UFOs: Taking Out the Trash

Tune in for this new two-hour, tell-all interview 

Michael Horn will be on Spaced Out Radio tonight, speaking about the – singularly authentic – Billy Meier UFO contacts, ongoing for over 77 years, as well as the cleaning out of the profit-seeking liars, phonies and frauds in the UFO industry who’ve misled, ripped off and betrayed the public, peddling utter disinformation, often provided by the intelligence agencies.

Also, an explanation about the meaning of the new endorsements by the US Navy and Christopher Mellon, formerly US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon about the reality of UFOs. BTW, it’s not the first time the Pentagon corroborated Billy Meier’s information.

Michael will explain how this is connected to the recent authentication of Meier’s contacts by former USAF OSI investigatorJoe Tysk…and the terrestrial origin (Contact 441) of most UFOs.

AND Michael will explain how the recent increase in “revelations” about UFOs ties into US domestic and foreign policy.

Danger on Tap

Also, because of Michael’s decades long environmental work, and specific focus on water quality, we’re taking the opportunity to bring this new report about tap water  to your attention and this SPECIAL OFFER about how you can get a FREE Water Emergency Treatment (WET) System. But hurry, this exclusive offer expires very soon!


25 Replies to “UFOs: Taking Out the Trash”

  1. I hope you also mention that Billy Meier is a UFO debunker himself when he comes up with completely unsubstantiated nonsense like that multiple eyewitnesses were somehow under the influence of some sort of hypnosis. I hope you mention that other contactee cases also had genuine eyewitnesses, authenticated photographs and films examined by the same people that invesigated the Meier case…

    1. Ed … WHY DO YOU NOT include the “genuine eyewitnesses, authenticated photographs and films examined by the same people that invesigated [investigated] the Meier case? It’s simple to do … do it!

  2. Here is my post on that SPACED OUT talk show (the name speaks for itself) If we were more spiritually evolved we would be closer to the Plajaren way of living and there would not be a need for them to contact us. The fact the Plajaren are here is the proof that our planet needs help. Look at what Micheal has to go through to convey the message to us! And this is without even speaking about the spiritual teachings which require time to study and which need to be experienced in order to be fruitful. North America is in no position to doubt. Has the country not done enough damage to itself and the world? Because of Michael’s diligent work one can easily double check the information that is presented via the media. If I see how I feel after watching the news for example this tells that the information has to be doubled check. I use Michael’s website and always learn so much more than the topic I initially searched for and this with one click!! North America cannot do it without him and I am so grateful to him. The person conducting the show has no right to complain or get mad later himself for anything he will see that it not to his liking! Gosh Michael the things you have to go through with these people!

    1. I was reading the comments for the interview and the folks were very stubborn and outright denied the facts. I don’t think research is very popular anymore as folks like to be spoon fed propaganda. It’s exactly as Michael said: laziness and skepticism will be the downfall of the Earth human.

      1. I can easily agree, Melissa. I’m sure MH has just about covered the spectrum with interviews … and we can be thankful for Joe Tysk as a result of Michael’s efforts.

    2. Brigitte … from my humble perspective, concurrence to your sentiments. As compared with [some] other interviews, the one with Dave Scott felt good!

      1. Richard received the correct information. The ball is in his court now. His good senses will come to him once he compares real conversations with mumbo jumbo talks.

  3. Great interview Michael. I could sense your frustration with -even to this day -the incredible skepticism and laziness that the majority of folks display.
    Michael, you that are out there in the front line, taking the real truth to humanity, I can’t really express my infinite thankfulness and appreciation enough.

    “People hate the truth. Luckily, the truth doesn’t care”
    ~ Larry Winget

  4. Present terrestrial human love to hate, and hate to learn. The future humankind learn to love…and love to learn. A love for positive neutrality allows future humankind to embrace the teachings of truth. This why people presently people can’t don’t understand the Meier material. Because the core prerequisites have not met yet.

  5. This evening I saw Billy, Atlantis, Karin, Eva, Salina, Andreas, Daniela, Bernadette, Junio, Ulrich, Patrick, Jacobus and others and did the Salome peace meditations in the center. Tomorrow I will give them all your best regards. Alles gut und Gruetzi von der Schweitz!

  6. Yes … to be sure … going to Switzerland! I recall doing a social studies report on the country. Funny enough, it was when I was 13 [grade 7] … and at that time of my life I was rebelling against attending the Anglican church, and I recall expressing myself very clearly to my parents, “it doesn’t make any sense to me, so please don’t make me go anymore!” Not long afterwards, the family stopped attending.

    1. I’m educating myself re: a visit to Switzerland.

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      If you’re not from the EU or EFTA, and wish to come to Switzerland and stay for up to three months (but no more), make sure you first have a valid passport or travel ID document. This should have been issued within the last 10 years and have a minimum of three months to run after the end of your visit to Switzerland.

      The Swiss tourist visa for staying less than 90 days/three months is the short-stay Schengen visa, which allows entry to the whole Schengen area, including Switzerland, for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. The Swiss Schengen visa is usually used for tourist purposes, business, taking part in sporting or cultural events or educational programmes. If you want to stay longer than this, you will need a long-term Swiss visa to enter the country (see below).

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  7. Yes Michael very good interview particularly the one from 1 day ago on TheyFlyTV. People saying this or that or doing this or that as an act, is absolutely worthless because the fact of the matter is the Meier material alone is far developed in volume and depth more then any disinformation or falseness mischief attempt now or in the future…period.

  8. So this is completely off topic but relevant , however the world leaders are meeting this week so it’s appropriate to address this. Clearly presently right now the world leaders can accelerate towards their pursuits of unaturally occurring delusional disturbances and morbid intrigues of power through accelerated premature aggressions towards gewalt and war, which simply is an illogical effect(s) of a larger disproportionational issue…overpopulation. The summer is over and clearly everyone around the world felt the effect(s) of the morbid and monsterious disproportions that overpopulation has caused. Being that the Henoch Prophecies were anottated before the naming of all major countries it would be advantageous to heed the warnings and prevent the worst from happening, allowing for a salvageable future and regeneratable existence. 8.9 billion humans of this earth have common interest…a future.
    A worldwide multiple year world wide birth stop with equal birth control gives the future a chance, an opportunity.
    A worldwide multiple year birth stop and equal birth control is a in sense…giving a the future an allocation, an inheritance of mobility and prosperity.
    A worldwide multiple year birth stop with equal birth control, allows true humankind to communicate a deceleration to the earth and all its living life…it says that we to humankind can orbit as the satellites of the cosmos and move the galaxy. That humankind can decelerate and flow with the sessions.
    That we are in a true and honest sync and rhythm and can stay in step with real and honest and loving logic laden nature, humankind can stay in step with nature…we need to stop stepping on her toes. She has bigger heels then us you know.

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