And Even More Horn!

When too much is really not enough

You’ve already been warned that Michael Horn will be interviewed by Richard Hoagland, on Sunday, November 19, so if you planned to have a headache, or run out into heavy traffic to avoid it, too bad, there’s a Special Interview, with Michael Decon, at 8:00 PST, you won’t be able to miss.




Michael Decon interviews Michael Horn – prepare to be nervigated!

8:00 PST


Special Offer!

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The revolution begins within.

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Terry Carch

More Michael Horn? Really? “WOW” Go for it MH Look like your really getting somewhere finially. I need to know when and where I can watch and listen to both shows on yoiutube since I live in New York Eastern Standard Time. Salome in Peac Terry Tanks.

John Webster

Have a great interview with RCH, MH … I was going to suggest asking him his own question, “Can you handle the truth?” … but I already did in an email appeal to interview you. We can only hope his sense of humour is balanced with his scientific approach! ((-;)

Richard Matthesen

I tried the Hoagland link, but he announced cancellation due to Skype error. The other show also has technical problems, no can listen.

Why does this come as no huge surprise?

As for Hoagland, I haven’t heard from him much since his Face On Mars days, going back 20 years. He does seem to be well versed on planetary space science. Very impressive speaker. Cannot remember if he ever voiced an opinion on the Billy Meier case.

Dolly Worby

Awesome! You’re really blowing the horn, sounds good. Gotta catch up watching and listening to these shows.

alaska dubokin

hello ,

why this symbol w/ the Eye ? doubtful…

Jedaiah Ramnarine

Mainstream appeal 😉

John Webster

Hi JR .. I’m cruising around your psiraise again .. and if you don’t mind revealing, who created the phoenix symbol, and how would you explain it being red? Thanks

Jedaiah Ramnarine

That would be me.

The Phoenix-PSI Logo is meant to symbolize Death and Rebirth, a lesson that has occurred in my life quite often. Red is to symbolize the intensity, power and fire of the new life being born.

John Webster

Very well … there are, of course, other perceptions of what red symbolizes, including historical perceptions. Not to counter you in any way, shape or form … I happen to resonate with greens and blue[s], but not necessarily as they are typically defined. Thanks JR

Andrew Grimshaw

Why the w/, you managed to use i,t and h in the lead up to your bs?

Luis Sanchez

A horn …shoulder to shoulder with the maestro at equilibrium in the orchestra indeed.

John Webster

TheOtherSideOfMidnight interview with MH is postphoned until Monday 20/11/2017 due to some sort of Skype difficulty.

Sheila Clark

Skype link not found and interview has been put off?
Google = Evil Corp.

Terry Carch

Hi MH Sorry to hear your having problems with Sype, What abou the other interview? Let me if and when all the new interviews will be on Youtube so I can see and listen to you on Youtube. Thanks. Peace in Wisdom Terry

Raj Kum

Is this Mu ….

Strange patterns in Gobi Desert …..