Scientists Discover “Aggression Gene”…that We already Knew About

A “new scientific discovery” about evidence for an “aggression gene” comes as no surprise to those who’ve read Contact 251 and other information from the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Since it gets tiring always saying (and I’m sure hearing), “we told you so”, here’s a paragraph from the contact:

“To some extent the creators merely amplified certain factors through genetic manipulation, whereby the manipulated individuals actually turned into fighting machines – but always equipped with the potential capability of normalizing themselves again through the control of evolution. For such an event to transpire millions of years would be required, though, and this evolutionary path continues even today as is evident in terrestrial Man. The genetic manipulations made the negative or evil factors, as humans of Earth know it, particularly forceful and unnaturally aggressive.”

BTW, wasn’t it obvious to you from their first appearance that even the earliest video games were intended to militarize young minds and ultimately contribute to developments that would fulfill the prophecy of “clone-like beings, which will be bred in a total lack of conscience”?

P.S. In addition to Arizona State University and the astronomy club which have refused to show and/or view the film, another apparently politically correct website refused to mention the situation, which was sent to all of the editors there…twice.




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  1. When a teenager stole some jewelry from my garage sale, I confronted her and she offered to pay for it but I just told her not to do it again. I think I handled it quite diplomatically. Little did I know that she was going to run home and tell daddy and lie about it. The big 6′ 4” monster came over and confronted me and how dare I call his daughter a thief. This man was known as having beat up quite a few men and judging by his yelling and swearing I wasn’t sure if I was next. So I grabbed a rotor and gave it a shake so he knew that I would use it if needed. We yelled and swore, standing toe to toe for about 10 minutes until he left. I wasn’t backing down because I didn’t feel I had done anything wrong. I felt sorry for my elderly parents and small child who had to witness it. It was horrible and degrading and I shook for 4 hours afterwards. But wouldn’t you know it, the next time I saw him he treated me with the utmost respect and that continues even to this day. Apparently he was able to normalize himself after, so there is always hope for the aggressors.

  2. …. wouldn’t it be interesting for our millitary industrial complex to keep this alignment of genetics for their own goods?…

    To those who always blame Nokodemions descendants and folks he created, or the Sirians, for the bads they did to earth humanity. I say they should closely look at themselves, because if they still think in “good” and “evil” matters, they are no better then all those linked to religions… The earth human was a victim maybe at the beginning but he started to like the situation… It was earth humans who crucified Jmmanuel… etc…. It is earth humans who are doing wars now, killing Homosexuals because they are different, killing familly members because of this or that thought, harming colleages because they want more influence in the hierarchy, ect… between each others etc…. so I appeal to those who are blaming Nokodemion for trying to do the good by trying to help the humans of this Creation to evolve faster and focus more on their own misdeeds… One should be aware that self responsability also applies to former personalities of ones own spiritform… do never think that one was always an Angel and is free was free of evil…. Every person had one or more personalities doing atrocities…. so cope with it… and work for the better now…

    If you don’t, you will give to the power hungry just what they want and one will be easily manipulative because this aggressive gene englobes an intrinsic impulsiveness, that makes us react to certain words or “threats” in an aggressive way…. that we have to fight…


  3. Video games…
    The American alkalies-heel within the swirling “instant satisfaction” befouling our dear land.
    Being 32 years old, I came about almost with VG’s. They were there around me almost as far back as I can remember.
    Nothing as far as can be recalled (other than religion and “TV”) stunted ones thoughts more than running around simulating killing thousands of people in every way possible, for hours….days on end.
    How could that not be good for our kids, self?
    I used to indulge in these sorts of things… as well as TV. Yet, found it to not only focus on aggression and fear, but also on mental laziness and stunting initiative….personal thought.
    Seems to me, the younger generations are a little less religious for varying reasons… maybe because of technology, so in return, it is used to fill the gap of “not thinking”. Maybe? Is amazing what is considered acceptable as far as entertainment and VG’s. No wonder a lot of people cant just stop and think.. for one moment.. and right something half “thoughtful”. Only insults and negativity to something having to do with nothing of the sorts.
    Is all in a fairytale land deep within ones “counsel” to experience not within oneself but for the “entertainment” of it all. Refreshing. NOT!
    Seems these “VG’s” have already been tested and are currently being used as “cyborg” drone killing machines. At this very moment humans are sitting behind a joystick in some dark room controlling craft 1,000 of miles away killing thousands of people. Didn’t take them long to assimilate VG’s into something more… or was that always its intention?

    1. Well, what’s really worse is that ye old games where generally a little bit more intelligent that these latest generation of games. In all honesty, there is nothing that makes sense in these games and are generally catered to mass market entertainment which ALSO includes the generally violent ones as the TV drones on about. As Billy says phantasmagoria. So in essence, what Billy explains about entertainment in one word in general applies to every piece of entertainment (movies, tv, videogames, books, etc) as there is generally no real attempt at real world fidelity and mainly to do with willing suspension of disbelief.

      Now, what the media calls videogames as an example for real world things, is mainly a simplistic way of dodging any sort of intelligent analysis of the topic. It’s no different back in the days before videogames folks would say “science fiction” or “hollywood”. When you deal with real world things, it takes a LOT of careful piloting a large drone that costs millions of dollars remotely with such a limited view provided by a camera. Generally, someone with real world flight experience is used to pilot drones as there is no real way to explain to someone that never flown how to pilot something where there is a LOT of air traffic to take into consideration of.

      What is going to be a problem in the future is the very low flight ceiling “drones” which are not the ones folks consider when we’re talking about the very large Global Hawk. These are the mass market cheap ones that could potentially interfere with larger craft. In the future, amazon plans to deliver packages via drones so, we’ll see how that pans out.

      1. Hello Duke…

        It is amazing how many people are glued to those things, TV’s.
        I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say I am not around them for a piece of almost every day. How could one not in the U.S. at least? Some people cannot function within a room without having the thing on.

        It does ones again make sense, as far as what the Plejaren say on the matter. In the end all of it has no purpose but to degenerate us individually in more ways than one. They are right on in my book ones again.
        With how many friends and relatives that I know that play vg’s, it is more than half for the males(Though 99% of both male/female watch tv). Most of it is utterly useless in my opinion.. yet, ones again we as a world seem to only focus on the negative and use a seemingly potential useful budding technology for only killing one another literally or “gaming” wise., amongst other pointless en devours.
        The whole drone aspect to me, is an early indication of now “open” use of humans for the end goal of cyborgs. Though some like the Disclosure Project would say that there are already terrestrial “cyborgs” in use on our planet..
        With the way they portray everything as going drone… we are openly now, next in line. And because of tax payer dollars from the human guinea pigs(mostly Americans) the technology to slowly turn us from humans to part machines is ever approaching. Each gaming system seems to fuse the player more and more with the “system”. As phones have slowly devoured all other devises.. We will eventually try to “devour” them all.
        Next in line these drones super computers will be fused with a humans brain.. Limbless humans created for war and transport. It all might start slowly with a little “shock therapy” to the cranium. Easier to do it when they can switch the controls of the drone to another “couch”.
        Crazy stuff!
        When I read that about Amazon it really made me think.. they really want to push these things onto us. Drones.. it was a pop culture hit. Get your drone and fly it around. The technology hit the main stream like a brick through glass it seems.
        There are a couple Drone “testing” centers here in MN.. I think a lot of what they do here is test human-machine compatibility with these things. Or they could be flying some of the ones over seas. Never know. I have not seen any flying around my area but they are there I’m sure.
        In the end it is within our DNA to be the way we are(hopefully that changes sooner than later!), its always interesting to read about what the Plejaren have said and then live it within life.
        Watching history unfold itself before our very eyes..

  4. Hi Philip, the link you posted says the long term effects have never been studied of this “moderate” shock treatment to keep drone operators awake. Sounds like more of the we will use our soldiers as guinea pigs mentality.
    Your question – Didn’t take them long to assimilate VG’s into something more… or was that always its intention?:
    I think everyone knows that the CIA and other 3 letter organizations have always taken everything they could get their hands on and make it into a weapon. With Call of Duty and Black Ops II they did have their hands in it because there is no way the players likeness could be used in a game without their permission. There would lawsuits like crazy. Strange that there are no lawsuits eh? You’ll notice there’s an aircraft called the Obama, but he’s not featured. So to me that means he wasn’t part of the game (literally). But weirdly an image of Hillary Clinton was.

    1. Call of Duty is the Hollywood movie of the year for video games. It pretends to be realistic, that does not mean that it is realistic.

      We can pick another game (like Battlefield 4) and we can see some neat stunts to show some ‘realistic’ physics:


    2. Hello Sheila,

      It seems not only do they use these VG’s for more and more sinister deeds within the military. They are also used to soften peoples overall stance on war in general. Help maintain that “nuke em all” mentality. Almost more dangerous than if they just used it for technological goals only. The psychological end to it all is a scary thing. To instill such violence within us. Events that within only a few moments would potential effect us for the rest of our lives are played out continuously… unrelentingly. With more and more detail, feeling, and reality integrated within it.
      Is horrible to be amidst it all. Yet, one can barely escape it like so many other aspects of American life.
      Ones again, better to at least think about it then just block it out for no reason other than just that. The truth always seems to be right out in the open for us to individually understand.. if we care too..

  5. you should see the comments on the article that MH linked in this blog post. Although some folks may not have knowledge in genetics, they are quick to deny the study and deem it false. A bunch of illogical and know-it-all that have nothing better to do but be internet tough guys.

  6. It is interesting what the “best rated comment was” to Michaels linked article within this blog post.
    This is it..
    “What about non-violent games that people get addicted to? What about gambling? That’s not violent, or is there a different gambling addiction gene?”. Marki.
    Using materialism(gambling), and the need for any sort of sensational degenerative stimulus into a defense against the basic common ills found within just that itself, “VG’s”?
    When it potentially has to do with our genes as well?
    Maybe in a way what they found was different gene types/ structures exhibit this gene differently than in other humans. And as the Plejaren tell us, we all have it maybe just different “sectors” within society “portray” it clearer with the right stimulus added??
    A thought?

    Especially as one can only see cause and effect ones again. Kill people all day… might want to kill people all day in ones thoughts! Stare at monkeys jumping around…. might want to stare at monkey’s jumping around alllll day(or blocks of color falling at any given speed, depth, width, snooorrreeee). How is one not worse than another in some BASIC level within true personal thought?
    The gene aspect(to me) just goes to show how illogical and “unnatural” we have supposedly accepted as the higher norm. What if we didn’t have these “games” to thrive on? Would humans(unfortunately most of American youth) need drugs to counteract the trauma they have thoroughly been given, in more ways than one? Maybe, yet MAYBE not necessarily the trauma of unthinking… but the trauma of a HUGE lack of continuous logical peaceful thought brought on by the illogical, nonsensical, fantastical crap we spoon feed to ourselves and our youth. In these days though, it seems the longer this trauma is endured, the longer and harder it is to get back/out of! If at all for whats on the menu on our many layered, illogically driven, thoughtless dirt cake pie of “entertainment” we all get a slice of… I suppose it has to be in our genes, if not readily seen in our hands?
    At least as it is seen by one individual American:)

  7. “Young people who played more violent video games and watched more brutal TV shows shared a particular gene”

    The article does not say everyone has that gene, Meier says everyone has and that’s a big difference.

  8. After watching an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation, I suspected that we were the “warrior race”. After reading some of BEAM’s articles It seems that my suspicions were correct. As a child I had a dream that I and a classmate discovered a scroll that read that some of us had came from Mars, and this too I read from one of BEAM’s writings. Really fascinating information.

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