Let’s Hear It for Michael Shermer

…and the Pope does “Billy Meier Lite”

Giving credit where it’s due is both appropriate and rewarding. There are plenty of opportunities to criticize scientists and skeptics who are too cowardly and self-seeking to confront the truth of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, so it’s very satisfying when one of them comes out with something that one can support and endorse.

Michael Shermer is a formerly religious skeptic who’s been stubbornly on the wrong side of the Meier case discussion, as I’ve previously noted over the past dozen years*. However, he recently came out with a new book, The Moral Arc, an excerpt of which is available here. He exposes the absolute ridiculousness of biblically based beliefs, joining two other prominent critics of religions Salman Rushdie and Bill Maher, whose movie Religulous is both side-splitting and scary in the way it let’s religion and religious people demonstrate the utter insanity of their beliefs. [...]  READ MORE