NASA Wants Information, We Give Them Information!

NASA has asked for the public’s help in devising means to protect the Earth from asteroids. Of course, the Russians and Chinese already appear to have taken the hint, i.e. have paid attention to the information first presented to Billy Meier in 1981 by the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings pertaining to what they called the Red meteor and which is now known as asteroid Apophis.

Well better (not too) late than never. Here’s what I sent to Dr. Moore, please feel free to craft your own response to his invitation, or just to write directly to NASA:

Dear Dr. Moore,

In response to the invitation to submit suggestions on how to deal with the threat to Earth from asteroids, I refer you to this information, which was provided to Mr. Billy Meier in Switzerland, regarding the Apophis asteroid, aka the Red Meteor. (Here is an illustrated version of the information, available in six languages.)

I have copied this information to several scientists above, all of whom have been previously provided with abundant evidence of Mr. Meier’s impeccably accurate scientific information…and ironclad proof that his publication of it long preceded “official discovery”, often by decades.

Mr. Meier’s physical evidence and scientific information were examined and authenticated by leading scientists some time ago, with the most recent endorsement coming from Dr. Sanford Weinstein.

We hope that you will carefully consider this information for the sake of all humanity.

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Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts


Michael Horn & Amy Horn


as the time fulfills

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I know YOU know all this already, but for the benefit of any of your readers who might not: nobody should be surprised to discover that NASA (collectively) is not really genuine about looking for more asteroid-deflection ideas. At least the minority percentage of NASA with “a need to know” – who prevail among the putative policy-makers – certainly wouldn’t worry about asteroids squashing their grandchildren. If Dr. Moore IS sincere, it’s safe to assume that he’s outside the small closed circle and he hasn’t familiarized himself yet with the abundant information already out in the public arena for the last 12 years or so from his many ex-NASA colleagues who’ve done an Ed Snowden number and testified as to what they know about the actual anti-gravity (etc.) capabilities that NASA has at its disposal for quietly and efficiently eliminating threats from outer space like rogue asteroids. These bigwig insider-outsiders are often even more pig-ignorant than the proverbial “man on the street”, since they couldn’t IMAGINE that THEY were being kept in the dark. For crying out loud, had Dr. Moore been in Sydney on the morning of January 28th, 2003, he would have read this in his cope of the Sydney Morning Herald:

    Naturally the extraterrestrials’ inconceivable technologically advanced spacecraft present the USA with a far greater military challenge (google ufos shut down icbms), but I’m sure the Dark Order component of NASA is, as I type, hard at work on that pesky one too, hoping to gun down another Roswell craft or two for their R & D of more advanced back-engineered technology (not for saving Earth, of course, but for their secret weapons of endless war against us) that Ptaah told us about in 2007. “They even have back-engineered beamships at their disposal, whereby, in certain contexts, even antigravity finds application.”

    I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I think people have to know the score.

    And repeatedly in his many books Billy continually tells us again and again that “repetition is the mother of learning”.

    In that spirit, the below represents a bit of further reading from Billy & Ptaah as well as from various independent sources which support their assertions. Then a bit specifically about deflecting rogue asteroids:

    (On February 3rd, 2007, Ptaah told Billy more about the criminal cabal whose mad scientists are understandably not at all uptight about deflecting Apophis)

    Die in viele kleine Gruppen aufgespaltene Gruppierung verfügt über vielerlei technische Möglichkeiten, die sie für ihre bösen und die Menschheit irreführenden Zwecke nutzen.

    The group, which is split into many small groups, has many kinds of technical possibilities at their disposal, which they employ for their evil and human-misleading purposes.

    Das angefangen bei Techniken der Elektromagnetik, über die Feinelektronik und das Computerwesen, bis hin zu Apparaturen, durch die bei den Menschen eine Gehirnwäsche, Bewusstseinsprogrammierung und Bewusstseinsveränderung hervorgerufen wird.

    That started with technologies of electromagnetism to do with precision electronics and computer engineering, up to and including apparatuses through which brainwashing and the programming and altering of consciousness is evoked in humans.

    Selbst über nachgebaute Strahlschiffe verfügen sie, wobei sogar in gewissem Rahmen Antigravitation Anwendung findet.

    They even have back-engineered beamships at their disposal, whereby, in certain contexts, even antigravity finds application.

    Durch diese Gruppierungen ist es auch vielfach geschehen, dass vorsätzlich ‹Entführungen› von Erdenmenschen durch ‹Ausserirdische› und Massaker an Tieren vorgetäuscht wurden und werden.

    It has also occurred many times that premeditated “abductions” of Earth humans by “extraterrestrials”, and the massacre of animals, has been and is faked by this group.

    Das steht teilweise auch im Zusammenhang mit jenen illusionsmässigen und schizophrenen Visionen und Scheinerlebnissen jener, welche glauben, dass sie reale Erlebnisse dieser Art gehabt hätten oder haben.

    That stands partly also in connection with those illusionary and schizophrenic visions and apparent experiences of those who believe that they have had, or have, these kinds of real experiences.

    Gezielt werden weltweit auch Falschinformationen und gefälschte Bilder angeblicher ausserirdischer Fluggeräte in Umlauf gesetzt, wobei unseren Nachforschungen gemäss rund 98 Prozent aller falschen Bilder, Filme, Videos und Falschinformationen darauf ausgerichtet sind, die Erdenmenschen in Angst und Schrecken vor Ausserirdischen zu versetzen und um in ihnen Hass und Rachegedanken zu erzeugen.

    Also wrong information and falsified pictures of alleged extraterrestrial flying devices is strategically circulated worldwide, whereby according to our investigations, about 98% of all false pictures, films, videos and false information is directed at moving the Earth humans to angst and terror of extraterrestrials and to engender hate and thoughts of revenge in the Earth humans.

    Here’s some independent corroboration of Ptahh from a deep insider whistleblower who describes an early flying saucer design and reveals why the USA largely abandoned NASA’s long-obsolete kerosene fuelled space program:

    Disclosure Project Briefing Document – page 322.

    3.8.5 Technology / Science

    [short excerpt of] Testimony of Mr. Mark McCandlish, US Air Force December 2000

    Mark McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States. His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering. In his testimony, you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years, and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years. In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles — in some remarkable detail.

    [p. 329] … I looked at all this information that I got from Brad, [and] I realized there [was] a mechanical arm that [could] extend out from these little trap doors that [opened] up on the side of the vehicle. It [was] obvious that these things [were] capable of space travel. 10 [or] 15 years ago, I was talking to Tom Bearden about scalar effects. One of the things that he said, just off the top of his head, was, “Have you ever wondered why the NASA budget has been cut back so severely? It’s because they’ve got all this other technology that is so much better, so much faster. They are so much better than rocket-propelled spaceships that take months, sometimes years, to get to the outer reaches of the solar system. Why would you put millions and millions of dollars [into] what [amounts to] a public works program for scientists? Why invest all that money when you have this classified system that’s used exclusively by the National Security Agency, the CIA, or Air Force Intelligence? It will go anywhere in the solar system in hours, compared to months or years. Why spend all that money on NASA when you’ve got something that will go there right now?”

    p. 363] 5.1.1 Operational Readiness and the Unidentified Flying Object/Extraterrestrial Intelligence (UFO/ETI) Subject: Why Military and National Security Leaders Have a Need To Know

    Steven M. Greer M.D., 22 August 1998

    NASA, civilian astronomers and other scientists are increasingly concerned about the possibility of an Earth orbit-crossing asteroid or comet impacting the Earth. Teams at JPL and elsewhere have already detected thousands of such Earth orbit-crossing objects within our solar system. Large impacts in the past have created what is now the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay and other geological features on the surface of the Earth. Most scientists agree that it is not a question of ‘if, but ‘when’, such an impact will take place. Conventional scientists have discussed using nuclear weapons and other conventional means to avert such an impact. However, it is clear that UFO related USAPS [Unacknowledged Special Access Projects] possess technologies which are far more advanced and which could be brought to bear on this problem. This is especially true of gravity-altering technologies that could be used to change the mass effect of such an object and move it off of an Earth-intersecting course. Since such an impact could potentially terminate human civilization as we know it, senior military and civilian national security leaders should have knowledge of and access to such UFO USAP related technologies. Moreover, use of such technologies in space for such a critical and beneficial purpose may be dependent on the perception by ET s that such space deployment would be only for peaceful purposes. We understand that this is not the current perception.

    Down at the bottom of this page there’s an interesting old map of sightings over the USA (recorded up to 2000) of the Dark Order’s anti-gravity flying back triangles:

    And here’s a VERY nice leaked video of an Italian Air Force flying saucer swanning around in broad daylight.

    First the explanation, then the video:

    And if anyone wants more information on the state of affairs with the REAL United States space program, I strongly recommend the below book, a copy of which I managed to find several years ago with enormous difficulty. I’m encouraged to see that Amazon now flogs them! (Too bad they’re not selling Billy’s new translation of Art zu Leben [How to Live], which I modestly give 5 stars. At least it can be purchased from Michael.)

    Milabs: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction
    by Helmut Lammer

    MILABS is a startling, eye-opening book!

    By A Customer on January 7, 2000

    MILABS is a real tour-de-force. The Lammers have convincingly argued that the United States military is very covertly kidnapping a select group of people for reasons that are very obscure. We live in a world of dark illusion, and the Lammers have shone the light of their research into a dark corner where the Pentagon’s clandestine operations scuttle and scurry. This is virtually the only book of its kind on this topic, and really rips the shroud of secrecy. The relationship between mind control, covert military operations targeted against civilians and the UFO and alleged alien abduction phenomena is a strange one — but the Lammers have made an informative and enlightening opening into this secretive arena. I give MILABS five stars and two thumbs up.

  2. Dyson, naturally has a point about NASA, after all, they did hire a perfect -for-them lackey, by the name of Stuart Robbins.

    But let’s see what Dr. Moore does with what Michael sent him.

  3. Interesting. Though the link to, like a lot of UFO related material, generally cannot ascertain the right information amongst the tide of really bad ones and then go off to make even worse conclusions. It could be because folks are either deliberately cashing in on the conspiracy phenomenom or actually do not realize they are simply believing the information as they get it without naturally attempting to cross examine their suppositions thoroughly.

    Folks forget that modern planes like the B2 have in their mission profile the obvious job of flying into a nuclear war zone which will effect everything in the plane from the electronics, to heat shielding, material vibrations, etc. of the whole plane including the pilot. These planes were not made solely to fly over 3rd world countries with little nuclear capabilities which seem to permeate into the minds of media folks on what the US requires the defense contractors to make their stuff mission capable. Had they spent nearly as much time as I do typing this, they may logically ascertain why drones are so much cheaper as you do not have to account for in the design for something as basic the pilot being roasted alive from the heat effects from fallout 5 miles away while the rest of the plane is in fine working order.

    There are some other things wrong as well. For example, it is normally ground vehicles that get heavier with time, not aircraft. Ground vehicles in contrast are made to be as heavy as possible whereas flying aircraft have to be as light as possible pushing the limits on such boring non-sensational subjects like metal fatigue.

    Probably the last bad information I would like to point out is the takeoff weight of the B2. While the article assumes all planes take off with a full fuel load and yet does not miss the fact it would be difficult and near impossible to take off with that weight. However, he missing the obvious fact that we have had in-flight refueling since the early days of SAC (strategic air command) and no one is suicidal to attempt a take off with a weight outside takeoff range! This does not stop the author to prove his theory about anti-gravity and secret US technology!

    I won’t delve into the Mustang, while it is a beautifully made airplane, compared at the time to newer Jet and Rocket powered aircraft such as the ME-262, Komet, and possibly the Volksjaeger jet craft. That should say enough in of itself.

  4. I find Mark McCandlish’s drawing of the cutaway view of the internal layout of the ” Fluxliner ” to be rather interesting as it shows all the necessary electronic components for a “Free energy ” machine .

    Of course Marks explanation for some of this technology is also required for the understanding of those components . If one looks at the diagram there is what looks like a coil around the mid section at the bottom of the cupola .

    At the centre and lowest part is what looks like a spark-gap / switch ( the pointy thing and the three protrusions with attached balls ) According to Mark the central column contains a mercury vapor rectifier or diode .

    At the very bottom is what looks like a radial segmented capacitor or more to the point , a collection of individually switched capacitors for direction control , I suspect .

    So we now have the same line-up and configuration in ” Free energy ” machines and as follows 1) coil 2) switch 3) diode 4) capacitor .
    This is exactly what’s needed for “Free energy machines and for the production of ” dark energy ” . The capacitor is the storage unit and in the Fluxliners case , on charging up , the anti-gravitic effect and on discharge , would be the required conversion of that energy to hot electricity commonly used in our day to day electrical requirements . The capacitor is a converter of cold energy to hot energy .

  5. Antigravity is our own atmosphere because it defies gravity simply by retaining tons and tons and tons of rain water in the clouds for long periods of time and in the blink of the eye [due to lightning discharge], a neutral polarity is induced causing the repulsion effect to switch back to attraction effect…or gravity effect, causing the clouds to change their form and dump rain on the Earth and causing floods or not causing floods too.

  6. PS, tornados too have antigravity because when the biggest tornadoes can levitate tractor trucks with trailers and lift them to very great heights and being weightlessness the vehicle is blown by the winds like it was a leaf from a tree. The mass however determines the speed it is repelled and a vehicle that size has way more mass than a leaf so it is propelled slower than a leaf.

  7. The Plejaren tell us that there are 7 elementary forces of nature. I know 5 of them. The weakest force is gravity and on the contrary, the greatest and most powerful one is creation. I might guess that the 6 one is universal consciousness, and if I am correct then I know 6 elementary forces of nature/creation.

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