Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts (www.theyfly.com), which he has researched since 1979 (and proved to be absolutely authentic). He is the writer and producer of the new, award-winning feature length documentary, “The Silent Revolution of Truth”, as well as the writer, producer and narrator of the DVD “The Meier Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival”.

Michael’s very eclectic background includes: award-winning film director, film producer, prize-winning painter, designer/creator of the still popular fashion fad “fingernail art” (featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine), award-winning songwriter, one of the first creators of digital online book publishing (ebooks), music and video producer, science researcher, national and international lecturer, frequent media guest, published writer, credentialed teacher, humorist, pioneer in commercial water purification applications (Starbucks), set designer, health care professional, creator of the Future Self interactive therapeutic video technique, volunteer work with children and seniors.

Michael is the creator of the Standing In Spirit stress relief program (which Michael was invited to teach to corporate and government leaders in Europe,such as BASF, Eurochemie, Rabobank, KLM, Cyco Software, ING Bank, Meta Visie, by a consultant to Princess Diana), creator/teacher of the Sit & Get Fit regenerative movement videotapes and program for seniors, as well as for personnel at U.S. corporations like Xerox and Candle.

Michael has been featured in two issues of the international martial arts magazine INSIDE KUNG FU demonstrating advanced strength and flexibility Chi Gong exercises and has articles published in Nexus, Mystic Pop and UFO magazines. Additionally, he teaches movement classes and has also created and taught a self-defense course for women for the City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women. “More Than Just Survival”, Michael Horn’s song CD of all original songs, has been released featuring the single “Forgive Yourself”.

“Breaking the Silence” is the new, award-winning, documentary about five courageous young women that Michael and his daughter produced.Michael also wrote the song for the film, “I’ll Be My Own Hero”.

And be sure to listen to The Michael Horn Show full of comedy, controversy and conscious commentaries.

Recent Presentations by Michael Horn:

ASPE Conference, New Mexico
Metropole Hilton, London
Meta Center, New York City
University of Alberta, Canada
University of Calgary, Canada
University of, Victoria, B.C.
NEXUS Conference, Amsterdam
Bay Area UFO Conference, Santa Clara
Dolphins and ET Civilizations, Hawaii
Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles
Conscious Living Expo, Los Angeles
National UFO Conference, Hollywood
IUFOC, Laughlin
Night Search World Forum, Memphis
AUFORN, Australia
NEXUS Conference, Australia
Art Institute of Los Angeles
New Life Expo, San Francisco
Ontario Science Center, Canada

Recent Media Appearances:

ABC News Talk Channel
CNN International
COAST TO COAST AM International
FOX Radio Alan Colmes Show National
CRN National
G4TECHTV National
KEVIN SMITH SHOW International
TALK SPORT International
WKQX National

KLBJ Austin
WCBM Baltimore
WYDE Birmingham
KKUP California
KTOX California
WGN Chicago
KNON Dallas
KOA 850 Denver
DRQ Detroit
WPON Detroit
WLRQ Florida
WDRC Hartford
WCRA Illinois
WYBR Indiana
KCMO Kansas City
KFI Los Angeles
KLOS Los Angeles
KRLA Los Angeles
KROQ Los Angeles
WSAR Massachusetts
KQRS Minneapolis
WOTW New Hampshire
FLY New York
WBAI New York
WLW Ohio
WKY Oklahoma
WFTW Pensacola
KYW Philadelphia
WURD Philadelphia
WMKX Philadelphia
KMOX St. Louis
KKUP San Francisco
KPRI San Diego
KIRO Seattle
KTKT Tucson
WFAD Vermont
KGAB Wyoming
WDLB Wisconsin

International Internet:

Allan Holender’s ZenBiz Radio
Betsey Lewis Show
Cattell’s Stardate
Conscious Media Network
Dr. Gianni Hayes Show
Frank Whelan Show
Higher Love
Home Tree Radio
I Sci-Fi
It’s Rainmaking Time
Jeff Rense Program
Karma Air Radio
Kevin Smith Show
Lou Gentile
Joe McNeil Show
Magick Mind
Meria Heller Show
Mysteries of the Mind
Nexus Radio
Night Fright
Nocturnal Frequency
Now That’s Weird
Ohio UFO Radio
Orbit Radio
Out There TV
Pair A normal Guys
Para-Nexus Radio
RBN Live
Red-Ice Radio
Redneck Radioman
Sarah Simmons Show
Spirit of Film
Stardust Radio Network
Stirring the Cauldron
The Black Vault
The Headroom
The Mancow Show
The Parent’s Hour
The Rob Simone Show
The Thom Hartman Show
The Tommy Mischke Show
The Paracast
The Parafactor
Through the Keyhole
Unraveling the Secret
World Of The Unexplained
X-Squared Radio
X Zone Radio

Here is just a sample of what the media is saying about Michael Horn:

Even nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Michael Medved had to admit “… Look, I’m intrigued by this because, again, some seemingly very bright people seem to believe this. Michael, I appreciate your spirit of openness and sharing all of this with us and your willingness to bring us all up to date on the Billy Meier controversy involving flying saucers and extraterrestrials.”
– Michael Medved – National talk radio host

“Thanks very much! Our audience loves this topic.”
– Alan Colmes Show – Fox News

“… And that is without a doubt the best show that I think I’ve ever done on the Meier case. Actually, I didn’t do it, I just hosted it. Michael Horn did it so he goes down as the best spokesman for Meier that I’ve ever had on.”
– Art Bell – Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for four hours)
500+ Radio Stations 5 million + Listeners – the largest late night talk show in the world

“Michael Horn has appeared on Kevin Smith Show several times, and he is always a fascinating guest with a powerful command of his information. He does not demand that others believe his information, but very politely presses them to know his information and investigate it. One thing he does that makes his appearances stand out is that he provides a lot of corroborating evidence from other sources. It is always a pleasure to have Michael Horn on the Kevin Smith Show.”
– Kevin Smith, Host – Kevin Smith Show

“You’re a fantastic guest!”
– Ian Punnett – Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for three hours)

And, typical of the effect that Michael is making nationwide, mainstream talk radio host Karen Grant summed it up perfectly “Michael is a phenomenal guest. Whether you are a skeptic or not, he brings information that is fascinating and keeps the audience glued to their radios. The responses I receive after he has been on my show have been overwhelming. The one guest you want to have when it comes to the Meier case and contacts in general.”
– Karen Grant – National talk radio host

“Michael Horn, always a fascinating guest when he appears on Coast to Coast.”
– George Noory – Talk radio host

“Thanks again for doing my show a few weeks ago. I rarely get email from listeners but I did get a few that really enjoyed hearing you and wanted your website info.”
– Arielle Ford – Talk radio host, leading publicist

Regarding Michael’s presentation of the scientific proof for the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the prophetic material (documented and published by Billy Meier in 1975, 1987 and 1995) that specifically gave advance warning of the destruction of the WTC, the upcoming attacks by the USA and the president, and other events unfolding right now…legendary, conservative talk show host Barry Farber said:

“… I didn’t dream I could ever enjoy a discussion of this nature, but Michael, you amaze me. It’s supremely enjoyable…If you can prove one of them…then you’re gonna change the world. I’m sitting here as a fascinated listener and talk host having a good hour. But if you can prove that anything [like that] came down…then I’m telling you pal, you’re wasting time on the Barry Farber Show. You can change the world… It was a delight! You handle skepticism well and kept things going briskly. I’ve already put your material in the “volcano” file” meaning hot guests who are welcome repeatedly on the show.”
– Barry Farber – Talk radio host

“You were great! You are very articulate and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and I hope you did, too. Would you like to come back on in the future? I appreciate you coming on and you were such a gentleman and very charitable about the questions. Thank you so much.”
– Gianni De Vincent Hayes – Christian talk radio host

233 comments on “ABOUT MICHAEL

  • Hey Micheal,
    In a recent interview you did, you said that German chancellor Angela Merkel hates Germans or wants to destroy Germany (at else something of that magnitude), could you elaborate what you mean by that?

  • James, I have a friend who is a UFO believer, but does not believe in crop circles. I sent him your superb rationale for why Chilbolton was not hoaxed; he replied point by point to your analysis attempting to refute it. I’d like to get your reaction. Hopefully you can email me.

    I’m writing a book on this subject and want to include your rationale, but I’d like to also include his attempted refutation.

    Please contact me at jerrykroth@yahoo.com

    Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor Emeritus
    Santa Clara University

  • Hi Mike,

    Hope you are well. I came across this on Piratebay by a guy calling himself ex-FIGU….

    Billy Meier’s 3rd edition contact notes: Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1, 2002, Contact Reports 1-38

    Who are we?

    We are a group of ex-FIGU members who once naively believed Billy Meier/FIGU/Michael Horn’s tall tales and got deceived by their lies and fraud. Finally we have opened our eyes and left Meier’s cult group (FIGU) once and for all. We owe great appreciation to the people behind these following websites:


    Since we strongly believe that this case is a hoax, we decided to share all of the Meier material (books, booklets, DVDs, etc) absolutely for free here, so that you can investigate and conclude it for yourselves.

    Frauds doesn’t deserve to make money off innocents. They need to be exposed!

    Know anything about this.



    • Hi Stefan,

      I’ve heard about it but of course the person(s) claiming this are…anonymous. Also, in my own experience,the irony is that very few people who are searching for the truth try to obtain materials essentially illegally, etc.

  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for all your work. A few months ago I start a quest to find the truth. It was hard. It takes all I have. The first turning point was The Law of One (http://llresearch.org/). Later I found BEAM. The Law of One helps me understand Billy’s teaching. If you doesn’t know it, you could take a look.

    Stay well,

    • Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks for joining us here discussing BEAM’s work.

      I’d be very careful with information about the Law of One and similar things that have their basis in channelled and mixtures of New Age, Egyptian, mystical material. The spiritual teaching is a different matter and doesn’t have any such corruptions, falsifications, etc.

  • Hey Michael,
    I was wondering, has Billy ever discussed something called Orgone Energy, or is this “Orgone energy” a mere construct of human imagination?

    • He hasn’t discussed it to the best of my knowledge. It’s an interesting topic, based on Reich’s work. There seem to be some interesting, even possibly verifiable, aspects to it but exactly how much of it is accurate I certainly don’t know.

      Perhaps some of it is connected to so-called Chi, prana, to some aspect of life force energy, etc.

      • but, I always thought that the spirit form or consciousness was some sort of(or maybe is a) life force? Naturally, I thought that these so called chi, prana, and orgone energies arose from the spirit form or the consciousness, perhaps I am confused?

        • These energies don’t originate with the spirit form or consciousness, which are separate energies entirely. Such energies would originate with the Creation, nature, etc.

  • hey Michael,
    I was wondering, how long would it take for the shipping of the new Talmud of Jmmanuel, to be delivered to S.F California? And is there any way to buy it (TJ) in cash in some near by store?

    • Hi Andrew,

      We’re expecting a new shipment in this week and I send them out priority, so delivery is usually within 2 – 3 days of shipping.

      It won’t be in any stores.

  • Hey Michael,
    I have a question 2 quick questions, one regarding cases of alleged contactees, such as Howard Menger and Adrian(claims to be in contact with “Pleiadians”) what has Billy said about these people?and my other question pertains to the Ark of the covenant, was it real and if so, what is it?

    • Hi Andrew,

      As I recall, Menger was describe as a phony. I know that Adrian was also a liar and that somewhere in the Meier material they also pointed it out.

      The Ark was real and, as I also recall, ended up somewhere in Ethiopia. I don’t know any more about it.

  • Was wondering if you have contacted Wayne Herschel or visited his website thehiddenrecords.com. He is one of few that makes a strong case for the pleiades star cluster and human origins.

  • MH, would you know/have the url for that webpage where all questions to Meier are answered and shown on a single page? I had it bookmarked a while ago but changed OS and lost it. I think someone on this blog posted the link last year.

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