An Open Letter to the Skeptics in Hiding

Dear Esteemed Skeptics,

I think that you’d all agree that it’s time to rethink your philosophy…and come out from hiding, for goodness sakes!

Last week I sent an email with this headline to you…and many dozens of your colleagues, including skeptical luminaries such as James Randi, Stuart Robbins, Michael Shermer, Stephen Novella, Derek Bartholomaus, Phil Plait, etc.:

Stunned Skeptics Suddenly Silent as WCUFO Proved…Real

Strangely, despite the great confidence in your espoused skeptical viewpoints, etc., it appears that the title of my blog was also psychically accurate in foretelling your collective future silence as well!

Of course it would be both disingenuous, and too late, for anyone try to dismissively suggest that “this isn’t worth my time, etc.”, since the established facts make this not only the most important event in human history but also sound the death knell for any confidence in skepticism, certainly as it pertains to UFOs and the Billy Meier case in particular.

But do see if you can grasp the essence, the factual reality of the message: The Billy Meier UFO case, ongoing in Switzerland for more than 70 years…is absolutely authentic. And that means by a scientific, as well as legal, standard of proof.

Now, if any of you good folks would like to offer any possible credible rebuttal, or just take the opportunity to evolve your thinking, please feel free to do so. You may also wish to encourage James Randi to forego the usual obfuscation and hoop jumping circus and just cut the check to Mr. Meier for $1,000,000 (US).

Since Randi did in fact first declare the case effectively a hoax, and then tried to deny that he did (well, if it’s not a hoax, then it’s authentic, right?) integrity demands nothing less than his honoring his offer. And of course it also compels you good folks to sit down and seriously rethink your philosophy, lest it be seen as a…religion.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts


15 Replies to “An Open Letter to the Skeptics in Hiding”

  1. Hi Michael,

    While I don’t know much about the most of the skeptics you are referring to, I do know quite a bit about one, and that’s Derek Bartholomaus. He is not a professional skeptic, if there is such a thing. He’s a flat out liar. He has no investigating skills whatsoever.

    Derek has his own website that states Billy Meier claims that he’s the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Billy Meier says that Jesus Christ never existed. Derek knows Billy has never claimed to be the reincarnation of anybody. I have the emails between Derek and myself to prove it.

    So if you’re going to challenge any of the skeptics at least target the ones that do make an honest and sincere effort versus someone like Derek Bartholomaus who knowingly falsifies the facts to fit his case.

    1. Yes this, as most (reasonable) skeptics are going to investigate. I qualify this, because my aunt says “Why do you think UFO’s are worth investigating?” This says more than enough to indicate she has her mind absolutely made up.

  2. {MICHAEL! Can you please delete the previous version and post this? THANKS!]

    Go get ‘em Michael!

    For the dear esteemed Skeptics, asking, “If countless ETs exist, where are they all?

    Answer: Due to the clear and present danger it poses to everybody else, Earth is quarantined.

    “Fermi’s paradox” resolved at last:

    And regarding the know-it-all “debunkers”: anyone who’s played hide-and-seek with small children will have been amused when they try to hide behind a laughably small object.

    I see the professional skeptibunkers like that. Some of the old warhorses with whom I have corresponded over the years seemed aware enough of the fact that a few of us could actually see them there, crouching behind the chairs, stifling their giggles, but I guess that didn’t matter to them because everybody knows you can fool most of the people most of the time.

    Besides, it’s just a job and everyone has to put food on the table, right?

    I have representations of what happened to me when I went toe-to-toe with these guys. Some, like morbid graphorrhea victim, Doctor Steve “There is no evidence to support an alien phenomenon” Novella, are like squid and try to foil your pursuit by crapping out a cloud of ink to blind you to their escape.

    Then there’s some witty correspondence from Michael here:

    And more from Michael, along with poor dear “Lead Investigator” Derek Bartholomaus and even the REAL lead investigator, Professor Jim Deardorff [], here:

    Derek seems to be among very recent arrivals to planet Earth, and hasn’t yet found out that we’re not ALL idiots here. Or maybe he’s just another one, who’s simply too intellectually challenged to comprehend the fact that he’s only fooling the fools.

    But Derek seems SO unusually ignorant of even the most BASIC facts, that I initially assumed that he hadn’t read anything from the source and was probably even illiterate in German – like all the other prominent USA “Meier debunkers”, with the possible exception of “The Amazing” James Randi, who, of course, eventually slyly retracted his calumny of Billy.

    Making a reference point for later, (maybe now?) and in the noble spirit of a presumption of innocence, I’d written Derek back in 2004, but, by 2011, I started to wonder just how the hell anyone could go around bragging about being the world’s foremost authority or “Lead Investigator” (or however he currently words it) on the “Billy Meier UFO Case”, if 97% of the published material which forms the substance of his “research” remains untranslated in a foreign language which he can’t even read! I tried to find out if (like fellow-illiterate Kal Korf) he’s ever lied about his German, but the topic had apparently never come up in spite of Derek’s kind offer on his website that he’d answer questions from the public about his work.

    So I asked him.

    (If you, dear reader, don’t feel inclined to skim through the below lengthy joke, here’s the punchline: not only is Derek unfamiliar with the language itself – and seems to delude himself into believing that if the (around 3% at the time) English is translated “accurately”, that’s sufficient – he didn’t even know that anything other than my few translations even exists! Not to mention another twenty thousand pages or so. Not good.)

    So for the amusement of those with a black sense of humour, here’s the entirety of my brief email exchange, with Billy Meier’s self-styled “Lead Investigator”, from a couple of years ago, starting with my simple question, “Do you read German?”, and ending with Derek’s inevitable tacit refusal to respond to any further questions.

    Have a nice day.

    From: Dyson Devine
    Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2011
    Subject: Question

    Dear Derek,

    Do you read German?

    Thank you.

    Dyson Devine

    On Sep 4, 2011, Dyson Devine wrote:

    Kindly reply, Derek.

    You state, on your website, “If you have any questions about the material presented on this website you can contact Derek Bartholomaus by sending an email to

    I know that you have not specifically stated that you will REPLY to questions asked of you, but that is certainly implied. A simple “yes” or “no” will suffice.

    Unless you instruct me otherwise within a reasonable time frame, the assumption must be made that you are actually illiterate in the German language, so more than 97% of the subject text of your research remains unexamined by you. This is important, because any reasonably logical person who actually examines the available written material cannot be left with any doubt about its genuineness – believe it or not.
    On Tue, Sep 6, 2011, Billy Meier UFO Case wrote:

    Hello, Dyson.

    Before I can answer your question, I need you to answer this question…

    Are you accurately translating the Meier material?

    Thank you.

    On Sep 5, 2011, Dyson Devine wrote:

    Dear Derek,

    Thank you for your response.

    In so far as it is possible to accurately translate German to English, I can honestly say that, yes, of course we are doing just that. We have had our work scrutinized by Billy (et al) and he has seen fit to designate us as “Official” translators of any and all of his texts, or those of other FIGU members.

    Why does your answer hinge on that, if you have studied the Meier material in it original language?

    On Tue, Sep 6, 2011, Billy Meier UFO Case wrote:


    My research is based on published information. If your published information is accurate then there is no need for me to be fluent in German.

    If there is material that exists only in German then that is irrelevant to the material that I have looked into that has been translated, by you, into English.

    Thank you.

    On Sep 6, 2011, Dyson Devine wrote:

    Thanks, Derek.

    Just to reiterate for clarity … please correct me if I’m wrong.

    You’re saying that your research is based on published information, but only that which is published in the English language.

    You’re saying that “if”(!! You don’t even know?) there is material (published) in German, then that’s irrelevant to your research. But how could you know if it’s relevant or not until you’ve examined it? Maybe that which is utterly convincing remains deliberately semi-concealed in German. Have you even considered that highly evolved extraterrestrials might wish to cushion our shock by doing things just like that?

    Are you saying that the 97% of the relevant material which is not in English is irrelevant to your research because you’ve read that 3% which has been translated? So you actually ARE saying that you HAVE read the available translations? For instance, the Goblet of Truth, the new edition of the Talmud Jmmanuel and And Still They Fly, all of which have been laboriously translated into English?

    Thanks, Derek. I don’t plan to ask you a lot more questions, but I think history deserves answers from you to the above, and, as they say in German, “No answer is also an answer”.


    On Tue, Sep 6, 2011, Billy Meier UFO Case wrote:

    Yes, Dyson, I do not speak German. I am of German ancestry, but I do not speak the language. It is irrelevant because if everything that I, and others, have looked into that has been translated into English is incorrect [sic.], why is there any need to look into the material that has not yet been translated into English? Also, as far as I am aware, the only remaining German-only information is in the various “contact notes”. Those are used primarily for prophecy discussions and, no matter how much you and Michael Horn would wish it to be otherwise, non of Meier’s prophecies have ever come true, or they were not published prior to when the alleged prophecy took place.

    I do not expect you or Michael Horn to accept that, but it is correct. None of Billy Meier’s alleged prophecies have ever been shown to actually be prophetic.

    Thank you.


    On Thu, Sep 8, 2011, Dyson Devine wrote:

    Dear Derek.

    Thanks very much for your prompt reply and your eventual admission that you are German illiterate. And the simple, but important, questions of mine which you’ve chosen to leave unanswered also provide me with the information I seek from you.

    You are absolutely correct here, when you say that you expect we will disagree: ” … none of Meier’s prophecies have ever come true, or they were not published prior to when the alleged prophecy took place.” So please let’s politely agree to disagree about that, which speaks for the attentiveness of your “research” which seems largely to rely on the efforts (22 assassination attempts and counting) of others, and I’ll move right along to answering your question, which is:

    “It [German illiteracy] is irrelevant because if everything that I, and others, have looked into that has been translated into English is incorrect (sic), why is there any need to look into the material that has not yet been translated into English?”

    I’m assuming that when you wrote the word, “incorrect”, you really meant to write the word “correct”, and it was some sort of Freudian typo. That which I wrote in my last email answers your subsequent question to me. I wrote: “You’re saying that ‘if” (!! You don’t even know?) there is material (published) in German, then that’s irrelevant to your research. But how could you know if it’s relevant or not until you’ve examined it? Maybe that which is utterly convincing remains deliberately semi-concealed in German. Have you even considered that highly evolved extraterrestrials might wish to cushion our shock by doing things just like that?”

    You write, ” … the only remaining German-only information is in the various “contact notes”. Those are used primarily for prophecy discussions …”

    This is astonishingly incorrect, and I’m at a loss as to how you reached that lunatic conclusion, unless you never bothered to look yourself, and simply never believed anyone who ever told you (repeatedly) that there are tens of thousands of detailed pages of untranslated – and often quite technical – information on all sorts of diverse topics, related to many different scientific disciplines; astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics, genetics, medicine, nutrition, history, prehistory, psychology, politics, religion, sociology – the list goes on and on. It’s about what you could expect from the only ET initiated ongoing (since the 1940s) ET contact of its kind in the world.


    (other media)

    And they are not “prophecies” which are in the contact notes. They were usually quite short term “probability calculations”, done by the inconceivably advanced Plejaren computers, and they were (often, but not always) deliberately left unpublished until after the event. Please see And these predictions (probability calculation) have also since been discontinued because we have now proven ourselves to be too collectively stupid to heed them.

    You really should read more about the very alien Plejaren methodology, in which, by encouraging folks like you, they cunningly generate controversy among our planet’s population with their ostensibly silly flight manoeuvres and space ships sometimes deliberately designed to look like toy models, their patience with many substituted doctored and faked photos, and so on and so forth. And it’s all cleverly organized to lure Earthlings like you into the limelight to provide free publicity for those few of us who have eyes to see below the surface, do the hard yards and learn German, and ultimately personally profit from the renewed teachings of the truth – and lovingly keep the devastating truth concealed from those who can’t handle it.

    But nobody can find the hard truth for you, Derek. All anybody like me can do is stretch out my hand to you. If you don’t reach back – for whatever reason – then I can’t help you.

    Please let me leave you now with a few quotes I translated, in the seemingly forlorn and misguided hope that early 21st Century Earthlings might actually find them helpful.

    Salome (peace in wisdom)

    “The Earth human’s sense of effort towards seeking the truth has disappeared. He has lost the inclination to seek the truth through his inherent power of thinking, searching and recognizing. Therefore he has turned to the erroneous form of thinking, that he will only accept as true that which he can touch with his hands and that which he can see with his eyes and that which he can hear with his ears. But this is the false, purely material way, which mocks and scorns any effort of self-thinking, self-feeling, self-searching, self-seeking and self-recognition for every solution and truth. Therefore through this, the way to the searching for the truth, and the finding of the truth, is not provided. And so, through the JHWH and the Prophet, no signs, or only sparse signs, should be given, that testify to the truth. The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing to make and to bear the effort of learning through their own power.” OM, Kanon 20:38


    ” … if all knowledge was simply tossed out to them [the Earth humans] like feed and they fed on it thoughtlessly and without processing, then it would bring no proper success, but rather only a certain school-knowledge, while the undigested remainder would be secreted again as excrement.

    In other words: everything undigested would be forgotten, and would therefore be completely useless.

    But if a certain minimal material is offered, which can be thoroughly further worked on and success can be progressively achieved, then the knowledge persists in a firm form and can, at any time, be transformed into wisdom and expanded.”

    “Poor little idiots want to offset their stupidity, their lack of recognition, lack of wisdom and deficient honesty with dishonest attacks and defamations in order to thereby iron out their damaged or weak image and their underdeveloped intelligence.

    Truly, an effective presentation of evidence through reason and understanding is an enormous challenge that arouses all know-it-alls, antagonists, critics and eternal mischief-makers to opposition, who are the humans who already want to strike back before they have begun with their vicious, antagonistic, defamatory, mischievous, mendacious and critical attacks”

    “With Earth humans, predominates quite especially, the erroneous and dangerous view that a good announcer of truth, a good preacher or a good teacher of the true teachings, and so forth, and therefore also a good prophet, must be full of humble bearing, only speak pleasing and elegant, chosen and diplomatic words, and must always only be friendly. The Earth humans think it must be just the same as, for example, the Pope comports himself, and therefore many gentleman ministers and sect leaders, who truthfully, however, do nothing other than hide their true faces and appear friendly and neighbor-loving, to thereby mislead their believers about their actual nature, and to be able to exploit them. It is exactly such religious, or often only apparently religious, elements who are then the quite especially valuable objects of attack of the sectarian powers, and who then commit the most monstrous inhumanities and crimes, as is, however, also characteristic of all believers when it concerns their own profit and with their own lives. But truthful and good prophets and bringers of truth are never humble and never compliant with enticements and such things. Neither their speech nor their demeanor is ingratiating, and their style and manner of saying the truth is cutting, deeply striking, and in a form that is not loved. With that, it is truly recognized whose child of the spirit a prophet, or truth announcer of whichever kind, or an actual truth-bearing teacher, is. Religious sectarians, fanatics, extremists or other proscribers of truth avoid true prophets or other truth announcers, or they try to annihilate, to damage or even to kill them with all existing means available to them. The only people well disposed towards the prophets and other truth teachers and truth announcers are, since time immemorial, only those people who are openly devoted to the truth and thankful for the delivered teachings of the truth. It is also only these people who recognize, in the true prophets, the endless universal love for all forms of life, as well as the righteousness that they exercise, even when, here and there, they themselves are perhaps rebuked and instructed in a hard way by the prophets and other truth announcers.” – Ptaah


    On Thu, Sep 14th, 2011, Dyson Devine wrote:

    Dear Derek,

    Are you planning to answer any of my questions? None of them were rhetorical. Do you accept your gross errors of fact regarding the quantity of research material?

    Any comments from you would be most welcome.

    This is actually a very serious matter, whether you accept that fact or not.



    (NO REPLY)

  3. Here’s a link I sent Derek in 2011. I’m not going to post all the back and forth email exchanges I had with Derek. But one reply is below.

    Derek’s irrational reply is below.

    Original Message—–
    From: Billy Meier UFO Case
    To: schantz
    Sent: Sat, Sep 24, 2011 10:43 am
    Subject: Re: WW3

    Schantz, you just said that Jesus Christ was based on Jmmanuel. The name “Jesus
    Christ” is far more recognized than “Jmmanuel”, so in the public eye they are
    synonymous. For example, when you need to blow your nose do you ask for a
    “Puffs” or for a “Kleenex”? Your brand may be “Puffs”, but “Kleenex” is now used
    as the generic term to describe a facial tissue.

    Your brand may be “Jmmanuel”, but “Jesus Christ” is the generic term for the
    same entity. So when Billy Meier says that he is the reincarnation of “Jmmanuel”
    the world understands that he is referring to “Jesus Christ”.

    I’m sorry if you and Billy don’t like that, I’m sure that Puffs doesn’t like
    being confused for Kleenex, but that is the way the world works.


    Derek Bartholomaus also falsified his WW3 information on his website which I can prove, but I really don’t think he’s worth wasting any more time on. I’ve actually used his lies and emails to show people how much false and misleading information there is on the Internet about Meier. It works favorably to Meier’s mission in the long run. Truth conquers lies sooner or later.

    So thank you Derek.

  4. The questions remains, why would a skeptic falsify his reports? It doesn’t sound like a skeptic to me, but just an idiot.

  5. Actually that’s factually incorrect. A probability calculation and a prophesy are the same thing. A prediction is what is considered a prediction of certain future events. (Which don’t exist by the way, nothing is set in stone.)

    1. A prediction in the Meier material is something that will occur with 100% certainty, therefore something that IS set in stone. An example would be the San Franscisco earthquake that will destroy the city and crack the Transamerica tower. This will happen and it cannot be stopped. A prophecy on the the other hand is a probable on outcome basedthoughts, feelings, actions etc. of the world population and therefore not set in stone.

      1. I don’t know how the words got mixed up after I pushed the submit button. Here is the correct senntence again: A prophecy on the the other hand is a probable outcome based on thoughts, feelings, actions etc. of the world population and therefore not set in stone.

  6. Dyson,

    Thank you for all your posts above.
    Michael, does worth to put your time in some idiot like Derek ?
    I have not see a smart Skeptic for a long time, one that is worth exchange words with..

  7. Sarah,
    Prediction is a description of a future event or set of events that is unalterable and unavoidable. This is in contrast to a prophecy which is alterable and avoidable subject to human intervention..

  8. A prediction is like dropping your keys and you know that they will fall because of gravity and cause and effect. Prophesy is a warning brought to us here on Earth from higher evolved lifeforms and the True Prophets herald the news to us so that we become responsible and act accordingly.

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