Exposing the questionable business practices of Marie Adler & Associates


In this exposé , you’ll learn about the questionable business practices of L.A. indie film distributor Marie Adler and Adler & Associates Entertainment. The facts, questions and claims are based on my own experiences and that of other independent filmmakers.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, artist, musician, or someone entering into a business contract, hopefully this exposé will alert you in time to some of the pitfalls and perils that may lurk along the way. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 15

What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over

First, I’d like you to listen to a new interview with a very interesting person who calls himself The Ghost Scientist. He also has many other interesting interviews, like this one.

Tonight’s interactive show will of course feature questions from the chat room and…

  • What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over*
  • Battle for the Arctic as Billy Meier specifically foretold years ago
  • New, lethal radiation leaks detected at Fukushima
  • The coming global financial collapse
  • Military and police forces to be deployed against American citizens
  • Reminder: Get RayGuard protection from EMF & 5G using discount code MH1212!

Thanks to Greg O’Brien for the new information on Fukushima.

Michael Horn Live, EP 15

Tuesday, February 13, 7:00PM Pacific Time

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Michael Horn Live, EP 9

When just having a headache really isn’t enough

As usual, in addition to our INTERACTIVE format, tonight’s show will cover these topics:

  • UFO News: Yes, there really is some to talk about
  • “The Adventures of Billy Meier” more than a comic book
  • The Salome Peace Meditation…and the Red Meteor
  • ISIS defeated in Iraq, NYC terrorism, sleepers worldwide
  • Trump endorsing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol
  • 2018 and the time of the great upheavals
  • The Michael Horn Wildlife Fund, meaningful charity
  • Future Self for Kids, how they can create their own futures
  •  [...]  READ MORE

    Michael Horn Live, EP 8

    My Embarrassing Career, Part 2


    The thrilling conclusion to my misguided participation in the p— — n industry!

    UFOs: Derek and the Domino Effect, Randle’s Retreat, Ben Davidson’s Apology, Skeptical Challenge from Lance Moody, self-professed expert on Billy Meier UFO case

    The New TWWT Movement (showing the actual chart!)

    The Environmental Decimation in Europe

    Alex Jones: Don’t keep poking the snakes!

    AI and…Religion

    The Real Elite/De-Population Genocide Conspiracy

    Raffle Winner! [...]  READ MORE

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    Richard Hoagland Interviews Michael Horn, Really

    Will explore the evidence and prophecies in the Billy Meier UFO contacts

    The previously scheduled interview hosted by noted, cutting-edge science researcher, Richard Hoagland, will be:

    Be there, or be hyper-dimensional!

    THIS Saturday, November, 25th, 2017

    Saturday, Nov. 25th, 9 PM – 12 AM PST

    Sunday, Nov. 26th, 12 AM – 3 AM EST


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    Michael Horn Live, EP 6

    Politics, Pretense and the Plague

    Tonight’s show topics include:

    On bearing false witness in UFOlogy

    Sex robots in a world of women boxers

    The truth about me and groping

    Future Self for those without a future

    Tonight’s Quiz

    What do all of these items below have in common?

    “Cashed Up” Mother Teresa Kept Vatican Bank Afloat

    Plague Fears Grow in Malwi

    Ban on Killer Robots Urgently Need Say Scientists

    260,000-year-old Chinese skull suggests we descend from ASIAN as well as African ancestors

    Catastrophic warning about the fate of humanity by 15,000 Scientists [...]  READ MORE