Who among us hasn’t also tried to hide from that which was real and true?

As I reflected on the dishonest attempt by Mick West to debunk Billy Meier’s UFO film, for a moment I saw an overgrown child, with no self-awareness of how transparent his motives were, fearfully and from atop a ladder, desperately trying to make some bogeyman or imagined monster go away in order to rid himself of the perceived threat to whatever safer version of reality he’d constructed and clung to.

Truly, who among us, at some point in our own lives, hasn’t also tried to hide from, or lashed out desperately against, that which was real and true but that we perceived, for whatever reasons, to be an existential threat to our own being and sense of self? [...]  READ MORE

Let’s Hear It for Shell Oil…and BP Too!

I recently saw the trailer for a movie called Thrive. I want to emphasize that I have only seen the trailer and not the film itself, so I am not commenting on the film’s contents. And yes, I will explain the connection to the title of this article.

While watching the trailer for the film, the host introduces himself and explains that he has “spent nearly a lifetime trying to figure out what happened that could account for the staggering agony and deprivation on this planet.” There are then various clips of people, including those who are suffering in extreme poverty and starvation, quite possibly in India, Africa, etc. The trailer goes on to speak about a “code” for finding free energy, solving the problems with the energy crisis, which they tie in with UFOs, crop circles and finger pointing at “an elite group of people and the corporations they run that have gained control of…virtually every aspect of our lives, etc”. [...]  READ MORE