Christian Cult Leader Caught in Lies & Fraud

Broke commandment against bearing false witness in order to sell books about “aliens”

Gary Bates a leader of an anti-scientific Christian cult, has been caught in defamatory, libelous lies in order to sell a book he wrote about so-called “aliens”.

Bates claimed that he had documentation from a “media crew” showing that Billy Meier – who he also erroneously referred to as a “guru” – “was caught out hoaxing in an undercover sting operation”. Apparently Bates thought that he could milk more money from his gullible cult members by concocting false claims about the man at the center of the only scientifically proven UFO contact case, still ongoing for over 74 years in Switzerland. [...]  READ MORE

Radio Hosts: “God allowed Orlando killings”

Religiously deluded Zionists excuse radical Islamist acts of violence 

On the afternoon of June 16, Michael Medved attempted to answer a question from a caller to his national radio show. The caller had asked why people pray to God and invoke his assistance after a horrific event like the recent mass murders in Florida, since it would seem that the deity must’ve known about – and therefore allowed – the killings. Medved’s mind-numbingly delusional response was that “God actually controls this world” and that, yes indeed, “he allowed the acts of terror.” [...]  READ MORE

An Anti-Matter, Right-Wing, Crying Fruitcake Competition

See what happens when pudgy religious hysterics try to out weep each other!

Rarely have we seen such irrationality from passionate political pundits as the recent Cheeto self-dermabrasion facial by Glenn Beck. But Beck’s ablution didn’t go unnoticed by Alex Jones, who tried to one-up him by using one of Beck’s own signature emotional breakdowns, baby babbling and crying-on-camera while invoking Sky Daddy to protect this great (presumably all-Christian) nation, and Jones and his children. It was an anti-matter moment as Jones broke down, nearly unintelligible himself, as he called Beck demon-possessed. Demons, in case you didn’t know, are the equally imaginary, equally human-created, dirty tricks team of the equally imaginary Satan, the nemesis of the equally imaginary God Guy. [...]  READ MORE

Son Reveals Antonin Scalia Was a Sinner

Stunning revelations raise serious questions about late lawmaker’s honesty, morality, character and decisions

Presiding over his own father’s funeral, Father Paul Scalia showed that God isn’t the only one who can condemn family members before, during or after death, saying, “We are here to pray for God’s inexplicable mercy for a sinner, to this sinner, Antonin Scalia. Let us not show him a false love and allow our admiration to deprive him of our prayers.” The “inexplicable mercy” bit was a nice touch, implying that God bends the rules if sufficient prayers are offered, which of course flies directly in the face of the long established, statistically lousy track record of the Big Bopper answering any prayers. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C to Discuss New Film & Meier Prophecies

“WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS” documents historic first presentation of Billy Meier UFO case at major American university

Michael Horn will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory to discuss his new film, “When Truth Prevails”, which documents how he overcame the resistance to the Billy Meier UFO case from universities with the help of a…skeptical professor of anthropology.

He will also speak about how Meier’s specific prophetic warnings about the Islamic terrorist attacks in France and Europe date back to 1958 and are now being fulfilled. [...]  READ MORE

The Dangerous Arrogance and Ignorance of Pamela Geller

Such fearful false bravado is the antithesis of calm and careful, strategically effective tactics.

I recently posted comments on the Jihad Watch blog where people were extolling the virtues of Pamela Geller’s spit-in-you-face cartoon show, featuring defamatory depictions of Mohammed. That was the event at which two terrorists were killed before they could attack.

It’s a strange thing that so many Americans still perpetuate the adolescent “We’re number one!” behavior at every opportunity, in this case with total disregard for others who think, feel or believe differently than they do. The majority of Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism but are deliberately, publicly insulted by the characterizations, which are perpetuated on that blog. [...]  READ MORE

Another Volcano that Bears Watching…and Immediate Human Action

In 1975, Billy Meier was given information about the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands. He was told that its eruption is a very high probability, with the magnitude of the ensuing damage being something within the capabilities of human beings to control. As Ptaah told Meier, “”Besides, the entire thing can be prevented if the correct measures are taken which consist of a systematic, ‘quiet’ dismantling of the part of the volcano, which is at risk.”

Here is a video from late last year about largely unreported seismic activity and some evacuations from the area.* [...]  READ MORE