Our thanks to Dave for updating us regarding the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies. So now the Norwegians have a little more reason to learn about Billy Meier..before they have to start learning Russian.

For those of you’ve been paying attention, this nice little man in Switzerland, and some of his Plejaren friends, have been patiently trying to awaken sleepy humanity to its ill-conceived course and the deadly consequences thereof…for a very long time. But because the mass consciousness has a large population of monkey brains who set up arbitrary “criteria” for judging the reality of Meier’s contacts – such as stating that unless they are the ones being contacted they’re not interested in the content – we get to watch the prophecies unfold like reruns from a bad movie.

We don’t give up hope, however, for there are people here and there who are getting it, who see and hear Meier speak about the expanded activities at the Arctic a year before they occur and see over 50 examples of his specific, prophetically accurate information corroborated…all in the aptly titled as the time fulfills.

Perhaps someone you know is ready to find out what’s going on in the real world that will indeed ultimately affect us all. Feel free to tell them about the film, all the websites, blogs, articles, etc.

8 comments on “Henoch Prophecies Update!

  • This is scary. Indeed, it seems ‘the time is nigh…’
    A move to South America, to Autralia–should this be given serious consideration in the coming decade? Seeminlgy drastic, yet, ‘desperate times…’, no? If you were a younger man Michael, or even as you are, (and indeed you appear to have decades ahead of you in this incarciration, ahem, incarnation), should this be a self-responsible move to soon be seriously conisidered?

    Love your work; I, and undoubtedly many others, are very much indebted to you. Thank you.


    • Thanks Andy, much appreciated.

      Any/everyone interested should contemplate if a change is the right thing for them and, if so, to where, etc.

  • Just reading the related articles linked to the article that Dave provided access to, and it is very interesting and somewhat disturbing at the same time. It seems as though there has been quite alot of co-operation between Norway and Russia regarding their research and exploration of the resources in the Arctic, although there seems to be plenty of potential for degrading relations when the fact that both countries are investing in the ownership and distribution of gas and oil from that area in order to bolster their economies with the sales of oil and gas to the rest of Europe. It seems to me that this relationship could easily be a case of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. I guess time will tell for sure, but it makes me think a little differently than I would have had I not been somewhat familiar with the Henoch prophesies.

  • One peice of the picture opens a new insight into what’s to come . Like a photograph that’s been folded many times , unfolding before us in real time . Thanks for your diligence .

  • Hi MH,
    Have you heard of Methi Meier. I mean he has lot of fake stuff on his blog. The problem with him. I think he is a chain smoker. And he accepts in a youtube interview that he has psychological disorder. It is fine that we make mistakes but he accuses Billy of beating his mom. You must have heard of this. Please clarify with links.

  • ID like to thank Michael also for strengtening my confidence in the preophecies/precictions and in the case itself.
    I have a link here from RT that shows rising tensions between India and China , with India threatening to use force against China in the south China Sea.

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