Now that the first of the presidential debates is over, however you viewed the candidates and their presentations, it would be good to see exactly what the Plejaren and Billy Meier have to say about each of them.

In particular, you may be interested in what they specifically had to say about the extreme dangers posed by one of the candidates. You can find all of this in the new film, “as the time fulfills”.

And here’s a new press release inviting the world to discover and investigate what Meier has to say about many other things…including the rapidly developing situation at the Polar Regions which, along with the WTC attacks on 9/11, was long foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.


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  • Hi Michael .. Im having problems with downloading your film, I paid with a visa card and have used up nearly 20euro in broadband credit. The download keeps on stopping and I have to keep restarting it..can you help ?

  • I don’t see how people keep saying that President Obama lost the debate. I thought the President handled this psycho attack dog like a complete gentleman. He lost on body language alone; but President Obama’s verbal arguments easily became instructive to Romney’s hard driving nonsense. Unfortunately, a lot of the public will believe Romney’s empty ideas because it sounded and looked good, even if it is rubbish. Wouldn’t it be nice if people were attracted to the truth instead of trails of candy?

  • Nice work, Michael.

    It might be worth pointing out that the official translation I did recently regarding psychopath Romney – to which you draw your readers’ attention via your (boffo) new video – actually represents an earlier, unimproved translation Vivienne and I produced several days before Marianne Uehlinger – and eventually even Billy himself! – weighed into the project personally, resulting in the final finished translation here: , appearing just a little too late for its inclusion in As the Time Fulfils.

    I think it’s well-worth while 1.) freeze-framing the (superseded but very timely, Romney-related) initial text translation which you promptly published on your DVD, and 2.) simply comparing it to Billy’s (above-linked) final version which you’ve also linked to elsewhere. As you know, this personal help I got from Billy interpreting his German is a first for us, and of course his time is very valuable. Translations should be team efforts. I often ask Vivienne for help. She often asks Mariann. She often asks Billy. I never wanted my English problems referred right up the chain, but that’s also what happened with the Goblet of Truth. FIGU’s English translation queries went all the way (via teams of flummoxed Plejaren Federation translators) to the (ultimately also flummoxed) Supreme Council in Andromeda, where English translations were assessed as “impossible”! We knew that. Quetzal let the cat out of the bag – on October 11th, 1989, during Billy’s 230th contact – about the plans the “Order of Darkness” (Billy’s phrase in Goblet of Truth) has already well in train for the English language. 23 years later, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious.

    But German-to-English represents a black hole I’d prefer didn’t perturb Billy’s other work.

    It’s also maybe worth noting that – although it can’t hurt – you don’t have to be a profoundly intellectually-advanced extraterrestrial, in order to accurately assess Mitt Romney. The equivalent of a copy of “Psychiatry for Dummies” and a little time googling Romney’s very public psychopathic past (and present) is all you’d need unless there’s something wrong with your brain.

    And tie all that into Billy’s surprisingly positive suggestions about some of Obama’s previous incarnations, and – as long as all the crazy pistol-packers and button-pushers keep keeping their bloody hands in their pockets – there may be hope for the world yet, if not the USA.

    All the best to both you and Amy.



    • Hi Dyson,

      I read these gaps and holes in the English language and the thought arrived if there are ways possible we can fill in the gap by inventing words?

      • Actually, the words we need already exist in German, and for that reason Billy wants the following words left in the original in our (just finished) official translation of his book, “Macht der Gedanken”, which we’ve titled “Might of the Thoughts” : Ausartung, Empfindung, Gewalt, Gewaltsamkeit, Wesen, Wesenheit and Ziel. But Billy also encourages us to invent new words, and the “Goblet of Truth” has been our guide in that regard.

  • We have prediction here in the Balkans. FOR 100 PERCENT, OBAMA WILL WIN. Because prediction goes , that the last president of US as we know it, will be black one. Therefore Obama must win, if this prophecies are correct. I strongly believe they are correct.

    The problem with the predictions as I have understand it, is that spiritual forces do not allow negative prophecies to be made. And fear to be installed. This spiritual forces work only for Human evolution toward better, positive and more love.
    The same Balkan oracle, stated that there are in existence very strict UNIVERSAL LAWS, that work like a Karma, but on National or State Level. That is why civilizations perish, or Countries are destroyed and wounded(see Germany in 1945, and in the near future US).
    She stated, that if humans, know this laws, they will think only of good, will make good deeds, will increase love and help other people.
    She stated that we are today in entry school level as a planet and human civilization. When we will grow up, we will meet our brothers in spirit everywhere the Universe. God is real, and she did not see Jesus, or Buda, or Allah, but white bright lite, that creates, makes, loves and gives. True, it is creator not only of material realm, but on spirit realm also.

    • Boromir,

      I assume you’re from the Balkan star system and not the Balkans here on Planet Earth? How did you arrive here in this space time configuration?

    • Boromir, my friend, why do you think you have all the answers? God is not real. God, or rather god, is a human being of high evolution. These gods sometimes travel in beamships. You must have read something like that at the Figu (Billy Meier) front door? Right?

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