The first thing to say is that this claim is utterly impossible, since there was no person named “Jesus Christ” who lived about 2,000 years ago. “Jesus Christ” is the fictionalized version of a real human being named Jmmanuel (pronounced the same as Emmanuel of Immanuel).

Having declared this distinction, it can be stated, as a matter of fact, that the actual claim is that Meier is indeed the reincarnation* of Jmmanuel, as well as a certain number of other specific prophets said to be in this lineage. It must also be acknowledged that the information substantiating this claim will not be well received, thought through and/or accepted by many people.

While I have been aware of this information for some time, I have not focused on it, up until recently. I tried being even less subtle in presenting the claim but, surprisingly, no one seemed to pick up on, let alone attack, it. Since Christians have been, and will continue to be, waiting in vain for what I call the “Second Helping” I thought it would be a good idea to point out that what and who they have essentially been waiting for has long been present and working on the same task at hand that his various predecessors also were involved in.

Of course there’s never been any mission to “save” people from their so-called “sins” and absolutely none of the other convolutions of the mind-numbing, enslaving versions of Christianity, or any other religion, have any validity as they intentionally direct people to put the complete responsibility for their own lives onto some imaginary god, savior, saint, etc. None such exist, except as creations of very confused human beings, so the worship, hopes and expectations directed towards them are simply god-delusion and the abdication of the essential personal responsibility for one’s own life that applies to every single human being.

As is to be expected, therefore, this message of self-responsibility is to be found in abundance in the true spiritual teaching, despite having been expunged from virtually every religion, “holy book”, etc.

Perhaps in a quasi-humorous attempt to subtly awaken, if not chide, the more fundamentalist Christians who anticipate that their “savior” (dare I say, “heaven help us”?) will “descend from the  clouds”, Meier was allowed to take photographs from within a UFO of two other craft flying above the Swiss countryside. If the concept of “what goes up must come down” isn’t too scientific for them, the “true believers” might lubricate their thinking by contemplating the implications of the photographs, especially since Meier indeed “descended” and landed after he took the photographs.

Meier’s role as the prophet for these times certainly affords him no glamorous, celebrity-centered position. As always, it is a basically thankless task necessitated by the thick-headedness of the mass of humanity, which has succeeded in perching itself so precariously close to the precipice of an almost bottomless pit that a plunge into it is almost inevitable.

While the claim that Meier is a prophet, and the reincarnation of the major ones before him, will disturb if not enrage Christians, it will sit no better with members of other religions, atheists, skeptics and know-it-all scientists, of course. None of this has any bearing, naturally, on the validity of the claim. Meier has stated that humanity will take approximately 800 more years to civilize itself and evolve to the status of rational, logical and truly loving real human beings, who value and live in real love, peace, freedom and harmony.

It would be nice to see this happen much, much faster but an objective view of world conditions, human consciousness – and religious delusion – seems to speak strongly against this likelihood.


*Technically, the “person”, i.e. the personality, doesn’t reincarnate. It’s the spirit (also called “spirit form”) that reincarnates, so we are never the same person but always a new person with a new personality, consciousness, psyche, etc.

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  • Alright. You have my apologies, MH. I am skeptic by nature and very much agree with some of your points seen on this site. Yes, my research, if it could have been called that, was very….lacking. I merely wished to know more and I apologize for basically attacking your credibility. I still have much suspicion about all of this.

    I did see the list of Meier’s prophecies and predictions though. While they were very, for lack of a better term, interesting, I still find them to be…somewhat general. And with the ability to say that some of the prophecies are inaccurate or subject to change, a guess as to there being, for example, water on Mars could have been given at any time over and over. If it was found, it was true. If it wasn’t, then oh well, roll again. Many of his predictions seemed easily guessed with any scientific research or something of the like.

    Again, I am sorry for attacking you under an anonymous guise with little to no research. I’m very questioning in my nature and always have been. I do believe in intelligent life farther than our planet, but I don’t see undeniable proof of contact. As for why I said you weren’t “famous”, I meant it in a very general way. When I read award winning for film, I just thought of an Oscar or something of the like. I’m sorry for my rigid thinking. While this sounds…stupid, it was 3:00 in the morning and I was overly tired and already agitated from the former day. I’m not pushing everything on that one excuse though. Again, you have my most humble apologies.

  • Dear Maddox,

    It’s no problem whatsoever. I tend to joust with those who want to joust and, hopefully to assist those who are simply seeking the truth. You may just be an all-in-one!

    And since you are so darned gracious about it let me offer you this link:

    I truly stopped updating some time ago because not only did the “hits keep on coming” but I started to incorporate the new corroborations here and there into this blog.

    If you do go through each and everyone of the items we point out, I think you’ll see that this far surpasses any generalities and luck. Sure, we could always say, “Anyone could have said that.” But the facts as I’ve found them to be so far are that no one actually has done that, and certainly not in every one of the various categories. I, and many others, have many of the actual books and/or copyrighted documents that contain the quoted passages, etc.

    In fact, what really got me to see that this absolutely wasn’t just about UFOs, was my reading the information published as a “new in 1988” about the connection between the ozone damage and atmospheric atomic testing, explosions, etc. I had already had that information in my own hands since 1986…and Meier had first published it in the 1970s.

    Let’s also remember that ALL of this – including all of the physical evidence – was presented by one man, a one-armed, so-called Swiss farmer, actually beginning in 1951. Please also see the article about the foundational evidence in India, form 1976.

    So, thanks again for your courteousness and let me know if I can help you nay further. I do also suggest participating in the FIGU online forum, linked form my site, where people form around the world discuss the pros and cons of the case.

  • I couldn’t wait for that day when we all look back and find books in our modern library where HOAX Histories, and one day tell our children how we were once part of that age – The Age of Lies and Deception.

  • what i can say about the FIGU german website is this

    -the proof is given
    -the discussion on the forum is good education
    -the teachings and books are a treasure
    -the bulletins are actual and super interesting read
    – etc etc etc

    I can only advise enyone to go there, the forum is english

    Thank you Billy Figu M.H and all the others

  • Michael, do you ever compare what Billy is saying to biblical scriptures? For instance, Matthew 1:23 “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”–which means, “God with us.”. If you go to Genesis, the Bible talks about “angels” who came to earth and bred with earthly women.

    The bible speaks of celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies. If you listen to Katt Kitty’s two hour youtube video, she clearly states there is a race of people in heaven who resemble humans but they aren’t human. I understood this to mean celestial bodies the Bible speaks of. The Bible says man is made is God’s image. Also says Adam walked with God. Speaks of angels being a different race but “higher” than man. I don’t think this man is disputing the Bible at all. He’s actually confirming much of it. As for abortion, the Bible speaks about removing a fetus from the womb and a man wasting his “seed” confirming that abortion is also mentioned in the Bible. I think even though he’s got a lot of things right (true prophet), we should consider that the celestial beings he’s communicating with, while attempting to help us, are capable of misinterpretations just like we are. If they got Immanuel right (still Jesus Christ), and angel Michael, the question then becomes why would they leave out the existence of God? Now if you read the Bible at all, you know the Bible states, “know ye that ye are gods”? I believe some of what he says is true because its also in the Bible but he loses me when he denies God. I also disagree with him when he says we cannot communicate with people who have passed on. Didn’t they communicate with Lazarus?

    Before people denounce the Bible as myth and untruths, they should actually read it. More than once. Also, do some research on Biblical prophesies. Its not a big stretch to say UFOs exist since if there are celestial beings in this vast universe, surely they must travel somehow. I really struggle with a lot of this because it wasn’t taught in my upbringing, however, I’ve always wanted to know “more”.

    I have the same kinds of dreams that Billy does. But before there was a Billy or I, there was a guy named Daniel in the Bible. I love knowledge and always want to know the whole truth about the God I love so dearly. I will continue to read prayfully some of Billy’s information and compare them to the Bible. One question I’d like Billy to answer for me. What do they say about the “holy spirit” and in the genealogies, is Henoch the one and same Enoch who was also carried into heaven and met God?

    • Dear tweetybyrd, You sound like somebody who thinks the way I do, I would like to suggest you read Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book, Winifred Moyes’s Christian Spiritualist, Zodiac Messages aswell as the Urantia Book, all free online, also there is much on the Sacred texts website that is fascinating, hope you find this helpfull, God Bless.

      • Yes, of course. If you don’t have enough irrational, illogical, fear and confusion inducing gibberish in your head from the “holy books”, add these for more dead ends and delusions.

  • Dear Tweety,

    I have often referred to both Isaiah 7:14 and the line in Matthew to substantiate that the actual prophet’s name was Jmmanuel (Immanuel, Emmanuel). And as you familiarize yourself with Meier’s information you will come to the rather difficult news that there is no “God”, no “heaven” or “hell”, no “angels”, nor “Jesus Christ”, and that the Bible is mainly fabrication and disinformation, with occasional things of value here and there, etc.

    You will also learn that Billy isn’t “dreaming” in regards to this information, that the scientific information provided to him by these actual extraterrestrial human beings is consistently being corroborated by our own scientists, usually years and even decades after Meier has published it.

    And you don’t have to take my word for it; there’s absolutely noting to believe here and no deity who will condemn you to eternal damnation if you don’t. My blog, website and those linked through them have an abundance of free information that you are invited to work your way through. You can even participate in the FIGU online forum, linked form my site, to discuss all this with people from all over the world.

  • Tweety….its good to question everything, you seem like a thinking person. its hard to get on board with somethings because we are raised, generally, in ignorance with long established stories of how people have interpreted reality. Im in my late twentys but i know there was a time i would have believed in a god, its what you want do when you are a morally inclined person. there has to be an order to things right? it dosent make sense but you figure ”well thats the way it must be” etc we know it can inspire alot of good, and belief is addictive to people cuz its nice and dreamy, everything will be alright as long as i live accordingly and love god etc I’ve been there.

    Im digressing a bit here! oh yeah, some of your points, regarding contact with the dead, Billy didnt say you cant contact the dead, this is one of many misunderstandings with him. The plejaren stated that there exist very few real mediums on this planet, there are lots of people who can connect to the other sphere but there is no knowledge, only remnants of that persons life while they were living, so its mostly a futile, sentimental procedure. Again, its an aid for recovery for some who are in bereavement, but ultimately its not a good thing because they have lived there life and no longer concerned with this life.

    As for someones statement about human-like beings in ‘heaven’ in the bible heaven derives from ‘the heavens’ which obviously means other planets from which beings came. so of course there are humans in the ‘heavens’ and human like, because all that exists in this universe is matter ‘fine’ and ‘coarse’ the latter making up stars, planets and the beings that develop on the planets. Life is seemingly complex but paradoxically very simple, the spiritual aspect is the part that troubles most. To me, now, its really very illogical to suppose we are provided the secrets of eternity on this planet within one lifetime and so readily available to every jane and joe. The fact that other beings have been visiting here for thousands of years should tell you something, i say fact because when you research everything it is indisputable. im rambling now! the plejaren have provided a wealth of info on so much, its just fascinating to say the least.

  • Michael;

    I enjoyed reading through this(1st time for me), and the goal IS being accomplished(I suspect you already knew that) – that of stirring the mind so as to assist its evolution and that of the Earth-humans connected to those minds!

    From my limited perusal of apologists and detractors statements on Eduard Albert Meier “Billy”, I find many, if not 90% have failed to cross-reference their reading, (as to the many position statements contained in the Meier material) – though that is a time available to read statement(many of us do not take the time to do such).

    I have studied across many disciplines and cross-referenced the data where disparate source-material connected areas where little few have been(in their conclusions). Having been raised on a Native American reservation, I learned early on that history is rarely truthfully reported – in single reference points. AND, having been inside the printing-publishing industry for over 40 years, know first hand, the translations processes, and text generation of books, histories and dogmas.

    ANY student of history can find all the source materials, I found. ‘Billy’s’ material has passed through the same ‘human hands’, with detractors from within and without.

    FROM all my studies, his goal(as well as the Plejarens’) seems to be to generate sufficient stimulus to cause the minds and heart inside us to evolve into something better.

    I find that process WORKING very well!

    Keep it up!


  • Verbatim: this post
    “*Technically, the “person”, i.e. the personality, doesn’t reincarnate. It’s the spirit (also called “spirit form”) that reincarnates, so we are never the same person but always a new person with a new personality, consciousness, psyche, etc.”

    The above sounds confusing since it is suggested that Billie is the reincarnation of prophets of old. And strangely all his incarnations are born with the same purpose – Prophethood. 
    This begs the questions – what about all the other prophets and messengers? Are they considered false or lesser prophets because it is not of Billies incarnated lineage? And what makes this lineage exclusive? Im at the thought, after reading this and well searched on Billie, that what makes the Pleiadians different from the other galactic races and why is it their involvement that appears to be exclusive, especially regarding prophethood of their messengers? Clearly there is an agenda that needs investigation especially since it raises contention within religious communities about their prophets. How is this meant to imbue UNITY – something the Pleiadians preach? 

    As much as I’ve read the many Meier material and remain inspired by the wisdom, I’m growing more disappointed in ‘royalty’ claims

    Jesus, Mohamed, and awaited Mahdi in Islam all seems to be Billie. What about people, real conscious people, who came claiming to be the Madhi or some Warner or Sage? 

    Let’s look into this.
    Regarding the Mahdi being Mohamed Abdullah (as your post read) –
    I have to point out that many assert that his name will be Ali Mohamed – different from Abdullah – that is one point…

    In 1800s The Babi movement believed their founder to be the Mahdi. As well as the Bahai Faith who spreads this message and the Prophet founder Bahaulla (the supreme manifestation of the Bahai faith) also claimed that the Bab (meaning the Gate) is the Mahdi. Before we debunk these claims, we can search their prophecies, way before Billies, and compare if they were true prophets. In my opine, they were sagely accurate. 

    The life and agenda of the long expected Mahdi was/is meant to correlate in Hadith and amongst Islamic folk lore. If Hadith have some measure of truth then it appears to have come to pass about 150yrs ago.

    In 1844 (1260 AH) The Imam Mahdi appeared and was born with the name of Ali Mohammad. He was later titled The Bab due to his high and divine intellect and more so his knowledge on Islam was able to challenge the dogmatic imaam rulers. Because he challenged many social issues, in spreading equality and the like, he was a threat to the ottoman rulers. The Bab was captured, subsequently executed by gunfire by 700 regimen, in broad daylight. According to history, the witnesses claim, a miracle occurred after the smoke cleared. He was not at his post of execution except for a young man who willingly joined him. He was found completing his thesis in his cell. Then another attemp with new regimen was successful. 

    When we investigate the story and his intentions to bring awareness to his people, who were ruled with nefariousness, we will find that his actions were very similar to those of Jesus character. Being that he apposed the rulers and brought greater awareness to the many suffering. The reason I point this out, as I could many other soothsayers of past and current, is that share the difference between them and Billie Meier.i.e they were actively involved and directly challenged the rulers and were exiled or tortured and even killed because there was no stopping them. My point is, their was a man who prophecied and certainly intended messages of unity and integration. Do we exclude such a man BECA– — USE he does not fit the reincarnation line of Enoch and the ‘exclusivity’ of the Pleiadians? I certainly don’t think so and if this is expected of us,  then I have my reservations towards Billie and his teachers and their past messengers.

    I am not religious, nor have a religion, but do accept that people are and can be messengers for each other, without having to be of an exclusive clan. Especially, I, recognize those who risk their lives in search of Humanity’s betterment, such as the Bab, Ghandi and even Mandela are all equals as far as i can see it. However with regards to Billie Meier, I cannot see him fit the/your description of this Mahdi awaited in Islam, albeit me being a follower of his wisdom and teachings. Because it was expected of the Mahdi, according to folklore, that he would bring about positive change in Islam. The muslims are far from positive.  I also have to point out that Billie Meier has wrought no improvement when compared to Bahai movement’s active involvement in unity in diversity by millions of participants worldwide. They actually making a difference compared to any other religion thus far.

    Billie Meier may have a mission to fulfill from The Pleaidians – But – to date I personally see no positive change wrought by his wisdom. Perhaps in the near future yes, who knows, but currently their remains a large amount of skeptics and religious folk who appose his literature especially his claims of being a true prophet, as if denying all who played a positive role here. The irony for me is someone claiming prophetic staus in a wayward world, referring to religions in general, and still having to claim that no God exists but Creation, makes it nearly impossible to gain favor by a people you hope to invite and imbue positively. 

    As for the claim of Billie being Mohamed will remain erroneous as long as Islam exists, because Islam does not accept reincarnation theory nor will they accept any claiming the return of Mohamed. Pertinent to note is they are believers with faith meaning they are taught to believe in spirituality without the need for proof. 
    Again the irony of hoping to invite readers of your wisdom yet raise contention, is simply not wise and defeats the initial purpose. The same applies to Jesus scenario. I’d much rather state that man needs no Saviour or prophet to guide them than profess exclusivity or the same spirit, which btw imbues pedestal worship – something mankind can do without.  The world remains in turmoil because of mans inability to reason, consequently the very hinderance to earn us this long awaited and professed world peace. 
     Sadly though these are the 4,5 billion religious people who needs to be appealed to, as they are the greater population needed to make this unified paradigm shift. After all who are these sage Pleiadian messages intended for? 

    Throughout history, namely at the advents of every of the 11000 plus religions, denominations and cults, we will discover a parallel in its cause of divisions, global disunity and lack of integrated spirituality due to this very dissapointing fact. The world remains perpetually challenged with consequences wrought by passionate representatives using every source to augment an agenda. It makes no sense to ardently prove or express a persons status as incarnations of past prophets and or the fulfillment of a long awaited prophecy. It just doesn’t make sense. Such undiscerned claims are the cause for perpetual negation against the organization you represents, FIGU in this case, and the causer of doubt to yourlisteners and seekers of wisdom. Not very wise Mr Horn.

    Shane Schuller
    South Africa

    • You are apparently completely unaware of the actual content of the information, prophecies, predictions and spiritual teaching; one can’t get it all from reading one – or ten – blogs. You would also realize that the man’s name is spelled Billy and that there are no “Pleiadians”, that the people are called Plejaren.

      No one with wisdom to offer the world is discriminated against because they are not in the lineage of these prophets. It would be helpful to dig deeper into your own beliefs about prophets and their purpose, into your beliefs about religions and that there is something lacking in the content of the Meier material because a world of over 8 billion people are essentially oblivious to it. We don’t have any intentions of “gaining favor”. And as far as Meier not being sufficiently “challenged” by his opponents, a little of the very necessary for you research would reveal 22 documented attempts on his life.

      And if you “see no positive change wrought by his wisdom” then perhaps your are looking in the wrong place, outside of you, instead of within where wisdom should develop if one applies themselves to the process of learning. There is no one to deify, worship or exalt, nor is there any need to become a believer, follower, etc. You have attributed many erroneous things to Billy Meier, the Plejaren and to the mission.

      Please feel free to go beyond your hastily drawn conclusions and also to consider joining the FIGU online forum where people from around the world discuss – and challenge – the information.

  • Mr Horn, I am fully aware of the content and have been researching and spreading his information for many years in my community. Thus don’t appreciate your assumption and the way you defensively respond accusing me of earning my info from blogs, as if you an authority on this matter. Furthermore you fail to understand the essence of my post consequently jumped to conclusions as if you protecting sacrosanct material and we dare not question it. Well in my opinion, actions like that is no difference from age clergymen and an embarrassment to a worthy cause. Your approach should be monitored by your own consciousness.

     I in no way claimed to disbelieve his case nor debunk his work and Plajeran (not Pleiadian). You may note my responses on your other blogs and other sites as well are not against but for Billy’s (not Billie). However regarding this specific subject – prophethood…And not questioning his prophecies as i do subscribe to it, but prophet lineage and the way its presented by you. Therefore felt it imperative to point out as I did. 

    The point is very obvious, that it imbues negation. Specifically looking at all past religions having earned global disunity, I would imagine the Plajeran, with their time travel ability and awareness of past issues, would know better than spread a message of prophethood in the manner of Jesus, Mohamed and Enoch etc. Billy and FIGU too should be aware of this. My questions are clear, how wise is it to disseminate messages that intend integration and peace, with ‘tools’ of invitable destruction?

     Mr Horn it seems again you lack tact in your response and overlook importance.
    Verbatim: “And if you “see no positive change wrought by his wisdom” then perhaps your are looking in the wrong place,”

    “You have attributed many erroneous things to Billy Meier, the Plejaren and to the mission.” 
    Please point out where have I done this?

    “Please feel free to go beyond your hastily drawn conclusions” 
    Mmm…hastily drawn conclusions. 

    So my questioning/addressing causes of disunity and disintegration are hastily drawn conclusions??? 

    Like I said Mr Horn, you not very wise and yep you right may be FIGU online would be a better place to address these matters as you clearly have no way of responding. 

    Thank you for your time.

    • Shane,

      It seems you have a problem with the information provided by FIGU regarding the prophet lineage. The bottom line is that you needn’t accept it, nor is it the essence of the message or the mission.

      Any ideas that it promotes some kind of disunity, cult status, dangers, etc. are your opinion but seemingly lacking evidence. People are free to decide what if anything the information means to them. And of course it just may be true, if Meier’s record of truthfulness is considered. If the truth is going to be interpreted negatively or “upset” some people, so be it. The message is the same spiritual teaching that the six previous prophets brought and if you familiarize yourself with the Goblet of Truth you may perceive the underlying truth to the claims of this lineage.

      If you get value from other teachings, information, etc. that’s fine. But I should point out that you repeat tales about religious figures that you call prophets, etc. without one shred of evidence for their veracity, other than myth and legend, while Meier’s voluminous evidence, physical and prophetic gives a foundation for his credibility.

      So far as negation of others is concerned, if that’s how you interpret it so be it but what is negated by the truth other than that which is false?

      This isn’t a competition, a “my prophet is bigger than your prophet” issue. Of course I wonder just why it would bother you if Billy Meier is simply the current personality of the spirit form that also enlivened the six prophets before him.

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