Now Will They Listen?

The Don gets wagged by his ego, the world prepares to suffer 

In case you hadn’t read my recent blog about the possibility that another hugely stupid thing might be embarked upon by the president, now you know.

More than stupid, it’s another cowardly, vile, desperate act of killing that will only lead to more of the same. Sadly and inevitably, the real consequences may be unimaginable in scope.

The fact that the murdered General Qassem Sulemani fought against the IS may also only fuel rumors that, essentially, the IS was/is somehow a US-created asset; the thought staggers the rational mind. [...]  READ MORE

The Past Predicts the Future

It’s almost as if you can already see the way the movie plays out

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect back, even farther, to see how close we came to foretelling how the future would unfold.

This glimpse is from a little more than eight years ago:

Take America Back! or…Can You Feel the Love?

While my guess was a bit off, it’s not too far from Trump’s “Make America Great Again” and “America First”. Perhaps that’s because, when we contemplate the immutable law of cause and effect, “It’s almost as if you can already see the way the movie plays out.” [...]  READ MORE

The Wrong, Wrong Man

A massive case of buyer’s remorse awaits

This is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan commentary on the flim-flam farce that’s been perpetrated on Trump supporters and the American people as a whole. So, whether you’re a supporter or not, there are some very bright red flags waving briskly in the breeze.

To all my friends who were enthusiastic that Trump was going to:

  • Drain the swamp
  • Clean out the Deep State
  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Make America Great Again
  • Fix the economy
  • Prosecute Hillary
  • Restore good relations with Russia
  • Stop incessant American wars of aggression
  • Bring American troops home
  • Turn thousands of “sealed indictments” into actual trials, convictions and jail sentences

There are other major failures on the part of Trump, with health care, the environment, foreign relations, etc. So, while those who supported him were very hopeful that he’d end the corruption, fulfill all the failed promises made by those who preceded him, and the rest of the usual lunacy that is politics, especially American politics, they also forgot that he’s a billionaire, who didn’t acquire his wealth through altruism and humanitarianism. Trump is first and foremost out for Trump. [...]  READ MORE

NASA Fatally Wrong about Asteroid Apophis


Another example of NASA’s miscalculations and more reasons to heed the warnings from the Plejaren.

Space agency’s miscalculations greatly underestimate real threat

While the dire reality of the environmental destruction is staggering to consider, there’s another massive threat to the planet and human survival. NASA recently took the opportunity to disagree with Elon Musk’s concern about a threat to the planet from asteroids, and then to specifically dismiss concerns about asteroid Apophis.

Both times NASA greatly – and dangerously incorrectly – minimized the actual threat of Apophis impacting Earth. [...]  READ MORE

Demise and Destruction by Default

How America passed the point of no return and didn’t notice

Beginning in 2013, I started to emphasize Billy Meier’s warnings on my blog about the two coming US civil wars, knowing that human beings are notoriously slow learners, especially since our brains have been polluted by the relentless indulgence in politics and religion, endless entertainment, celebrity worship, sports and narcissism, along with the strenuous avoidance of complete self-responsibility for our own lives.

Consider this a refresher course in…cause and effect, a practical review of what happens when human beings willfully neglect, ignore and/or suppress the eternally valid truth, and all efforts by those far wiser than us to teach it to us. [...]  READ MORE

A Hot Time on the Old Planet

“A climbing climatic warming becomes apparent that will be carried far into the Third Millennium” Billy Meier, 1951

As we enter the summer season, we take a leisurely moment to fondly recall Billy Meier’s earliest environmental warnings about the unnatural climate change and warming:

1951: 24. And also therewith overpopulation will bear the guilt, because overpopulation will become monstrously negative and will thereby give rise to an unnatural climate change that in only one decade from today will already begin to effect the world very detrimentally. [...]  READ MORE

Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006

Added topics for tonight’s live show

A quick note to let you know that, on tonight’s show (new link!), we’ll also address information from Billy Meier, from 2006, about the US agenda to start a war with Iran, which would be another step towards an eventual world war.

Here are excerpts from this article:

Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006

Should the attack against Iran, planned since the year 2002, actually succeed, then this would therefore be secretly prepared though an SOG team in Iran, as was also the case in Afghanistan and in Iraq. [...]  READ MORE