promote Them!



Adler hires themselves to promote my new film exposing…them

UPDATE: When first advised that Marie Adler had actually re-posted my film*, I notified YouTube of the copyright violation, which they didn’t seem to act on. I then realized that nothing could be better than allowing Adler herself to spread the word of their devious and deceptive business practices for me. It was too late though, as YouTube finally removed it.

However, here are a couple of the gems that Adler had posted. First, she not only got the title correct, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, she generously – and accurately – added the self-indicting “!SCAM BUSTERS!”, an irrepressible confession of guilt, emanating from her subnoxious mind:

Then, cleverly attempting to masquerade as me (for reasons that escape my understanding) Marie Adler herself poses these perplexing questions:

While spelling (and honesty) isn’t Adler’s strong suit, nonetheless, my daughter Davida provided these responses:

I’m here, I’m speaking! Why are you asking about my mom who died 10 years ago from a heart attack? Any other questions for me?

While my father isn’t hiding…I’m super curious why you are so eager to find a 75 year old man you filied a bogus restraining order against??? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of filling a restraining order?

All these comments that he is hiding and you are going to find him…but for what? Are you… secretly in love with my father? LOL…I mean bringing up my mother’s passing and so desperately trying to find him?…it’s all kind of creepy and odd.

You really haven’t thought this all the way through and I’m honestly a bit embarrassed for you.

In order to clarify Marie Adler’s preoccupation with my being at an “India restaurant”, here is the email response I sent to her attorney when they were trying to serve a restraining order – by email, which is illegal – to make sure that I didn’t show up to interview them:

From: Michael Horn <pr@theyfly.com>
Date: July 15, 2018 at 2:01:58 PM PDT
To: Julie Gerchik <jgerchik@glaserweil.com>
Cc: Patricia Glaser <pglaser@glaserweil.com>
Subject: Re: Adler v. Horn:  Temporary Restraining Order

Dear Ms. Julie,

I’m a bit busy with the film project and I haven’t been served with anything, as we’re at a self-service Indian food buffet on the west side. It’s one of our favorite places when I’m in town.

It may interest you to know that I’ve been contacted by two more filmmakers who are now experiencing indigestion at the realization of what a REALLY bad deal A&AE ran on them.  We hadn’t planned on reaching out to the 200 plus filmmakers on the list until after we finished with a few colorful folks who have already had a lot to say.

Anyway, I understand that email isn’t a valid way to serve notice, etc. My crew and I can probably make ourselves available for legal appearances, etc., with a little notice.

However, as an official senior citizen (almost 75, thank you!) of small stature and gentle nature, I will need assurances that we don’t need to be concerned about brutish, thuggish behavior from A&AE, although I am willing to endure certain inconveniences both for my art and, more importantly, for the…truth.

Warm regards,


While my film presents the facts of how this bogus company operates, apparently Marie Adler found it irresistible to confirm they’re running a scam, even falsifying my identity, and posing crude and inane questions, so as to leave no doubt about how far they will go to…expose themselves.

Michael Horn

*Original blog before YouTube removed Adler’s counterfeit copy:

In an attempt to try to deflect from having their unethical business practices brought to light in my new film, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, Marie Adler and her accomplices have come up with a very innovative way to avoid exposure.

They’ve reposted and are effectively promoting the exposé about…them:

Even despite the nasty and untrue comments – posted by Marie Adler herself! – I’m loving and appreciating this free press! Please feel free to join them and spread this information.

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  1. Hi guys here is another article from counterpunch you may want to read for 9/24/18: “Hiding in Plain Sight: Why We Cannot See the System Destroying Us” by Johnathan Cook Coas to Coast has an article in the News on Cyborgs to if you want to read that to for Monday Sept 24rth 29018 which I did not read due to the very frightening and scary nature of the article after that horrible nightmare I had and the thought of becoming a Borg is really scary enough! It`s frightening enough to have to deal with dangerous malevolent AIs rather than a user friendly Data from Star Trek The Next Generation. Sorry about that. Salome

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