He Musk Be Seeing the Future

Here’s a new article about entrepreneur Elon Musk’s idea to get rid of, ta-dum, side view mirrors on cars.

Hey wait, isn’t that what the investigators reported seeing – in 1978 – in 11 photographs ostensibly taken by Billy Meier of the coming,  as in future, San Francisco earthquake?

Naw, that can’t be. I mean isn’t Meier the guy takes photos of “model UFOs“?




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  1. The Volkswagen XL1 might already be in production already too but is curretly banned in the USA. The design of the car seems to not have side-view mirrors either. Just thought you all should know about this model as well.

  2. Michael there are thousands of new design concepts you can’t just pick the one that suits the case that’s not serious. Wake up you’re too immersed.

    This is a case – if you’re a judge in a court you don’t favor anything/anyone so but hey this is your blog do as you wish.

    Just use google images future car designs there isn’t just cars without mirrors *** there’s cars without wheels, with 3 wheels, with wings X shaped, with jet looking things in rear, tall dome shaped, fans instead of wheels, enormous wheels and even extra large hollow wheels – but no you picked the no mirrors.

    1. When Wendelle Stevens and the other people viewed the 11 photographs of the coming SF quake, they described what they saw, which included cars without side view mirrors. They didn’t see cars without wheels. And of course they didn’t have google and of course they weren’t doing “online” searches for design possibilities.

      At this point I have to interject that I am not Karl and I didn’t invent/create him just to have some kind of foil, stooge, etc., to try to make the Meier case, or myself, look good.

    1. You didn’t get my point I think – they say rear view mirrors so you link to a rear view mirrors article, fine. Point is if they say no wheels you’d find a no wheels article, an X shape then Oh look an X shape article.

      “They didn’t see cars without wheels.” – if they did you’d link to that article, got it?

      It may be true what they say, but this post does not show the proof you think it does. Plus they only saw a photo which it could be fake anyways.

      1. Stevens described cars that look very much like the cars of today and not the cars of 1978.

        And you again fail to be correct, they saw…11 photos, not any kind of drawings. So go ahead and give us your “theory” how Meier, in 1978, “faked” 11 photographs of a US city in the midst of a devastating earthquake with clear enough images off cars on the ground that conform to the designs and features of contemporary vehicles.

  3. If the aluminum battery proves viable, this could change everything rechargeable batteries are related to:


    The ability to charging electric vehicles in 1 minute would be nicer than pumping at the gas station. The analogy is based on currently about 30 minutes to quick charge a phone, and 30 minutes to quick charge a electric vehicle. 🙂

  4. “Door_knocker
    Based on your prediction of a major earthquake in San Francisco sometime in the future, it seems US citizens do not have much of a reason to think WW3 or any major economic collapse will happen at least until after this earthquake takes place.
    My reason for this conclusion is either of these events would most probably eliminate any chance for car makers to produce the type of mirrorless cars you saw in the future.
    Is my conclusion logical and do you agree with it?

    No, that’s not logical.
    Btw: two times already the outbreak of WW3 has been prevented by Russian officers, luckily.”
    Source: http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/12930.html#POST67693

    Mirrorless cars in SF are a reality now: http://www.upout.com/blog/san-francisco-3/futuristic-looking-driverless-car-san-francisco

    1. Matt, I meant in the comments section where they show the mirrorless cars.

      This is something I want to emphasize, that posting info here is great but when you find these other sites…please post our links, info, etc. – there too.

          1. I hear you Michael. That one is only twitface and please bear in mind that many others won’t allow links, but, if I see one I can comment on, I will.

            1. One way around the links issue is to say something like:

              This information confirms what’s been foretold in the article “San Francisco Earthquake a Step Closer?”.

              That way people search for the article and find the info on the blog, etc.

    1. The ONLY way that I am going to ride in one of these is if I exchange countries and sexes and sanity and values and …

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