The Complete 1976 Petale Prophecies

Many readers may find these even more ominous than the 1981 prophecies

We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the interest in the unpleasantly overwhelming 1981 Petale Prophecies. Apparently there are far, far more people who read this blog than we realize, as most might not actively participate, comment, etc.

That being said, I also learned that the Prophetien und Voraussagen, as the Prophecies and Predictions book is titled in German, is available online. That being said, I will provide you with an excerpt below of the 1976 Petale prophecies, which you can then proceed to read in their entirety online.

While these prophecies precede the ones from 1981, many readers may find them even more ominous, because we realize that so many increasingly negative conditions are already well in place that foretell the coming, incomprehensible destruction. In fact, much of the destruction is itself proceeding, despite the ignorance, arrogance and denial of various politicians, scientists, climate deniers and others with their vested interests.

PETALE-Messages Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit plane by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

Thursday, January 29, 1976 01:05 AM

1) It is the child of evil, the child of ruin,

2) that is deadly opponent against knowledge, wisdom and truth, and opponent against love, peace, respect and harmony.

3) It is the Anti-Logos in manifold form.

4) It is the force of evil, the 666,

5) which is against the truth of Creation,

6) against the truth of Spirit

7) and against the obedience of the laws and commandments.

8) The IT is HE – the embodiment of the mighty,

9) in lawlessness, lust for power and bloodthirstiness, in the Anti-Logos.

10) Power of evil with lying powers, wonders and signs and diverse seduction, deception, lying and betrayal,

11) toward unrighteousness and erroneous teaching of those, who get lost in the erroneous knowledge of the Anti-Logos,

12) because they do not accept the love for truth unto salvation.


As realists, we accept that those, and those of us, who knew and dismissed, ignored, or ridiculed the warnings, or who felt too small and insignificant to do anything about them, now must decide on a right and productive course of action in the face of the undeniable and unstoppable circumstances and events.

Everything may still look relatively rosy to some people but for those of us who now understand and see things as they are, this is the tie to focus on building healthy, mutually interdependent, cooperative relationships with like-minded people.

The Spiritual Teaching

The key to our future survival is contained in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, which opens the door to true peace, love, freedom and harmony.

As frequently mentioned, the spiritual teaching is the best means of developing and evolving ourselves, our consciousness, and learning how to  think in and act in accordance with the immutable laws of nature and Creation, such as cause and effect.

We must reclaim complete and total self-responsibility for our own lives and everything that’s in them, in direct opposition to the illogical, groveling, subservient, fearful and mind-enslaving religion and politics that have brought us to this dangerous – and long forewarned of – precipice.

Arahat Athersata



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  1. I agree. Personally I myself would rather live on a planet and civilization that everyone is at proportional level of evolution and competence level with high virtue (talent) versus unvirtue (untalentedness) imcompetence and could careless what skin tone out of 2.3 million existing skins they are because the fact of matter is competence high virtue (talent) & high culture to me least are true prerequisites of a civilization.

    1. I would love that too. I think that’s mostly the issue in my opinion. You have so many different cultures, beliefs, religions and so on that mixing has caused great unrest in many places. Almost every single country that is prophesized for civil war has been overwhelmed with multi-cultural mixing. You have deeply religious folks who are trying to force their ultra-conservative lifestyles on secular countries. On the other hand, you have ultra-liberals trying to force their insane ideology on the ultra-conservative. The sane people in the middle just want to live in peace, but they don’t have a say because they are the minority.

  2. Also the collective consciousness of terrestrial people have a populist trend of destruction through various epochs, then currently within this epoch Billy and the plejarens give an accurate description of all the past events, disregarded as nonsense and the population continues on the same trends in past epochs. Negitave Fluidal forces and swinging waves rapid accross the earth due centuries of centuries of bs thinking…how can the collective behavior change and break Newton’s first law motion? World Wide Birth Ban 7 Years can only stop all illogicalness

  3. OK, Alright, listen up my humble pupils,

    What if, I mean, just, what if the good folks of the USA had spread out into the other countries of the Earth and taught the good folks of these countries the effects of overpopulation and thereby secured it’s own and everyone else’s future with an abundance for every living Human on this planet, thereby sparing many other lower life-forms and environments, theirs?!!??!

    CRAZY, HUH!!!

    1. Everybody is responsible for figuring out the problem of human overpopulation, not the Americans teaching it or forcing it on foreigners. Granted the USA could have and should set a better example. And I agree we are the most savage, but that is because we have the most to lose. If the Chinese, for example, gained currency hegemony, like the Americans currently enjoy, they too would have to become deadly and intrusive to stay on top in a ruthless, overpopulated world where everybody wants “the good life.”

      The only hope is for the nations of the world to get together and admit their errors and adopt the truth. But this is less than 1% chance of happening in the next 200 years or so, in my opinion. And it is irresponsible to bank on this. Billy is only demonstrating the virtue of optimism when he gives advice to the current world leaders to adopt birth stop regulations and withdraw to ones own territories to solve their own problems. He knows this has about zero chance of happening in his lifetime, and even ours. But he needs to give the creational recommendation of a correct human population level for a life sustaining planet as well as show optimism. In other words this means hope for the best… but still plan for the worse.

  4. Tulsi Gabbard would be my choice, the White House needs a real women and female leadership who’s been tried and tested. An certainly a more holistic approach to Making America a home again by preserving the species and defending all living (which is a human responsibility). She seems not only fit be suitable as one of the “Mother’s Of Millennium” amongst other future opportunities but also even having positive neural approval by federation/ a plejaren standards. Hopefully this women is not past by like ships in the night. Salome

  5. The hardest part about overpopulation is understanding the foundation it is used for in terms of national defense strategy and potential conflicts with neighbors. This isn’t a uniquely American problem but a global one that goes far back to forgotten times. Removing the USA from the equation of the Henoch Prophecies doesn’t mean the rest of the prophecies don’t come true. Earth Humanity has to mount over the cult like conspirational behavior while trying to do that with aggressor/suicide genes the long dead and forgotten manipulators left us as a parting gift.

    In other words, if you were to ask between India or Pakistan which would volunteer to have less children be born over the next 10 years, does anyone figure either country would agree to that given the history since the second world war to today? This is probably the biggest hump to jump over is trying to ask the nations of the world to stop *promoting* over population.

    1. It’s this mentality that everyone in the world should be able to procreate. The whole topic creates fear and panic in people who think it automatically means genocide or having a dictatorial role over procreation. The Earth simply can’t sustain this magnitude of people any longer. All countries of Earth have to come to a compromise or the whole world will see starvation, illness, misery and death like we’ve never seen before.

      1. The above was actually in reply to A11A111 above, in particular this, “Everybody is responsible for figuring out the problem of human overpopulation, not the Americans teaching it or forcing it on foreigners.” but I stuffed up (when I go back a page in my browser on my oh so smart phone my comment is no longer in the place I wanted it to be, and I forgot about that last night)
        I was originally going to say: magine if a young Eduard had said to Sfath, “Everybody is responsible for figuring out the problem of human overpopulation, not me teaching it or forcing it on foreigners. I’m outta here. I’m going back to Arahat Athersata, See ya Earth, wouldn’t want to be ya.”
        But I love A11A111, now, but before! 😉
        If that all makes sense?

  6. GBV = Globale Bevölkerungskontrolle Vollstreckung:

    Melissa said on August 2nd at 12:04 AM (verbatim):

    “The Earth simply can’t sustain this magnitude of people any longer. All countries of Earth have to come to a compromise or the whole world will see starvation, illness, misery and death like we’ve never seen before.”

    • This is the complete truth. For some upcoming effects that will worsen as populations swell further, see at the English FIGU Forums under the “planet earth/overpopulation” thread is my four “water stress” (water shortages in high population-density areas) playing out now, in the year 2019, playing out in real time as a direct result of overpopulation of the Earth:

    • post #545 that contains real images of real “water stress”:
    1. 2 world maps
    2. United States
    3. China
    4. Europe
    5. Africa
    6. North Africa and the Middle East
    7. Syria
    also contains a water production usage for energy production map of the world, where I highlight that Russia, China, and the United State are “brothers” in energy usage (so form the Trilateral Union).

    • post #545 (part two) that highlights “water stress” in the following areas:
    1. Minnesota (that has a 4 to 1 natural aquifer depletion and water usage rate [4 parts are sucked dry for every 1 part that is naturally replenished due to overpopulation]).
    2. aquifer depletion rates of the United States largest aquifer: the Ogallala aquifer.
    3. groundwater depletion map in the world’s largest breadbaskets.
    4. map of half of the 37 of the world’s largest aquifers that are being depleted at an alarming rate (map from the GRACE satellite-system).

    • post #546 that highlights “water stress” in the following areas:
    1. Canada
    2. India
    3. United Kingdom
    includes a population-density map of amount of people per hectare (FIGU recommends only 5 people per hectare).
    4. Japan

    • post #547 that highlights “water stress” in the following areas:
    1. Australia

    • World Governments need to approve the GBV (Globale Bevölkerungskontrolle Vollstreckung/Global Population-Control Enforcement) as a real federal task force tasked with population-control enforcement:

    To avoid creational law violations, these laws will have to be only humane population-control, and these laws will have to consist of the following:

    1) A global birth-stoppage for 7 entire years.
    2) Followed by only 1 year of modest births allowed.
    3) Repeat the cycle until #4 is reached (see below).
    4) All permanent global federally-mandated “law on the books” until a few centuries from the time of the present, when the globe’s population count is 529,000,000 million humans, or 12 humans per square kilometer and to be held at this number permanently.
    5) Emphasis on humane, as we, the citizens of this world will have to stand together to face the natural damage that is coming.

    • It is my understanding that detonating nuclear weapons violates creational law. Do not use them to solve the population problem, nor launch them at any nation.

    • The only way out to make the future good are the FIGU recommendations that are based on logic including population-controls, [forced forcelessness] gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, and a humane banishment system.

    • Overpopulation can unify the globe if the people are taught to be concerned about the truth, and taught to stand against it, and taught we will have to face the natural damage together.

    • World Governments do not want to seem to take what I post to heart about forming the GBV federally, and currently have their own agendas, but give this overpopulation problem 20 years’ time, and you will all learn first-hand it is very dire. Billy has said at 10 billion (thousand-million) the natural cataclysms will be unstoppable. Do the math, every decade (Billy once told me this calculation) adds roughly 1 billion (thousand-million) people to our total population count, and we are at almost 9 according to the Plejaren’s Bio-gram count this past New Years Eve, so how long until the disasters are unstoppable? Does it match sentence 293 of Sfath’s 1948 predictions of contact conversation 670?

    • No, the GBV is not an agenda 21 scenario, nor is it the end of the world, but the world can really end because of overpopulation according to contact conversation #481 and contact conversation #544 that warn of a possible collapse of the atomsphere, and collapse of the world’s ocean’s global-conveyor-belt system of currents respectively.

    1. “Overpopulation can unify the globe if the people are taught to be concerned about the truth, and taught to stand against it, and taught we will have to face the natural damage together.”

      Corey you should know that there is the inside and then there is the outside, both equalised as a hyper-oneness. Certainly the outside must have an environment where the truth is taught and folks are setting examples. But that is not just the whole truth. The folks must be excited to discover and work out the truth inside their heads. If this motivation does not exist, then a teaching goes on deaf ears. Like we are experiencing with the lack of enthusiasm today for the written Figu material.

      In my opinion, Billy’s overpopulation directives of 500 million, etc., is not to sway the current governments and leaders of today; but rather to lay the foundation for correct behavior for a small group of people today and as the snowball grows or the drips of water fill an ocean over the future, eventually the masses. 800 years or so is NOT a long time, but right around the corner. Only in the future will Billy’s creational directives be appreciated and implemented. It is useless to think that government officials of our lifetime are going to change anytime soon or even listening.


  7. • Refer to my posts found at the English FIGU-Forums: “general area/FIGU related/prophecies and predictions”:

    • post #540: the United States will fall hard, a list of all of the predictions of natural cataclysms that will affect the United States between now and the year 2250 (found in Sfath’s 1948 predictions of contact conversation 670 and others) with images of fault lines, geysers, etc.

    • post #540: A New United States, referring to the time of contact 544 when the United States collapses.

    • post #540: the European Union may have a hard fall too, predictions of natural cataclysms that will affect the European Union found in the Sfath’s 1948 predictions of contact conversation 670.

    • post #543 my commentary on the 1981 Petale prophecies available from Michael Horn.

    • post #543 a government of three: lock your enemies into peace and solidarity (300 year-long binding peace treaties between Russia, China, and the United States).


    Corey Müske (Mueske)

  8. Addendum to my post at 1:55 am:

    • post #540: the European Union may have a hard fall too, predictions of natural cataclysms that will affect the European Union found in the Sfath’s 1948 predictions of contact conversation 670

    -was also supposed to say = “happening sometime between now and the year 2250 (IE: yet don’t rest on your laurels, form the GBV pre-emptively to “combat/fight-back/stand-against” this situation).”

    According to Google:



    “serving or intended to preempt or forestall something, especially to prevent attack by disabling the enemy.”

    • An “enemy” is a good way to describe human overpopulation, because it is our globe’s common enemy, a threat that will be attacking our people via cause and effect reaps directly from the fabrics of the universe (IE: the 6th and 7th sub-levels of the Arahat Athersata pure-spirit-level [Arahat Athersata = “the valueful one who looks at time]) so we can learn our collective lessons from our collective mistakes of overpopulation that violates creational law (and these violations are what “programs” these negative cause and effect reaps),.

    • Emphasis on humane, as we, the citizens of this world will have to stand together to face the natural damage that is coming.


    Corey Müske (Mueske)

  9. I just recieved a copy of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in Neurological Diseases ISBN 0-8247-9082-0

    The book references to the “MAO-A” or for those who are educated in the spiritual teachings known as the “genetic manipulation”, conspired by the benefactor(s) known as the “Creator Overlord(s)” which is discussed by respectfully by Ptaah (who is also amongst many other things a Medical Doctor also) In contact report 649.

    On Page. 79 figure 1 a comparison of MAO-A and MAO-B of the genetic sequence is displayed. Within sequence 421 & 412 The following letters are read:


    tyme….gave…..age (time…gave… age), in other words the LARGEST effect(s) of the “genetic manipulation” is SPELLED OUT within a early primitive terrestrial computer genetic sequence readout as if the side effects of such a sinister prescription be could read when we as a civilization we’re capable to do so.

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