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For the better part of the past 24 years I have focused on presenting Billy Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples evidence and information to the public and to confronting the various skeptics, debunkers and defamers.

Try as they did, none of the skeptics could duplicate or effectively debunk any of it.

In the past few years I have focused mainly on the “higher standard of proof”, i.e. the prophetic and predictive information from Meier, who is the prophet for the new time. The source of the most abundant, specific, prophetically accurate information in history, he makes even great seers like Nostradamus seem like vague mumblers in comparison.

But again the know-it-alls and “experts” were dismissive, saying “anyone could have said that” each time something occurred that Meier had already published, often up to decades earlier since (1951!). Of course no one had foretold those specific things, nor any that have occurred since.

Because of the ever-increasing corroboration, I am behind in updating my compilation of Meier’s prophetically accurate information and probably won’t continue because – as the Plejaren themselves had long ago warned – we clearly don’t (won’t) learn from prophecies and predictions.

Really, how many hundreds of direct hits should it take for people to comprehend?

I take no joy in saying it but the majority of human beings who should have been paying attention have proved themselves to be too greedy, arrogant and ignorant to do so. Even many scientists demonstrate willful stupidity, stubbornly refusing to objectively study the information, documentation, answers, etc., provided to them.

The subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been severely trivialized as it’s found its way into the mainstream,  bringing out every opportunist and huckster with their phony, delusional claims of “extraterrestrial contact” and “alien abduction”, etc. They greedily dismiss all of Meier’s authentic, important information in favor of every kind of foolish, entertainment oriented distraction possible.

The other main offenders are, of course, the UFO community and “exopolitics”, etc. Worse than useless, they are complicit to the highest degree in promoting disinformation and lies and there’s obviously a mighty profit to be made by them from doing so.

For an intelligent person there is absolutely nothing to be gained by spending another minute on UFOs, extraterrestrials, the paranormal, conspiratorial and esoteric information, delusional religious or New Age mumbo-jumbo, channeling, etc. It’s a waste of precious time to do so. And for those who are still hypnotized I say, wake the hell up, there is no one coming to save us from what we have done to ourselves.

I had hoped that vast numbers of people would comprehend Meier’s warnings and come together to help avert what were once still avoidable negative events. That has not proved to be the case. It is true however that, even though small in numbers, more and more people are finding the information who will also sow the seeds for the future generations, who will themselves face huge challenges in cleaning up the unimaginable mess that is being left for them.

From here on I will focus mainly on the consciousness related information and spiritual teaching and on practical components for survival in the long foretold times that are now firmly upon us. The painful truth is that we have missed the major opportunities to avoid or soften the worst blows, which themselves are simply the effects of repeated manmade abuses to our environment…and to each other.

So, while it will take centuries before it finds widespread study and application, now is the time for wise people to turn their attention towards the spiritual teaching, which is at the core of the Billy Meier contacts…the key to our future survival.


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  1. While everything you say is true. The bottom line is that people will learn the hard way. Before I knew about Edward I was like those people who believed everything from any UFO website and followed blindly the conspiracy theories and if the Illuminati is real or not. I delved more into the spiritual teachings and moved away from the conspiracies and garbage. I realized we are the one’s keeping ignorance alive. I stopped wasting time with this nonsense and realized the only one person who wasn’t giving me garbage was Meire. I kept learning as much as I could and still do. My life has become better with the truths I’ve learned and even though there are still so many more spiritually empty people I share his teachings and move on if they don’t want to hear. People are starting to read his books all over the world and we are a minority for now but my hope is that people will forget all the nonsense they have been embedded with and open their ears and mind to something real. Leave the conspiracies where they should be, in the darkness and emptiness where it came from and fill your spirit with something useful and nurture your body and your spirit with Truth.

  2. we’ve come on this for a reason, its our time to realise, its not the majoritys… still, we should do our best to understand everybodys point of view and pass on the wisdom we’ve gained where appropriate.

  3. i thought of our friends over on ghosttheory, Michael, when you mentioned paranormal, entertainment etc. its funny how paradoxical life is here, ‘the truth will be so unbelievable noone will believe it’ did jmannuel say something along those lines? Of course a highly spiritual person never wants adulation or to be exhaulted, noone indoctrinated can realise a man like their ‘jesus’ would be sick at their behaviour, its unbelievable, but i guess i’ll put it down to evolutionary states

  4. Michael I think the change in focus is a logical choice at this point. You have worked tirelessly to inform the public. There are very small number of us who appreciate and yearn for truth. Historically there have always been the very few who have recognized and embraced true teachings. Even with the advent of the internet and the worldwide dissemination of readily available information human “reality” has not changed. Humanity is almost entirely consumed with denial, aggrandizement and pleasure at the expense of our Earth and each other. You are one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure to know of. I am thankful each day that I have been fortunate enough to have allowed myself exposure to the Meier material with thanks to you. I welcome the change in focus.

  5. Thank you again Michael, for your efforts and dedication to the mission.I speak to my customers on a daily basis about the laws of cause and effect, and as often as possible about Billy and the scientific facts, and truths about the origins of humanity on this planet. I see and hear exactly what you stated about people consumed by the “GOD” dilusion and the fact that so many people want to rely on some fictitious being or entity that will save them from their mis-deeds and false asumptions. I see now more than ever before, how the influence of false doctrines and beliefs have steered humanity away from the natural laws of creation and the effects that come from it. It is so frustrating to see and hear how many people are swept up into wrong thoughts and actions due to their misunderstanding of life and what it truely means to be human.I have come to the realization that I need to spend more of my time studying the spiritual teachings to help me stay neutral positive, as my exposure to everyday people makes me more frustrated than ever. After finally being exposed to the truth after searching for it for so long, the reality of it seems far to simple I have difficulty understanding why it should’nt be so for others to grasp.

    Keep up the good work, peace,love, and knowledge for all
    Allen Anderson

  6. Hello im new to this site and iam always looking for better ways to look at life in general. I see whats happening all around me and it doesnt make any sense at all. We have hundreds of diseases out there that can be avoided and no one seems to care that the drugs they are taking for most or all of them are really doing harm…I wish these type of topics can be on the television instead of gossip,movies,news,(especially news)and all the other GARBAGE thats on the televison. I dont even began to watch the boob -tube anymore. I read and look at videos that arent even in the stores…i order them through the mail from Hawaii. Thanks for putting your information out there…too bad people dont want to “read” anything worth reading. Keep up the good work.

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