Who Is this Rude Dude this Rube Dube?

You know you’re not about to joust with a journalistic giant when your invitation to discuss the Billy Meier case is met with such cartoonish comments as, “I eat scam artists like you for breakfast.” But you can safely predict that this blustering cereal killer’s gonna have a bad case of indigestion before lunch.

There’s no shortage of flaming blowhards online so it’s also no surprise to encounter yet another glorified gossip columnist who lives to defame good people who, by virtue of their accomplishments and character, tower high above him. Case in point, one rude dude, a rube called Dube. There’s so little available information on Ryan Dube that one has to guess if he’s the dishwasher, the IT guy, the domestic abuser, etc. Whoever he really is, he apparently seeks to gain significance through being a “top secret writer”, a manufactured tough guy persona whose actual spineless, nasty attacks are anything but the mark of a rugged, manly male, the kind who is willing to risk a lot to reveal the truth.

In fact, the pretensions of this hack conspiracy writer are comical in comparison to the real life adventures of Billy Meier. Meier not only broke the story about the NSA scandal before Snowden – and dare I mention before Dube knew anything about it – but was known as the Phantom in the Middle East and apprehended serial killers and mass murderers, living the kind of life that wannabes like Dube only hesitatingly dream of..and then go and get a change of underwear.

So when I get a challenge to “answer” allegations in three so-called articles, from a guy who’s all about “top secret” and spends his time attacking the biggest secret of them all, one that is safely hidden in plain sight, of course I accept. Two of the articles were from Dube and one from another identity deficient entity calling itself Seamus Coogan. His article starts out with “When I got this assignment…” a statement intended to give the impression that we’re about to read something substantial from a respectable, credible writer or reporter. Instead we get the equivalent of a grammar school student’s paper that would have been quickly returned with a failing grade.

The sum and substance of all this slop is an attempted hatchet job on the Billy Meier case, his UFO photographs, prophecies and predictions. As I experienced in my brief email exchange with Dube, he’s neither capable of citing, nor responding to, specifics other than to regurgitate the already long demolished claims of various other skeptics, poseurs and celebrity seekers who would love to carve a notch in their online gun belts at the expense of Meier. It just never turns out the quite way they imagined though.

As far as the attacks on Meier’s UFO evidence, we get gems like this from Coogan:

“Furthermore, the Meier UFO’s have dated considerably in appearance in comparison to what filmmakers now consider alien type craft.”

In other words, this empty-headed scribbler thinks that filmmakers are the “experts” for what constitutes so-called alien type craft! Coogan also raised questions about forced perspective imagery, UFO forgery, the “rubbish bin cover, and the “Dean Martin singer/dancers” which, as one can see, have long been answered and dismissed. And Shameless Seamus, effete coward that he is, also stated, “The endorsement from a crazy ex-government employee gave Meier a lot of credibility and support.”

Typical of such sniveling bottom feeders, he attacks someone he never knew, whose work he can’t refer to or criticize specifically. Instead he refers to the opinions of other people. In fact the only “footnotes” provided are from skeptics or other third parties and none from his own research or experience. Big surprise there. And anyone who endorses Derek Bartholomaus’ thoroughly incompetent, bumbling “research” – which he himself retracted and that has been further demolished by all of Rhal Zahi’s analyses – is an even bigger bumbler than Bartholomaus.

The attacks on Meier, especially by Dube, are replete with claims about him being the leader of a “cult”. Characteristic of course of wimps and ethical weaklings like Dube, he produces not one specific piece of evidence for his claim. Here we have an online, armchair expert who’s never taken his sprawling posterior to investigate the matter for himself. Heck, by his own admission he’s never even read any of the actual onsite investigative reports by Wendelle Stevens or Gary Kinder. Dube is also quick to pile on the late Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens for being incarcerated. But he’s strangely dismissive of the information that Stevens was set up and punished for his unrelenting investigation into the Meier case.

What happened to our “conspiracy investigator”, why does he unquestioningly accept the government’s version of the truth? Why didn’t he try to contact Lee and Brit Elders, the private investigators who knew and worked with Stevens for over 20 years? Isn’t that the least that one could do before contributing to the attacks on a man who was officially tasked – by his government – to investigate UFOs starting back in…1947?

Dube freely hurls the terms “cult” and “cult leader” around, trying to smear Meier and anyone interested or associated with him, with no evidence to support a word of it. Should we be asking Dube if he stopped beating his wife, if in fact he’s that Ryan Dube? Certainly such an “insider” as Dube would understand that character assassination is one of the more obvious tools when, in Meier’s case, actual assassination attempts failed to take down their target.

And, being a faithful tool, Dube shows himself to be far removed from decency, good character, common sense and clear thinking. Of course any buffoon who bolsters his flimsy ego with a site titled “topsecretwriters” and who is so painfully unaware of the real methods – and not so secret ones at that – of the intelligence agencies, etc., is obviously hungering to be accepted for something far more substantial than the fawning, posturing little bully-boy that he is.

Dube has made a big deal – and staked his (pardon the expression) reputation – on declaring that Meier’s prophetic and predictive information is all bogus, retrodicted, backdated, etc. Dube tries to get specific regarding the Pacific Tsunami Prophecy. As you can see he clearly states that, “Unfortunately for Horn, it’s very difficult for a non-technical person to fake publication dates. Even his own website has the publication date for this claim as 2008. Every Pro-Meier website out there also lists a publication date of this claim on or after 2008, when Horn began distributing the claim.”

Now let me be very clear. Mr. Dube is not only an incompetent, rivaling the likes of Derek Bartholomaus, he’s a stone cold…liar.

As can be seen here, the actual date of the information as conveyed to Billy Meier by Ptaah was indeed June 25, 2005.

Next, Dube relies on the very ethically and factually challenged Stuart Robbins to try to discredit Meier’s information regarding asteroid Apophis, aka the Red Meteor. You can read Dube’s and Robbins’ comments. And then you may want to read these, especially the last one:

Apophis: Are the Russians Reading Meier’s Warnings?

First the Russians, now the Chinese…When Will NASA Get It?

Suddenly Phil Plait Echoes Billy Meier

NASA Corrects Apophis Information, Size Is almost exactly what Billy Meier Foretold

Obviously, our poor excuse for a “researcher” will have to claim that it’s all a coincidence, etc., etc.

Since we’ve now established that Dube is not only a phony but a liar, let’s look at his next claim attacking about the Jupiter information Meier published before NASA. Dube deliberately and of course incorrectly claims that Meier had plagiarized and backdated information and he specifically attacked Meier’s report that Io once had water. Unfortunately for this dilatant pseudo-researcher, the information at and linked from this page thoroughly debunks the IIG report…and Dube’s dubious, scurrilous attempts to again discredit Meier.

As for the four heads of state, that was my incorrect conclusion, not Meier’s. We don’t know if that prophecy will occur or not. As for the power plant in France, there indeed were issues with its safety. Things like the pterodactyl painting come under the heading of manipulations to discredit Meier. As previously stated, if you can’t kill the man you attempt to assassinate his character, something that wimps like Dube just love to do.

Pertaining to riots in France and Paris ultimately being destroyed, Dube lied when he said I removed my newsletter. It’s here. Read it for yourself, see and draw your own conclusions.

Dube concludes his “series” by stating that, “The fact that he also deleted that page from his website speaks volumes as well.” But since that page has never been taken down, the volumes that are spoken here leak from the filthy mouth of an essentially anonymous defamer who uses other people’s incompetent, incorrect, unsubstantiated, long refuted and debunked bunk as ammunition to spew his verbal fecal matter freely at people who are clearly much better, more honest and more accomplished than he. And with no excuse for immodesty, I include myself among them.

It’s well known that there are over 100 credible witnesses to the craft. I have been within 20’ of a small monitoring craft myself. There are five other photographers, including a Swiss skeptic. But who will vouch for lowlifes like Coogan and Dube? Where are their resumes, biographies, accomplishments, etc.?

As for Meier’s specific, prophetic accurate, scientific and world event related information, there’s tons of it:

Corroboration & Evidence (over 100 examples)

as the time fulfills (55 specific examples, spanning 22 minutes)

Prophecies & Predictions (plenty to go through spanning 63 years)

Atomic Energy: Human Insanity Knows No Limits (Fukushima and Meier’s verifiably prophetically accurate information, given to him within days of the event by the Plejaren)

5,100 Year-Old Iceman Proves Meier UFO Contact Case True! (Another impenetrable, irrefutable proof of information from the Plejaren)

A Sampling of Billy Meier’s Prophetically Accurate Published Evidence (Meier’s ironclad evidence that he published about Mercury’s core long before NASA’s “official discovery”)

…and volumes more at my blog.

The internet is filled with parasites and defamers like Ryan Dube, Seamus Coogan and their sorry ilk. That they try to call themselves researchers or investigators is sadly also all too common. You’ll never see these fools get up in a live public forum and try to take on something like the Meier case. They won’t engage in a legitimate debate because they know they are incompetent and completely unqualified to do so.

Weasels like these scurry about in the shadows of truly great, historically significant people and resent those who are far greater than they are, loathing themselves for their own insignificance. They need to try to make themselves out to be something far, far more important than they can ever hope to be. These are the kind of parasites that pump their putrid poisons out online thinking they’re immune from accountability. But life has its own way of returning unto them the real spoiled fruits of their nefarious labors.

Certainly I can be criticized for dignifying them at all by taking the time to do a quick, general debunking of these losers.

Dube promised to post my response to his, er, “challenge” to me. Of course not doing so will “speak volumes” about him and his already established, absolute lack of character, credibility, integrity and ethics.



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Jacobus Kotze

Outstanding work Taro! What you are doing will effect many people along the way.

Taro Istok

Thank you, Jacobus. I hope so.

Andrew Grimshaw

G’Day Jacobus,
I was wondering if you are otherwise known as Phaethonsfire?