It’s 1964 All Over Again

Clueless skeptics defeated by 50-year-old UFO evidence

My friend Joe tracked me down in during my recent travels. That’s Joe, the former top US Air Force OSI Case Supervisor, from 1965 – 1971. During this time, Joe personally supervised hundreds of investigations, vetting extremely high level people seeking even higher office, who could attain positions dealing with critical situations regarding issues of national security, etc. Joe led investigations into every aspect of their lives, going back to their childhoods, in many cases.

It’s 1964 All Over Again

Joe used the same, rigorous standards of military investigation, examination and analysis of the 1964 evidence, and about the primary eyewitness, retired UN diplomat, Phobol Cheng, to determine the ironclad nature and singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case,

Joe’d just had a rather heated conversation with our friend Mahesh, the “I-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking-about” skeptic from India, who’s attacked the Meier case for the past few years. He’d had previous conversations with him but today it didn’t go terribly well… at least for Mahesh.

The amateurish, inept skeptic was unable to  refute the historical record of Billy Meier’s 1964 UFO photographic evidence, as established by one of the most well-respected reporters of a highly reputable Indian newspaper.


When Joe asked Mahesh to credibly explain just how Meier, a 27-year-old hitchhiking traveler in India at the time, had 80 UFO photographs in his possession, Mahesh told him “mumbo-jumbo” about Meier having some kind of a “special camera”. I can tell you, from first-hand experience, that the only thing special about 1940s Kodak bellow type cameras was that they worked well enough to take very basic, black and white photos.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

As Joe tried to explain, the importance of determining means, motive and opportunity is a fundamental element of consideration for doing a credible investigation of anyone under suspicion of a crime, hoax, dishonest behavior, etc.

This of course has gone far above the heads of Mahesh and every other skeptic, amateur or professional, who’s come forward to try to put a notch in their proverbial gun. A complete lack of comprehension of the facts, and a strict avoidance of dealing with them, only compounds their utterly futile attempts to take down the unimpeachable Billy Meier case.

Stone Silence

It’s also no coincidence that skeptics who’ve attacked the Meier case have all gone absolutely stone silent in the face of Joe’s refocusing on the 1964 evidence, clinging only to their already discredited, irrelevant and unsubstantiated theories.

Even Joe agrees that no “authority” is necessary in order for any reasonable person to come to the same irrefutable conclusions that he did, simply based on a logical and objective analysis of the 1964 evidence.

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    1. Core There is an article on tittled “Pruning-Hooks Made Out of Swords” The Case for a US Department of Peace by Ben Dangl Insidently I can`t afford to get GOTT because it`s too expensive and I don`t eve use credit cards.:-(((

  2. The Coast to Coast AM YouTube link that I had posted is for some reason no longer available. Here is another YouTube link to the very same Nick Pope interview:

  3. Why do we waste our time with people like Mehesh, you said in one word Mike…CLUELESS!!!!
    I can identify with how Joe felt dealing with this guy, I deal with it on a daily basis.

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