Wow, Good Thing No One’s Read the Henoch Prophecies!

Today’s little note of reassurance that the mass of humanity is deaf, dumb and blind to prophetic warnings, and clearly incapable of seeing the steady progress of their fulfillment, is accompanied by the roaring sounds of an intercontinental, nuclear-capable missile, test-launched by India.

Based on the information in the Henoch Prophecies, published by Billy Meier, about India’s eventual near annihilation by China, perhaps outside observers who are aware of other current corroboration of the progressing fulfillment of the prophecies would advise India to soften up on the “China killer” label, kinda, sorta, just to be nice.


Special thanks to David Bax for the information about India’s missile launch.

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joe molnar

Hi Michael

I have been following Eduard site for some time. I listened to your radio talk with Hilly Rose and he like the rest are self deluded in their power but then people might listen after all.

Do you travel at all to Australia.

Thanks. Joe

Thanks Joe


I don’t understand how this sort of thing could occur, with all the current “prophesies” telling us that the ET’s would not allow any nuclear wars to take place, and have virtually disposed of the nuclear warfare materials by now. My understanding is that Ascension is well underway, the Cabal is running for the hills, and “soon” we will have the financial recovery in the works, the new governments in place. We’ve been told there will be a brief period of transition which will be scarey for most, but that inconveniences will be minimized. Thanks for your post!


But somewhere in BEAM material I have read thet one ET species migh intervene during nuclear holocaust. Is that still on or was that a missunderstnding? If nuclear holocaust happens has anybody at all any chance to survive or all life on Earth is going to extinct? In that case would we continue our evolucion (reincarnate) on some other planet, all on the same one? Have Plejarans told BEAM for how long he is going to live? Is BEAM The “stone” that the builders ((Free)Masons))rejected has now become the “cornerstone” of the better world, as the prophecies are foretelling? Has BEAM been rejected by (Free)Masons and why? Is it because they fear for their status quo? Who is “the other person” who would come to try to turn things for the better that BEAM and Pleyarans were talking about? Is “prince” William the False Messiah?Would You be prepared to take the leadership of the United States if things would turn around? Thank You!


Hi Mr. MH! In one of BEAM-s prophecies I have read that the only way humanity can prevent global enaslavemen (by Vatican and other Zionists and their Genocidal Fascist Enslaving New World Order) is to “Make them tail and run!”…. So I would like to know how else could we achieve that without noticing humanity about the Zionist conspiracy??? How else would be possible to motivate people to revlot against the Vatican Zionist “elite” and their whoring church and state fith column, members of the Vatican-Zionist’ secret societies, in all states of the world, in such short notice, so people would “make the “elite” tail and run” … in time??? I see no other way but to let people know about the conspiracy! But you say “no conspiratorial nonsense”… and the time, as You can probably also see in Your own state, is running out. How do You think all this is going to pan out??? Or is it too late…”game over”??


It is sad to contemplate the two great ancient civilizations annihilate each other in a nuclear war. Traditionally there was very little disharmony between the two nations, only perhaps the short China-India territorial conflict in the Himalayas in the 60s.

But Meier’s prophecy makes this all very possible. My knowledge of an ancient Chinese prophecy also supports this. I believe it describes a war of china with the US in the near future. If true, the obvious deduction is India will side with US, while China with Russia in the world war to come.

Naturally, and the reality is that US-NATO is against Russia and China, but how unwise it is for India to join them!

Dan Rigsby

first thank you for your patience. So to flush what we have learned about
“aliens” would also include the discovery of Phil Schnieder’s also?

Bjorn Ivar Johnsen

Well, the really sad thing is that most of humanity will continue blindly as they always have done, in the comfort of their bubble of feeling happy and contempt as long as things don’t change too much in the bubble they have made! They have no problem in saying that anyone trying to tell them the truth, or warn them what might happen, that they are lyars and probably mad too because they just do not want to hear something that will threaten their feeling of comfort!