Many skeptics have cynically stated that Billy Meier didn’t predict this earthquake. However, it appears that he did…some 35 years ago.

Please see this translation and search for “cherry blossom”.

Then note the line right under it…what city might be referred to there? Read the rest of the entire prophecy as told to Meier by Semajse and…start to pay attention.

Don’t worry though, there are still enough deniers, debunkers and other assorted fools, not only in the scientific community but especially among those who babble endlessly about UFOs, “exopolitics”, “aliens”, “ascension”, etc.

NOTE: There are many of us who have the original English language translation to Contact 115. In my case, I first received it in 1986.

Also search for “cherry blossom” here.




One comment on “Stunning: Meier’s Prediction of the Japanese Earthquake!

  • Hi Michael,

    Didn’t this passage which appears to be poetry come from Petale and not Billy. I know Billy published it, but I think it originated from Petale.


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