As was recently pointed out, Russia appears to be in the process of fulfilling its long foretold  military ambitions.

But just to make sure that there’s no ambiguity, that no one has any doubts, the Russians have just made it crystal clear*:

“After annexing Crimea and with troops massed on the border of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop trying to expand Russia until he has ‘conquered’ Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland, one of his closest former advisers has said.”

Please note that Scandinavia, of which Finland is a part, is specifically mentioned in the Henoch Prophecies, from 1987,  as countries that will fall to Russia’s aggression.** Putin isn’t pretending to be some online tough guy with a concocted screen name. In a world where so many people can’t tell fantasy from reality (see: 127) he’s blatantly telegraphing his punches, understandably contemptuous of the deer-in-the-headlights mentality of those who are so out of touch that they confuse reality with an online video game in which they safely play out larger than life roles that belie the impotence of their lives.

No, this isn’t, and has never been, about “I told you so!” It’s about directing people’s attention to the Billy Meier material so that its accuracy and credibility can be assessed and determined. Any thinking person will realize that the information is impeccably accurate. And, if one thinks further, if one can focus long enough and drag themselves away from their game boxes, cell phones, texts, tweets, twerking and tattoos, their selfies, sports events and celebrity fixations – they can learn how to help to get the derailed train of personal and world events back on track.

Those are big ifs of course.

But if this miraculous awakening should occur, then perhaps we still have a chance of avoiding the rest of the hugely unpleasant events also foretold in the prophecies. Please think about the magnitude of what is facing humanity – especially if the majority of people remain asleep and unaware – and also feel free to share the information with others who you think may be ready to consider, and act upon, it.

What is being called for here is recognizing the necessity to prioritize accepting complete self-responsibility for everything in one’s life. While the human tendency to flail about and  desperately try to do grandiose things in the face of challenges and/or catastrophes is all too familiar, it’s basically useless at best and compounds difficulties at worst.

The inescapable truth is that we need to learn how to think, how to observe, control and direct our thoughts, moment by moment, step by step, like children learning to walk…for the first time. We are also unlearning the non-productive, unconscious habits that have also resulted in relinquishing our personal responsibility for, and effectiveness in, purposefully directing our own lives. We’ve allowed and conditioned ourselves to be manipulated by others, the so-called leaders of politics and religions. And the prophecies can definitely be viewed as warnings as to what will occur if we don’t shake ourselves from this self-induced, irresponsible slumber.

Russia’s military movements, and the also long foretold environmental degradation and destruction, emphasize the urgency of responding to the call to action, as can be found in the Goblet of the Truth and the Might of the Thoughts. Conveying eternal truths and trustworthy guidelines, they provide invaluable and unfailing support for re-educating, redirecting and evolving our consciousness. It is through this evolution of consciousness and thinking that we can find our way out of the helplessness and despair. Here, in the spiritual teaching, is the key to our future survival, to unlocking and shaking off the shackles of our self-imprisonment.

Only we can do this work on and for ourselves.

Could it be any clearer?

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*Thanks to Shaban Pelinku for this information.

**I’m grateful to a number of my readers for pointing out that I mistakenly confused the Balkans with the Baltic states in my original article.

26 comments on “Could It Be any Clearer?

  • If Asket can do it we can do it. 1972-1974 The mad scientists had a device on Earth that could have blown up the Earth and the solar system and possibly the universe. She accomplished that mission impossible and we are okay for the time being. Hope for mankind is just as real as the popular belief of it’s demise. The right way is hope, the unright way is waiting for man kind’s demise because that is where you fall off into the abyss of doing unright.

  • To me the following statement is the most important regarding the topic of this blog.

    From Contact 544:


    “All of our hopes, however, were a serious delusion to which we had succumbed, because the majority of the Earth human beings are so narrow-minded and high-handed that they build only upon their own unintellect, their own irrationality and illogicalness, and therefore they disregarded all warnings and good advice.”

    So, what should we do? We should be involved with those people who think for themselves, use their reasoning ability and their logic, and who seek reality and its truth, who are willing to learn, to understand and to live by the truth. These are few people today. But when we find one, let’s be peaceful, intellectual, spiritual, respectful, and helpful to them. All truth-seekers in the beginning need guidance and good advice.

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