Crop Circles (Part 2)

Regarding the crop circles and the mathematical formulas purportedly contained therein, it seems antithetical to the approach that the Plejaren have taken, in as much as they don’t present their “message” in a rarified language that mainly only specialists, like scientists and mathematicians, can more readily comprehend.

The crop circle language would then be directed more towards…the elite. But the Plejaren and Billy Meier specifically criticize the specialized terms that scientists create and use to separate themselves from, and elevate themselves above, the ordinary people.

So what does that say about the intentions and effectiveness of the supposed extraterrestrial circle makers in their UFOs?

Some may say they could be providing groundbreaking mathematical/geometrical information. Really? And just how, when and where is it going to be shown to be uniquely important and useful to humanity…before or after the (crop and “canvas” destroying) droughts, environmental destruction and breakdown of society, etc.?

Perhaps they are trying to share their secrets of “free energy” with us, etc. Have any of the people supposedly developing such devices ever said that they’ve made their breakthroughs from the corp cirlces…let alone demonstrated that this is so?

Of course I’d be as delighted as anyone to know that some cosmic Van Gogh is swirling the grain for us horizontally. But even should that turn out to be the case, it may just show that far more advanced beings can also be inspiring, creative and playful. Maybe they’re the entertainment to accompany the far more strict, sober, direct and unambiguous messages and assistance contained in the spiritual teaching, which as I said before will long survive after the crop circles are plowed under.

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  1. I hope this new thread title doesn’t actually PRECLUDE information with more light than heat, but I thought I’d mention a few other things about crop circles which you might find informative if not entertaining.

    Oh, alright. Just a quick one then,

    “Yo Mama is so fat that when she gets up from sitting on the grass she leaves behind crop circles.”


    It’s been discovered that, in spite of the fact that not all farmers are very happy about getting a CC, most who DO get one actually ARE. Whoever/whatever makes them generally knows which landowners are receptive and which aren’t. Likewise, mysterious men in suits often arrive at the farmhouse door as the first the farmer knows about his gratuitous field art, (assuming he hasn’t already been awakened by the low-flying unmarked black helicopters first). These men generously offer money in exchange for an early selective harvest and silence.

    Nancy Talbot has some interesting stories about a Dutch guy who seems to have something going on related to CCs & ESP.

    Not only do people and electronic equipment go silly or get sick when entering CCs, sometimes there seem to even be localized TIME distortions, one even caught on FILM. (!?)

    Eltjo Haselhoff’s had some inexplicable personal sleep-cycle disturbances after his CC visits – either a great and sustained burst of energy which demanded no sleep for a long time, or the exact reverse. It’s a commonly described effect. He also describes some really bizarre “readings” from a lady he met who psychically interprets the designs, (?). One of the reasons I was shocked to be (wrongly, as it happily turned out) told that Professor Haselhoff had died is because, during the “readings” the lady suddenly said, “Just a minute. Just a minute. They’re sending me a message…..Oh, how lovely for you! They told me you’ll never be sick again.” And he reported – at the time of that writing – that his normal cold/wet Netherlands history of head-colds and the occasional bout of flu ended at that point and he never got sick again. This was a few years ago and he’s gone quiet now, so I dunno. Read his book. It’s the only scientific one on the market as far as I know, and utterly fascinating. Not dry and hard to read, but there are some sections which go too deeply into the mathematics for normal people.

    As I said, my old dead website had heaps about these things, so you could ask James Moore to upload more if you want. Some busted-up bits still exist.

    I’m more interested in Billy’s material these days. But read Michael’s two previous recent pages if you want to learn more, particularly the Puffer fish page.

    Just another thought about Earthlings’ technology:

    In so far as I’m aware – and I’m relatively well aware – ignoring the sheer size of these things for a moment, nobody on the planet can, at a distance, manage to do this:

    And that’s the whole point, as far as I can tell.


    1. Awesome. Thanks. I think you’ve provided more than enough evidence that something…very strange is going on with these things. To think otherwise would surely be to engage in that naughty skepticism Michael warns about.

  2. These comments of mine don’t seem to be going where I try to put them, and are ending up all over the place.

    But at least they’re more likely to get through these days.


  3. There certainly is plenty to consider regarding the crop circles. And while we can theorize that they (some, many, all) were made by extraterrestrials as a form of communication, it would be nice to have something less arguable (I can already hear the “that’s part of the purpose” response).

    Hey, I know, how’s about if some ETs want to leave us something even more compelling, why not leave us some…fingerprints:

    1. Did you mean to write, “it would be nice to have something less arguable”

      “LESS” arguable? Is this another joke?

      Arguable: it may be argued (used to qualify the statement of an opinion or belief).

      Argue: 1. give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one’s view.
      2. exchange or express diverging or opposite views, typically in a heated or angry way.

      If you don’t want typical heat or anger, and you haven’t learnt how to unlearn it in yourself, I suggest that you at least try t make a good start by not having thread titles like this one “Heated debate..” or “Battle of the Brains”.

      And my contributions are not going where I put them, but are moving up the page.


      1. I don’t recall saying anything about not wanting the kinds of threads that…I create in the first place. I think that distinction still belongs to…you (astro-thread, eh?).

  4. Hi all,

    I’m busy trying to learn Tasmanian law at the moment in the absence of any real hope that we’ll EVER get any professional help from the legal “fraternity”, but Professor “Zahi” gave me permission to share our private correspondence, so I made the time to do that for you. I watched the video, to which he refers, which is pretty good even though it’s five years old so it doesn’t show the bigger and more complex forms made since then. It’s a German production, with voice-overs in English, and Spanish subtitles. I couldn’t help thinking that the people who most need to watch this either won’t or the facts will never effectively change their belief-systems. The very last aphorism in OM goes something like, “A sour pickle will never become sweet.” Cheers!

    About the Crop Circles it is more than a bunch of guys bending crops at night with ropes and sticks. It seems to be caused by microwave energy, affecting not only the crops, but the soil below them. I like this documentary, since it shows several explanations, from ETs to unknown force of nature.

          1. The book of 2 Samuel 21:20 lists the giants of old as having 12 fingers and toes.


            15 War broke out again between Israel and the Philistines, and David went to battle against them with his men. But David’s strength had left him; 16 and he came near to being struck down by Jesbi-Benob, a man of the Araphite breed, that had a spear-head of ten pounds weight, and a new sword at his side. 17 It was Abisai, Sarvia’s son, that came to the king’s rescue, and gave the Philistine his death-blow. But after that David’s men swore that he should never go into battle with them again; that light must not be lost to Israel. 18 In another battle against the Philistines, at Gob, Saph, of the giant breed of Arapha, was slain by Sobochai, from Husathi; 19 in a third, also at Gob, Elehanan the son of Jaare, an embroiderer from Bethlehem, slew Goliath of Geth, that had a shaft to his spear as big as a weaver’s beam.[2] 20 In a fourth, at Geth, there was a man of huge stature that had twelve fingers and twelve toes, another of the Araphite breed; 21 and he taunted Israel, till Jonathan, son of David’s brother Semma, struck him down. 22 All these four were Araphites from Geth, all slain by David and his men.

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