People are so afraid of the truth, of seeing each other as being of equal value

In light of my recent blog, I am reminded of a couple of things that Billy Meier told me. Some years ago, while I was just beginning some aspects of my work, I asked him what else he would suggest I do. Quite simply and without fanfare he said, “Tell people to be more reasonable.”

Now, right away you know that people, especially we Americans, don’t like to be told anything, because we  already know everything and, well, we’re number one.

We’re so smart and super-saturated with aggression and self-righteousness that deigning to try to reason with anyone, especially those who see things differently than we do, is an affront to our self-identity, an unacceptable indicator of weakness.

Considering how thin-skinned and reflexively confrontational we’ve become, it’s no wonder that we gravitate towards, and fortify ourselves with, one of the dumbest, most futile and pointless forms of human behavior, i.e. politics. I’m reprising this video below just in case the point may have been missed:

Politics is the antithesis of reasonableness and the epitome of manipulativeness, lying and taking advantage of others, as is diplomacy. People are so afraid of the truth, of seeing each other as being of equal value, that Meier’s answer to my recent question about the fate of America was as simple, and unavoidably accurate, as the previous one, “America will destroy itself.”

The institutionalized, self-destructiveness by which the US government has practiced its nefarious, murderous policies on its own citizens, perfecting them for use on the rest of the world, make Meier’s comments from four years ago sadly all the more plausible:

“So it is a fact that since the 11th of September 2001, of the altogether 175 ‘failed’ terror attacks in the USA to the year 2015, only just six assassination attempts did not lead back to the federal authorities.”

As I suggest in the video, politics is polarizing and makes people stupid. It also assures the destruction of reasonableness, true equality, mutual respect and…peace, love, freedom and harmony.

Please, let us learn how to think, to direct and live our own lives in accordance  with Creation’s universal laws and recommendations, while the now unstoppable external events fulfill as they must, because of the unreasonableness of humankind for far too long.

The Might of the Thoughts

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And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”
Anthony A.



55 Replies to “Reasonableness”

  1. Michael,
    Very interesting that I have been thinking this exact same thing for around a week now. Within myself I must look at everything abit softer and with consideration. All too easy everything can become a zero sum exchange, whereby irritation, anger, apathy and hate quickly take root. It happens ever so quietly at first and before you know it, it has taken you over. This is what has happened more or less to the people of our country. A fear/anxious based society hell bent on zero sum and to win at all cost. If only just a softer look, all of the bad things which might happen soon can be avoided.

    1. Thank you for your reasonableness, Paul.

      Please also include your last name when commenting. Thanks.

      1. Melissa,

        My apologies. Also relate to Michael that I also had a similar experience with Billy many years ago at the center. I asked “what will help in my next big self-realization?” And he conveyed to me in German “Liebe und Freundschaft” translated “love and friendship” I’m only now starting to slowly understand what he meant by this.

        1. Friendship and love is the lubricant within gears of time which make sure the passing time leads to progress and assures success like clockwork.

  2. I’m unable to locate translated information that applies to ‘self defense’. So, I put the question to those who comment here. IS IT acceptable, within Plejaren understanding, to kill another human in order to protect any threat to one’s life?

      1. Thank you very much … and, I’m sufficiently answered. Weapons are too easy so I will stay with my right to exercise hand-to-hand methods. The historical / current human ‘condition’ is nothing more / less than a study in consciousness. Consciouness is like plasticine. The law of causality will hold me in fascination until I exit this unfortunate experience. We here on this planetary “speck of dust” will simply endure consequences ‘the prophecies’ put forth. Human affairs on Earth, no matter what is projected eight hundred years from now, will always be subject to all-things-consciousness … something easily malleable. Humans can be made aware of [many things,] be [they] positive or negative. That typed, in terms of what consiousness is, physical existence on this planet may very well reveal evidence in having to continually come back to school until YA Spiritually GET IT RIGHT. I’m certainly unqualified to decide whether or not the Plejaren actually GOT IT RIGHT. So … to everyone on this blog … salutations for attending class!

    1. Hi John,

      MH is pointing you to his movie. The foundation for the answer to your question of what the directive is on self defense is found in the Billy Meier book Decalogue/Dodecalogue. The sixth directive, Du sollst nicht toten in Ausartung. Or in English you shall not kill in Ausartung. The key to understanding when there is self defense and when killing is unacceptable is in the term, Ausartung. Which means in English: a very bad getting out of control of the good human nature.

      Right now this is not really understood in at least the English speaking Figu community. The problem is not that man is currently in a stage in his development where he is using religion and that he will grow out of it. But rather man has abandoned his purpose in nature and is actively going against it or is outside of nature. This means man is failing in a universe/Universe where nature is the fabric of reality or how things work. Man has abandoned reason, the logic of nature and is operating according to highly flawed human ideas.

      First man must escape the trap of Ausartung; and once he returns to live within nature or inline with nature, by recognizing and applying the laws of nature and living within nature’s directives, he can then start his upward evolution. So this is a two step process…

      All man has to do is observe nature to understand where he has deviated from it. Animals for example, who live in a equalised habitat untouched by man, only kill within the logic that the weakest is harvested and the strong are allowed to thrive for food. Only man for example would kill all the wild buffalo for example and thus extinguish the food supply for not just the dependent animals but also himself. This is illogical and thus against nature. Animal predators only kill other competitors out of sheer evolution and striving of the entire habitat. Man kills his fellow human beings not toward the evolution of mankind, but rather for revenge, hatred, etc. which goes against logic and creates pain, suffering, sorrow, destruction, etc. to his outside world. Man is NOT supposed to be a predator, but rather live within a proper population level that does not put stress on nature and himself. Man is not just an animal, but a life form that can reason and avoid pitfalls in nature, while at the same time living within her boundaries. Man is supposed to protect nature and make sure that the outside world is equalised to the best of his current ability with his interactions. He is hurting himself if he destroys nature, which includes his fellow human being.

      Please research the sixth directive in the book Decalogue/Dodecalogue to understand what self defense is in nature….

      1. I like how you assume that English speaking FIGU members don’t understand the Spiritual Teaching and the Laws of Creation, except for you of course. Mind your own garden.

        1. I am not trying to imply that I understand better…?

          This is something we all have to work on! IMO, Ausartung is not really understood in the Figu community; and I have tried my best to understand this term myself and only want to share what I know. Take it or leave it.


          1. I can only answer for myself on what I do and don’t understand is all I’m saying. We are all at different levels of understanding and not everyone expresses their cognitions openly. Cheers

          2. Please know that I am trying to help. I am not motivated by popularity or a sense of greatness, otherwise I would not continue taking a beating time after time here. Please don’t get me wrong, but the moderators here and the regulars are brutal at times. I know that it is not folk’s fault but rather a lack of understanding. So I pick myself up and start over again. I see that I can do better…

            Please theyflyblog, it is never my intention to put down fellow human beings or put myself above them; but we all make mistakes. I too can become a better communicator to avoid any such mistake as coming off as an “authority figure.” This is never my intention but rather to create food for thought so that fellow human beings have something to reason thru if they would like. Hopefully, I am applying the spiritual teaching to be of some help. We are all just students. MH knows were I am coming from; I have been helping at his meetings. I am surprised that you see me as an adversary or something? Hasn’t MH cleared me yet or something;)?

            All the best…

          3. Anthony, my friend, I don’t consider you an adversary. It’s quite the opposite actually. Michael said your clearance paperwork is being held for review.

            Joking aside, I just notice that you sometimes like to throw in little generalizations such as “Meier followers” or “FIGU believers” as I’ve heard you say in the past. As a moderator, and per the rules of the blog, I have a responsibility to make sure we aren’t making broad statements and generalizations about others that can’t be substantiated. People from all over the world lurk here and read this blog. We don’t want to give them incorrect or untruthful information. Thanks for understanding. Salome

          4. Don’t feel bad A11A11, I have quit commenting in this forum for the same reasons. Whatever I said was somehow misconstrued as hostile and I was attacked by various people. I have been accused of suffering from religious delusions, of not having read the relevant materials, of presenting ideas that quite simply no one wants to talk about, and so on. . . . . So I have withdrawn for the most part, although I still read here from time to time, as interesting topics come up.

            Unfortunately, like many other such groups, the FIGU does not allow for information to be presented which is “outside” the parameters of the acceptable, as defined by the leaders of the group (presumably the “core” group of 49). Billy is acting a bit like a guru who tolerates no opposition. . . . I say “like a guru” because he himself would claim he is doing no such thing. However, I have sometimes presented ideas which have solid foundation elsewhere (like the existence of the Hollow Earth), only to have been told to shut up. Plain and simple, there are bullies in this group, and usually in all cases of bullying, they are people who are protecting their “territory”.

            Best wishes!

          5. It has nothing to do with not being allowed to discuss other things and everything to do with providing verifiable evidence. Billy does not care what you talk about or believe. If you’re going to make sweeping generalizations about others, you’ll need to substantiate your claims.

            It’s really so simple…provide scientific evidence for your claims.

          6. Carolyn,

            As pointed out, you don’t provide any substantiation for your claims about FIGU. I know Meier and many of the CG, your statement about them is nonsense and certainly based on absolutely NO personal experience on your part.

            Your “Hollow Earth”, also without evidence, theory warrants no further comment.

          7. Hi Michael, I am not making any claims about FIGU. All I am saying is that I have felt “bullied” in this group, in this Blog and in the FIGU Switzerland English Blog, so that I don’t really want to interact with you folks publicly anymore! I am not making any “unscientific claims” about anything. And, in fact, when did Billy Meier scientifically substantiate any of his claims. . . . I’m thinking now of the time travel episodes of his life, and so on, and so on. It’s all “out there” as far as I’m concerned. A person can take from it what one will, believe it or not believe it. Still, it comes down to “believing” Billy’s testimony, nothing more and nothing less!

            I won’t argue about the photos, the rock samples or the contact reports. But you’ve got to admit, it takes a bit of work to convince a rational person to believe in all of Billy’s mumbo jumbo. . . . . especially when he contradicts himself over the years. And now again I’m thinking of Randoph Winters’ presentations, which at the time were sanctioned and approved by Billy Meier and FIGU. I don’t think I need say anymore.

          8. Start here and let me know when you have analyzed and finished your in-depth research. You obviously suffer from the same thing Linda has succumbed to…the inability to THINK.


            I suppose you think this isn’t making unsubstantiated accusations about FIGU and Billy:

            Carolyn Snyder
            “Unfortunately, like many other such groups, the FIGU does not allow for information to be presented which is “outside” the parameters of the acceptable, as defined by the leaders of the group (presumably the “core” group of 49). Billy is acting a bit like a guru who tolerates no opposition. . . . I say “like a guru” because he himself would claim he is doing no such thing.”

          9. “when did Billy Meier scientifically substantiate any of his claims” We now have well over 250 specific examples of Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific, geopolitical, environmental financial/economic information…with more confirmed regularly. As for “mumbo-jumbo”, what are you specifically referring to? And rational people are never asked to “believe” anything.

          10. Melissa, you are passing some kind of judgement on me: the inability to “think” is quite a common problem in our world today. You do not know me and you shouldn’t be demeaning me personally in this way! I have two university degrees from two separate Canadian universities in a social science, and sincerely consider myself to be a relatively well educated and “thoughtful” person. The kind of attitude you are showing me (and others) right now, is what scares many away from interacting with FIGU members. You display a certain fanaticism of spirit, which is off-putting for non-fanatical kinds of people. Also, you personally insult people (like myself). Why should I put up with it? I won’t allow you to personally insult me (a person you have never met!) , and others won’t either.

          11. Education does not equal knowledge or wisdom as we can surely see by looking around. There’s also a difference between calling someone stupid and calling an idea stupid, learn the difference. If people aren’t allowed to call out dumb ideas or theories anymore, we really have fallen into the abyss.

            Why don’t you go to a blog that subscribes to your crazy theories and leave us to our work.

      2. Anthony,

        You’re very well studied. It’s interesting that there is not a single law or requirement within creation that demands retaliation, vengeance, wrath, hate, murder etc. And if nature is observed this is easily seen. Killing in nature only occurs in order to preserve good life. You expressed this very well. You also did a good job explaining the difference between what flawed human logic would call a hierarchy and domination when infact what truly exist is only order and responsibility. Each higher form is RESPONSIBLE for all lower forms below it. I enjoyed reading your comment.

        1. Carolyn I hope you consider and reflect on this passage from Arahat Athersata.
          Pg 20
          46. A human being of the truth knows no prejudice, because a preconceived opinion hinders the searching and finding and the honesty.
          47. The human being of truth knows precisely that all truth and wisdom lie in the timeless flow of the endless duration, so no preconceived opinions finds the entitlement in the existence.
          48. Only facts of truth can be facts of wisdom, but not anything else which is arranged below it.
          49. This is a law in the great course of all occurances, for every existence must complete itself in the circle.
          50. Cause and effect find their validity in all areas when they are arranged according to laws and recommendations.
          51. A preconceived opinion harbours within itself all unlogic of the doubt and untruth.

          Etc etc etc

          You should purchase this book and then read the profound words of wisdom contained in this book to realise your errors and mistakes that you have made on this forum if you are truly honest with yourself and have the integrity to admit it.

          1. Hey Lee,

            So you finally purchased Arahat Athersata then? I’m sure then you are working on YOUR OWN errors and mistakes…

            Oh and btw- wtf does “opinion vs facts” AA passages have to do with Carolyn’s concern that the folks struggling with the truth can be bullies at times? It is completely reasonable for beginner students to see Meier’s works as “mumbo jumbo.” It takes an enormous amount of thinking to take the leading thoughts provided by Figu and then work them out for oneself…


          2. As Billy said to Michael ‘tell people to be more reasonable’ just as it applies to myself and everyone else you Anthony should also heed this wise advice from Billy.

    2. The only Creationally natural lawful manner to take another life is for self defence, provided no lesser violence or other reasonable/rational action will suffice to offer protection/self defence; on a micro, meso and macro level. Gererally (aside from breeding ‘rituals’/behaviour) and hunting for food, this Law is clearly demonstrated in Nature, the penultimate Teacher.

      Source : Numerous/All BEAM English translated books, the Talmud of Jmmanul, innumerable articles, podcasts, films on Meier Material and One’s own ethical and moral substructure, et Al.

      Peace, Love, Freedom and Harmony ‘Brother’

  3. It should be hilarious: We buy things of little value, pay the taxes that leaders, we don’t like, use to kill others, eat meat from slaughtered animals, eat oils that destroy nature, throw away waste which destroys wild habitats… I do this…

    …but, no: it’s Billy’s info that could negatively impact us. Ignore all the other charlatans, religion, conspiracies, evils, false leaders, crimes: it’s Billy and his followers who must be judged so harshly and put down in case some are in danger of believing he is 100% telling the truth from the 75% that we can establish for ourselves as proven fact. Priorities people, Jeez.

    I’ve noticed that there are people who just love to put the boot in, probably, not just about FIGU, at every moment, like they’re gunning for it, because of THEIR hurt feelings. Why do they think these matter to anyone else, really? If they can’t contain themselves and see the full picture and take a balanced view, why do they not have the consciousness and good wit to withhold their views and FIND OUT if what they think is true, or, leave it, instead of getting upset because they aren’t sure and need others to believe them whilst claiming to combat belief?

    Why does the 25% we can’t prove matter? We can’t prove most of what’s in the universe, but, we still carry on living. We don’t give up on life because there’s doubt about the 96% we don’t know. We are pretty certain about the 4% we can see and exist within, yes?

    Instead, many feel they want to take a contrary approach and argue the toss on forums and about the 25% (estimated) and get annoyed when someone points that out. This is not clever. It does not put you above others to argue the toss over what cannot be proven either way. We don’t have time for these feelings because we know they are based on that person’s own ego-concerns and no-one cares. No-one cares about my ego concerns either. It’s fine. Good. Please don’t. I can handle it. Can you?

  4. Fear, belief and ego are all criminal to truth. Most of the time we are unknowing that we express these. The funny thing about ignorance is that we have no clue that we are ignorant lol! Ironic right? And none of us are exempt from this. I do not care who you are, Billy included even though he is further progressed than all of us.

    1. Hi Paul,

      All humans have fear, belief and ego and cannot be considered criminal to truth. Ego, to some degree, is actually necessary while in a material body. We should always try to rid as much of our ego as possible, but it’s still necessary. Belief is a stage of evolution that is completely natural for humans to go through. And finally, all human life forms experience fear. As we continue to evolve, we begin to free ourselves more and more from these things, but they are still a part of the natural learning process of evolution.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks

      1. Paul you must distinguish ego and egoism.
        It is the proper meaning of egotism when it has to be referred as in selfisness, self centredness, self revolving, self concerning, self regarding, the me me me factor and ‘ok so enough about me so what do you think about me’ syndrome.
        It is this that in the book Arahat Athersata it states how this human tendency has gained so much might in our era and how so many other problems stem from such a phenomenon not least the overpopulation crisis.
        We all need ego and it is taught that you shouldn’t shatter this aspect of yourself.

        1. I agree and my apologies for such a vague statement I was not finished writing the comment and had technical difficulties. I didn’t even know it posted until today. There is certainly a difference between ego and egoism as some ego is needed in the material life in order to survive. I think your comment explains this well enough for me not to dive too deep into it.

          1. Thank you for your understanding! I have been checking out the blog for probably around 8 years but rarely comment. You guys are doing a great job with everything by the way

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