The Ruptured Rapture: Why the Majority of People Shouldn’t Gloat

The “Rapture”, predicted for May 21, 2011, failed to occur, naturally, and so it gives us yet another opportunity to examine the collective insanity that attends such delusions.

There are those, relatively few, human beings who choose for themselves to do the hard work of taking complete self-responsibility for, and exercising conscious discernment in, their lives. But huge numbers of religious people abdicate their self-responsibility to an outside, imaginary, authoritarian source.

And it’s ironic that these individuals don’t understand that they are still the actual authority, not the gods they choose. For who indeed chooses one god, one religion, or one belief system over another? Who is the one that says, “This  is the true god, the true religion, etc.”? After all, there are a whole bunch of “one true” religions and gods out there to choose from. So, who then is the authority? Obviously the one who chooses, who decides, who authorizes one deity, belief, etc., over another.

True believers obviously fail to recognize this irony. In fact, it would probably be highly disturbing to any who should contemplate that it really is they who are “playing God”.

A Faulty Premise

Every major religion rests on the completely irrational, inadmissible premise that “what this book says is true…because this book says it’s true.” Of course such a goofy premise, such evidence is completely inadmissible in kindergarten, let alone a court of law.

And the religions have their followers perform inherently meaningless, equally illogical, rituals, prayers, etc., also created by men who have elevated themselves to roles of divinity and even infallibility.  The faithful mindlessly and proudly perform such without recognizing the underlying threat of punishment and pain, or the state of fear that it produces in their consciousness. It’s no surprise then that many such easily manipulated people will follow some self-appointed “messenger of God” when he tells them to sell everything and get ready to ride up to heaven with their Lord, etc.

The Personal Relationship Crowd

Then there are all those folks who claim to have a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ”. Apart from the fact that there is no credible record that any human being named “Jesus Christ” ever existed, anyone who claims to have a “personal relationship” with someone who supposedly died 2,000 years ago has serious mental problems. At the very least they bear the burden of proof to substantiate their claims.

But taking these claims of a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” at face value, didn’t any of Jesus’ friends bother to discuss this “Rapture” with him, even once? Certainly, among the millions of close friends that JC is said to have, it must have come up in conversation, been answered by him in response to all of the prayers people fearfully direct his way, etc. Yet not even one of the faithful bothered to check it out?

A Second Chance to Get It Right

Now that the highly confused preacher has given a new date for the end of the world, perhaps all those who have this personal relationship with JC will get about discussing it with him…and telling us what he has to say, of course. Don’t be shy, I’m sure JC won’t mind being asked for his take on all this, even a billion times if necessary. And we know that all of the answers will coincide, exactly, naturally.

Gloat Ye Not

To all of the religious people who feel superior to their ignorant, fearful, superstitious, fundamentalist brethren who’ve ignorantly followed a fabricated, and obviously misleading proclamation about the Rapture, you’re not much farther up the food chain than they. After all, you essentially believe in the same utter nonsense. It’s just that you’re more enlightened, or chosen, or whatever, and you’re just as sure that the “real” script will play out according to whatever version of the fairy tale you believe in.

And to those who consider themselves more sophisticated and who embrace politics instead, or as a part, of their true religion, you’re every bit as much in the dark as are the primitive cult worshippers who fearfully awaited their savior’s return to pluck them off this terrible planet. For do you not put your faith in the same predictable, recycled lies and deceit at every turn, in every political campaign and election? Do you not puff yourselves up with false hopes that “this time it will be different, for this is the candidate who will…save us from the mess” that all the other political saviors have created for us and with our willing assistance?

Are you any less gullible and pathetic for falling for the same kind of rapture with even greater regularity and predictability?

A True Prophet

So is it really any wonder at all that so few people recognize a true prophet when he appears? As his long foretold warnings about the disasters that would be caused by human irresponsibility begin to manifest with increasing frequency and intensity, will we finally realize that surrendering our personal responsibility to the plagues of politics and religion has exacted a terrible toll that no so-called saviors can ever…lift us out of?

The Ruptured Rapture indeed.




10 Replies to “The Ruptured Rapture: Why the Majority of People Shouldn’t Gloat”

  1. I had the utmost respect for Billy, and the fly, until you came to the topic of Jesus, and how those that do not know the truth ,that I give to you, because this is true, there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that substantiate rapture! fools inncluding so called pasters, father’s, what ever you wish to call them have been blind by the true word, and for 6000 years or so have given or spoken their interpretations, and have
    taken it all out of context, they have even made movies to decieve the public, all
    you need is a mathematical brain that takes you to the conclusive truth that Christians have been mislead by false interpretations, I.e, Mathew 24-29 which is most comenly used for the basis of a coming rapture, where in fact, mathematicaly, it is in fact it translates to Jesus birth and death.
    For those who would like to satisfy their own curiosity, you can find out more. at white horse. com

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