ET Women Photographed in 1975

Evidence vindicates Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier

I’m revisiting this recent blog showing the ineptitude and dishonesty of skeptic Derek Bartholomaus, in order to draw attention to one of the most important pieces of information in it, for those who believed that Billy Meier had hoaxed the photos of the two extraterrestrial women, Asket and Nera.

This information shows the impossibility of Meier having had access to the photos of the two American look-alikes, singers Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund, since The Dean Martin Show, on which they were performers, ended in April 1974…more than a year-and-a-half before Meier took his photos, in December…1975.

To be clear, while the photos that were manipulated by parties unknown were widely circulated unknowingly as authentic, and only relatively recently determined to be faked, they incorporated Meier’s original, authentic photos of Asket and Nera:

The skeptics claim that the Asket and Nera photos were hoaxed…by Meier. Yet they’ve offered absolutely zero proof. In fact, they’ve never been able to provide evidence that US TV, and The Dean Martin Show in particular, was available in Switzerland, and/or the area where Meier lived, at that time.
The skeptics have never provided credible, factually substantiated answers to these questions:
Where is the evidence that Meier had a color TV at the time and that he would have known about and watched the show?
Where are the German subtitles for a show broadcast in German-speaking Switzerland?
Where are the lines from the cathode ray tube (CRT)?
Where is the reflection of a flash?
How does a camera with a stuck setting for infinity take a clear close up photo?
Why did Michelle DellaFave request, and then go to see Billy Meier, in early 2017, saying that she knew he was an honest man?
The real debate ender, however, is that it’s impossible that Meier hoaxed the photos because, as the documentation in Contact 31 shows, he had photographed them on December 3, 1975 . At the same time, he was informed of the look-alikes in America. When Meier inquired further, he was told by Ptaah that there were reasons why he wouldn’t provide more details.
However, The Dean Martin Show  ended in early…1974.  The videotapes of the show couldn’t have aired in Europe – for which there is no evidence they ever were – before 1979…which was five years after the Asket and Nera photos were taken.

The fact that the Asket and Nera photos were tampered with – by someone other than Meier – is further evidenced by the photos below. In the photo on the left, we see singer Susan Lund, in the middle, with a collarless top. However, in the manipulated photo on the right, she is, magically, wearing a shirt with a large collar. Since Meier couldn’t have had access to any material from a US TV show, which ended a year and one-half before he took his photos of Asket and Nera, the photo manipulations had to have been done by parties that had access to both the footage of the TV show and Meier’s actual photos of Asket and Nera. (NOTE: Mario Renteria has pegged the collar as belonging to Dean Martin, showing a double-exposure that Meier also couldn’t have made.)








Michael Horn Interviewed by Kevin Randle

Kevin Randle and I enjoyed a brisk and colorful exchange in this interview about the Billy Meier UFO contact case. While he may have been frustrated with my stubborn insistence that he deal – ­credibly – with Meier’s irrefutably authentic, foundational evidence from 1964, the best that it appeared he could do was to claim that Meier, somehow, obtained a…photo enlarger, in rural India, 1964.

Of course, the next, unanswered question was, “Where and how did Meier get photos of UFOs in 1964 India in the first place?” Regarding looking at those photos for himself, Randle admitted he’d never gone to look at them, despite that they’re still being available in Meier’s photo book in Switzerland. Countless visitors, most of whom don’t consider themselves “UFO researchers” have taken the time and trouble to do so. And Randle clearly didn’t want to hear the opinion of a real top-level military investigative expert, who was quite willing to correct his flawed, inaccurate perceptions.

The inescapably painful thing about the so-called UFO community and its “experts”, and the so-called “professional skeptics”,  is that not a one of them ever troubled themselves to go and investigate this still ongoing UFO contact case, now spanning more than…75 years. It’s far easier to “research” a lot of third-hand information, about so-called “UFO cases” (“Roswell”, etc.), all of which are completely absent testable evidence (not even one photograph) and write about it, knowing that it will always be inconclusive, rest on anecdotal hearsay and be completely…dead end.

The saddest part, most pathetic part about all this is how it shows that so many people in this field simply don’t want to find what they claim to be looking for…as I’ve pointed out before.

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Carlos Ribeiro

The UFO magazine folks are not able to think what they see and find what they are looking for. But here, where the “exclusive truth” is told, many want to see what does not exist and do not see the obvious: there is no sign of Asket and Nera in the photos, and whatever the method of forgery or overlap, there is no difference between what appears there and Michele and Susan Lund. There are psychic, “parapsychological” methods of doing this, but where they are always denying the knowledge of others, perhaps this too is ignored. Meier Enthusiasts are sick of reason as the deniers on the other side. This is a chronic and shameful problem. Wake up people!

Stefan Zutt

Hi Carlos. So, let us spend a little moment for applying the reason you are asking for. If you were a fraudster in the year 1975 and want to impress your audience by providing a photo of women, claimed to be extraterrestrial, whom would you pick to photograph, to minimize the risk of your fraud sooner or later getting exposed? I would certainly not create/copy a photo of 2 women that had already been seen by dozens of millions person, would you?

Rolly Bucago

Why do we always complain about everything? We should be thankful for every little things that are given to us whether we believe it or not. If this is food, just accept it but no need to eat it.


Billy Meier is the most controversial UFO contactee that we know of. The Billy Meier case is real despite some of his evidence being tampered with by the people that he gave his photos to. The photos of Michelle DellaFava that were purported to be of SemJase were deliberately inserted into Billy Meier’s photo collection to discredit the Billy Meier case. Remember that at least 21 assassination attempts have been made on the life of Billy Meier and some of those assassination attempts that were made against Billy Meier were allegedly conducted by hostile Extra terrestrials that wanted Billy Meier to shut up. The most dangerous extra terrestrials are Humanoid because if Extra terrestrial looks exactly like me and you then we cannot know if he or she is from another world. Billy Meier said that the Plejaren look exactly like us they only have 2 differences and those 2 differences are longer life span and better technology.

The wife of Billy Meier claimed that Billy Meier is a fraud but she just was being emotional like most women and the wife of Billy Meier was also under pressure to say that Billy Meier is a hoax due to the 21 assassination attempts against the life of Billy Meier. The Billy Meier case has been proven to be REAL beyond any doubt. Billy Meier is telling the truth. Remember that Adobe Photoshop and other image manipulation software did NOT exist back in the 1970s also Billy Meier has had only 1 hand for decades and only had 1 hand during the making of his photographs.

The photos of Michelle DellaFave that are purported to be of the ET Plajaren woman Asket were inserted into Billy Meier’s photo collection by malicious government agencies and shows us that Billy Meier’s evidence was tampered with to discredit him. The Extra terrestrials that we are speaking about are human beings and look exactly like us and the only difference between us and the ETS are 1. Life span. The life span of the ETS are longer than our life spans. The Pleyaren ETS are capable of living up to 1.500 years. 2. The ETS blatantly have superior technology to us because the Plejaren ETS have achieved space travel. : A real photo of an Alien? (Asket):

A retired United Nations diplomat called Phobol Cheng has also confirmed that the Billy Meier case is real. Phobol Cheng also claimed to have met Asket 1 of Billy Meier’s female Extraterrestrial contactees.
: I met an ET woman – Asket:

Matt Knight

The earliest COPYRIGHT I could find anywhere stating that Meier’s great journey photos were “substituted” and that he had “no originals left”, in other words, they were “fake”, is October 1982* and came from Meier himself – 15 years before Kal Korff started claiming to have “discovered” this.

Therefore, ALL the photos (from the 5 rolls Meier used during his great journey from the 17th July, 1975), i.e., the dinosaur photos, Asket-Nera photos, docking of Apollo-Soyuz, Pyramids on Mars, the Caveman photos, etc., i.e., the largest proportion of the whole sceptical argument, were identified as fakes by Meier/FIGU before anyone else. Why would Billy debunk his own photos before he needed to? If it was because of fears of being “found out”, why publish them at all?

It is well documented that Billy had an accident in the early 1980s that badly affected his memory and so he had to be reminded of all this again in 1998 by Ptaah and hence why the 1982 copyright* may have been missed previously.

*Source of 1982 Copyright: “UFO Contact from the Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report (Reprint Edition)” [ISBN 0-9608558-2-3].

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the above book:
“The whole roll of pictures snapped of the approach to the mother-ship along with the first pictures inside the large craft never came back from the developer and were “lost”. Two more of the 5 rolls of film snapped on this trip were stolen, original and copies both, in a break-in into his house shortly after they came back from the developer. Others were lost in subsequent thefts and substitutions. He has no originals left from this trip at this time. This constant loss of material became very discouraging and his urge to obtain more diminished in time.”

As for the other “debunkers” who have come into prominence on the back of parroting Korff’s false claims from 1998, they didn’t start publishing until 19th May, 2011 ( and 31st, December 2018 (billymeieruforesearch) and so they’re all latecomers as Meier got there first, again.