Slowly but surely the real story about Pearl Harbor begins to come out…with all sorts of qualifiers, of course. But as has proved to be the case innumerable times before, the real and complete truth was told to Billy Meier long ago.

Likewise, we are seeing the prescient truthfulness of the warning regarding Israel’s secret plans for attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which are not looking so secret anymore.  Confirmation for Meier’s information was already published in January 2007. Of course the recent news about explosions in Iran must just be a…coincidence. And don’ tlook for two much critical of Israel in the U.S. press, nor should you look for much of globabl significance, since the U.S. press mainly exists to serve the interests of those whose interests aren’t the same as those of the rest of the world’s population.

So, ignorant humanity marches along, strongly determined to make sure every bit of destruction long foretold by the prophets is fulfilled to the letter. And yes, this huge part of the sad story is directly linked to the delusional religions of the world and their belief in imaginary gods and “God given rights, etc.”

But don’t bother telling this to the righteous true believers, for whom evidence, logic, reason, respect, etc., are completely unnecessary hindrances to bringing about their faith-filled fairy tale visions of some cloudy paradise, where they are completely relieved of any self-responsibility for their lives and live in a blissful, narcotized eternity. Wonderful stuff, sitting at the right, or left, hand of the deity of your dreams, being patted on your nice, empty head for believing all the manmade crap, largely promoted by institutionalized businesses, some of which have specialized in raping children – for far longer then is even known and/or talked about in the news.

As for confidently basking in the knowledge that there is a special country protected by an imaginary “God”, clear warnings – 25 years apart – were directed at Israel and the Arab states, by Ptaah, “Also the hate of Israel by the Arabs of all Arabic and other Islamic countries grows naturally without bounds, which ultimately can lead to Israel yet still being attacked by united Arabic armed forces and razed to the ground.” and by Quetzal, “His land, Israel, as is said in a prophecy, will be annihilated by the countries from the East in the far future by war and death, when the warriors from the East will knee-deep wade in the blood of the human beings of Israel.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the world may well be dragged into the mess, perhaps precipitated by a false flag operation like…Pearl Harbor.


Special thanks to Don Schneider for his research.

And thanks to Bruce Lulla for submitting this link.

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