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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Open Letter

To scientists, powerful politicians, public officials and other responsible persons; regarding the pandemic and vaccinations against the Corona virus and the urgent measures to be taken to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

The following open letter is from Italian FIGU member Andrea Bertuccioli:

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic several warnings, precious information, advice and wise teachings on the part of Billy Meier and the Plejaren to the earthly people in general as well as to the earthly state authorities and scientists concerning the real origin, the only correct, effective and proven way to contain the pandemic, i.e. the necessary measures and precautions which should have been taken in order to be able to master this bad evil in a relatively short time and to save thereby numerous human lives, have been directed early on. The pandemic has been the subject of a great deal of discussion and debate, and the necessary measures and precautions that should have been taken in order to control this evil in a relatively short period of time and to save many human lives.

But sadly and stupidly, all this precious and unique knowledge has, with few exceptions, been thrown to the wind, and the many advices and warnings have fallen on deaf ears, costing so far, if official figures are taken into account, about 2 million dead and over 80 million infected worldwide. However, these figures are not very realistic. If one considers the dark figure, then the whole thing looks much worse and resembles a horror scenario, because in truth at least 7 to 10 percent of the entire earth’s population has already been infected by this virus and several million people have already died as a result. Since, contrary to the official, completely inaccurate and false demographic data, the Earth’s population has already exceeded the 9 billion threshold, this means that the real number of people contaminated by the Corona virus is many times higher than stated. And contrary to the equally false statements of would-be scientists and gods who think they know everything, virologists, physicians, immunologists, microbiologists, etc., the infected people do not get rid of the virus during their lifetime and after a certain period of time, i.e. even years after recovery, they can still be infected with the virus, After a certain period of time, i.e. even years after recovery and supposed cure, infected people may again fall prey to other diseases related to the virus, which, however, have nothing to do with the typical symptoms that appeared as a result of the infection and the first illness, and may possibly become infective again and thus spread the epidemic further. And the fact that the once infected and recovered can pass on the virus impulsively and genetically, hereditarily to the conceived children and thus the disease is carried far into the future, that is, as well as many other important findings concerning this virus, unknown to earthly scientists, and it will probably remain so for some time.

This means that this virus is still a closed book with regard to many of its most important aspects, facets and effects. This should lead scientists to a more humble attitude and spur them to do even more thorough and intensive research in this regard, instead of making superficial and ill-considered claims that are sold as safely tested and proven facts, when in fact they are nothing more than unsubstantiated conjectures that will certainly be disproved by further future research and then, in retrospect, will be relegated to being premature and false hypotheses and assumptions, as well as confused claims, and thus an embarrassment to those who uttered or published them.

To give just a few examples of such false claims on the part of virologists, immunologists, physicians and other ‘experts’ regarding the pandemic, who spout their ‘pearls of wisdom’ almost daily in interviews and talk shows, the following nonsense, among others, has been put forth by these would-be scientists:

Of course, the list of nonsense that has been and is still being heard and read about the virus and the pandemic by alleged, self-proclaimed ‘experts’ as well as by politicians and ordinary citizens in recent months is much longer than the above. What I find amazing, however, is that some of these super-smart people, or people who think they are super-smart and gods of science, seem to be completely unteachable and like to hear themselves speak, because even when facts, experiences and new research results quite obviously refute their theses and claims, they usually stubbornly persist.

For example, I remember quite clearly that some of these self-confident and media-addicted would-be scientists said that the summer warmth increases the circulation and contagiousness of of the virus and that a 2nd wave was unlikely to occur, or if it did, it would be no worse than the 1st. But the most ridiculous of all stupid media statements was that of a famous Italian doctor (because he treats many celebrities), who last spring on television arrogantly and unquestionably claimed that the virus was dead from a clinical point of view. Now the fact that a renowned clinical doctor does not know that a virus can never be dead or die, because it is not a living being, testifies to the ignorance of such a person, and he is unfortunately not the only one who says such stupid stuff.

During this pandemic period, politicians, due to their cowardice as well as their inability to govern their own country wisely and protect their own citizens, have given scientists great leeway in making important decisions, so that they have not only become advisors to the ruling politicians, They have become effective and unofficial decision-makers, because politicians and officials, out of cowardice, helplessness and incompetence, have shirked their great responsibility and have shifted it to others in order to wash their hands of it.

Now the increasing numbers of infected and dead people all over the world and not least in the western countries prove that the advisory, but in fact governing scientific bodies have taken and are taking completely inadequate and ineffective measures, which have been and are being implemented by the cowardly, irresponsible, incompetent politicians and officials who only care about their own positions, in the hope that such inadequate measures can somehow make it possible to get the pandemic under control. On the other hand, the aim is to make the electorate believe that those in power are acting in the interest and for the benefit of the citizens in order to protect them from disease and death.

It can also be assumed that quite a few of such incompetent officials consciously or unconsciously hoped and hope for divine help, whereby the pandemic is to be stopped and mankind is to be saved. But this will never happen, because God is only a figment of the imagination and a delusion of the people who believe in him, therefore he will not be able to help, even if the pope, the cardinals, the priests and the faithful ask him again and again.

The truth is that those in power are responsible for the horrendous number of dead and infected and sick people that have existed so far and will exist in even greater numbers in the future, whether they want to admit it or not. For their primary duty is to care for and ensure the health of citizens by taking and consistently implementing as quickly as possible the most effective measures, precautions and legal decrees to contain the pandemic and save human lives. This means that, depending on the epidemiological situation of the respective countries, regular and rigorous lockdowns lasting 2, 3, 4 months or even longer must be imposed and imposed without delay, and these must absolutely not be relaxed as soon as the epidemiological curve starts to go down a bit, as has been done in the past by those responsible for the state and is still being done, because this will lead to the inevitability of another, even more violent pandemic wave, which will hit with full force and power, because due to the constant and so far partly undetected mutation of the virus and the early irresponsible relaxation of the closure measures, the pathogen will increase in virulence and thus be able to spread more rapidly and faster, causing many more people to fall ill and die than before.

The idea, hovering in the confused and unrealistic minds of politicians, that by easing health measures early, commerce, business, entrepreneurs, etc., will somehow be less harmed and will benefit from the new health measures. and thus help them, is pure illusion and testifies to the irresponsibility and lack of foresight of the decision-makers, because precisely such unreasonable action leads to the exact opposite result, namely to economic collapse, which in philosophical jargon is called ‘heterogenesis of ends’, i.e.., an unintended means/purpose reversal.

The early and totally irresponsible relaxations of the lockdowns, brought about by the strong influence of business associations and other interest groups, suggested by the science advisors and deemed appropriate and executed by the state powers that be, have led to, that the virus has increased in strength, aggressiveness and contagiousness through further mutations, which were not recognized or were recognized too late by the researchers, as well as through the too short duration of the closure measures, during which its circulation was temporarily restricted and slowed down. The second wave is worse than the first and has cost many more lives, which could have been saved by wise, timely, continuous, i.e. effective, stringent and thus effectively life-protecting preventive measures.

Wrong decisions have a high price in a pandemic, and that price is the loss of human life that could have been avoided by acting correctly.

We know from Pleiadian sources that the 1st cases of contagion in China were already recorded in the month of July 2019. At the local level, namely in the outbreak city, doctors and journalists have tried to sound the alarm and inform the population. If the Chinese government had taken them seriously and taken immediate health protection measures and notified the world in time about what was happening in their own country, instead of arresting doctors and journalists who had recognized the danger, it would probably have been possible to prevent the epidemic from spreading worldwide, and thereby prevent the pandemic. However, as was later the case with all other countries in the world, the fear of damaging international trade relations and the economic interests of one’s own country by an early official declaration that an unknown and dangerous epidemic was underway was greater than the sense of responsibility towards the protection of public health.

The UN’s World Health Organization has also incurred a heavy debt, losing precious time for geopolitical and economic reasons and failing to proclaim the pandemic in time, and doing so only after great and culpable delay.

The pinnacle of it all is that not only have serious mistakes been and continue to be made by most officials, government leaders and health authorities, but that nothing is learned from past, catastrophic and deadly mistakes, according to the motto “errare humanum est, sed in errare perseverare diabolicum,” i.e., “To err is human, but to persist in error is diabolical.

Emotional speeches about the high number of daily corona deaths by some heads of government, who want to show sympathy, compassion, touch and also pity, are useless, because all that is required is a sense of responsibility, the ability to act and the power to implement. If the rulers and their scientific advisors do not act immediately and worldwide in this way, then in the next few months not only a third wave of pandemics is on the horizon, but one of the greatest catastrophes and tragedies in the history of mankind, namely the death of about half a billion people. And if this should actually happen due to the unreasonableness, irresponsibility and total incompetence of the advising, but in reality ruling scientists and the state officials who listen to their wrong advice, then this will go down in the annals of history as the greatest debacle and worst misdeed of the ruling state powers, so that their names and figures will be cursed for many generations in the future and they will remain in the memory of mankind as mischief-makers and catastrophe-men.

Now it is also the case that after numerous serious mistakes and omissions have been committed and are still being committed by the misguided officials and government officials, all bets are being placed on the mass vaccination campaign, in the assumption that this will slow down the ever accelerating pandemic virus spread and bring it to a halt as early as possible. However, it is an indisputable fact that a lot of time is needed, namely many years up to a whole decade or even longer, to produce effective vaccines that are safe with respect to possible medium- and long-term side effects and harmful late effects. Only in the course of such a longer period of time is it possible to determine and make sure whether the vaccine causes undesirable late effects and diseases in some people. To be able to determine this within a year or even less is an impossibility, because in such a short period of time only short-term side effects can be observed and monitored. Therefore, when the government, pharmaceutical industry and licensing authorities, as well as physicians, researchers and other scientists, claim prayerfully that the corona virus vaccines of various types and production to be administered to the population are absolutely safe, it must be assumed that this is not true and correct. And that this is the case will only become clear in the future, when adverse health effects will appear in people vaccinated by these drugs, which were produced too quickly and are questionable in terms of their safety. But whether these long-term side effects will then be recognized by the doctors and the health authorities as consequences of the corona virus vaccination and related to it is questionable.

Since the vast majority of physicians, pharmaceutical industry bosses, health authority representatives and governments now claim with unshakable and arrogant certainty and mantra-like that the above-mentioned risks can be ruled out and that there is no reason for concern, it may well be that if in the future the actual reality – which consists of incontrovertible facts, knowledge and experience, against which the Pleiars warned – will come true, this will refute the current, unwise and thoughtless assertions of the earthly responsible persons and sham experts. These will then probably try to cover up the truth by concealing and withholding from the patients the connection between earlier Corona vaccination and later appeared and associated evils and diseases, in order not to have to admit the committed mistakes and thus to avoid a big embarrassment, as well as also not to be accused judicially, i.e., not to be called to account criminally and with regard to claim for damages. In addition, as most of the responsible persons interviewed admit, there are doubts and question marks regarding the effective protection and efficacy of the Corona virus vaccine, which has to do with the possible duration of immunity of the vaccinated (because no one knows whether it is a matter of a few months or a whole year), as well as whether the vaccine only protects against the (severe) symptoms of the disease or also against infection, and last but not least, whether the vaccinated are infectious or not. If this were the case, it would mean that the vaccinated could be infected with the virus at any time and then be and remain asymptomatic or lightly symptomatic. This would be dangerous, however, because it would give the vaccinated a false sense of security about their supposed immunity when interacting with others, which could lead to less attention to or neglect of protective measures, contributing to the spread of infection.

These vaccines have not been tested in children, so they should not be vaccinated until studies have been conducted in this regard. This is also problematic because, contrary to what most scientists explain, children are large and silent spreaders of the infection. In addition, the vaccine may be ineffective or have limited effectiveness due to the constant and sometimes undetected mutations of the Corona virus, just as is the case with influenza vaccines, which are based on the virus variant of the flu that was rampant the previous year and have limited protective capacity in the current rampant flu wave, resulting in millions of people (including those who have been vaccinated) being infected with the influenza virus each year despite mass vaccinations.

Since governments, scientists and health authorities plan and intend to vaccinate the vast majority of their country’s citizens in the hope of thereby achieving so-called herd immunity, and since vaccinations are of course administered primarily to healthy, namely uninfected people, this implies as a logical conclusion that the vast majority of Earth’s people who have not been infected should sooner or later be administered vaccine preparations against the Corona virus. Especially for certain blood group carriers this can cause nasty long-term side effects, without the vaccinated people being informed by the responsible health authorities what they are getting into, i.e., what serious long-term health risks they are taking. This raises the urgent question: How can and should one judge such a procedure, considering that some governments in Europe and elsewhere are considering compulsory vaccination, at least for some groups of citizens and professions, and that if this plan were to become law, it would deprive citizens of their basic right to self-determination (free choice) regarding medical treatment and their own health care?

Should this ill-considered and irresponsible mass vaccination plan come into effect worldwide, then in the not-too-distant future we will have to deal with a humanity of which about one tenth will suffer from the long-term consequences of the virus presence which will continue to act in an impulsive form and which will result from the new pathological nature of the first virus infection. The remaining majority of mankind (or at least a large part of it), which was able to maintain and preserve its state of health with respect to the virus contagion, will then probably suffer from the ill-considered late consequences of the vaccinations. This presents the unpleasant picture of a predominantly suffering, sick or diseased humanity.

Finally, I appeal to those government officials at the international, national as well as regional level who, on the basis of the analyses specially prepared by the Plejaren, have recognized the seriousness and the dangerousness of the situation with regard to the ever faster and more rampant epidemic and the completely unique, man-made and insidious virus associated with it, and have accordingly taken rigorous measures – such as the Austrian Chancellor and the Bavarian Prime Minister -, to awaken their counterparts across Europe to the urgent and life-saving need to order and enforce, in their own states, countries or regions, as soon as possible, stringent and truly effective health protection measures to contain and prevent the great, emerging and highly lethal pandemic catastrophe, consistent with the recommendations in the FIGU bulletins and contact report extracts, as well as on the FIGU Corona Platform (which is run by the association FIGU in the course of the past year on its Internet site (

Andrea Bertuccioli, 2.1.2021

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Blog Member
May 31, 2021 6:32 pm

Free choice is everyone’s birthright. The forcing of ones will over another is a blatant disregard of ones inherent freedom. Abuse of power, under the guise of protecting the masses, is still abuse of power. Peel it all away and the facts speak for themselves. I stand strong against the brain washed masses for I believe not the forked tongues of those whose intentions live within the distorted realms of their own selfish motives.