NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

Matthew Wieczkiewicz – who supported NASA projects like Space Shuttle, International Space Station, working for Boeing and Honeywell – endorses Swiss UFO contactee, partners with They Fly Productions for public presentations

Flagstaff, AZ (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

Matthew Wieczkiewicz, a career aerospace engineer, has publicly endorsed the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case, ongoing in Switzerland for over 72 years.

“I first encountered the Billy Meier case when I was studying aviation at ASU, in 1978. I was also interested in the UFO phenomenon, and when the Meier photos were first released, I thought they were intriguing. But I fell for the CIA disinformation campaign, which called them a hoax. So I paid no attention to it for another 30 years, though I maintained an interest in the UFO phenomenon in general. Then, in 2011, I saw an article on a news website that mentioned one of Billy Meier’s claims had come true. So I went back and rediscovered the case and was surprised to see how much information is available compared to 1978. I went in with an open mind and spent the better part of 18 months reading all the material I could find and finally came to the conclusion that it is real,” said Wieczkiewicz.

Because of his aerospace engineering background, Wieczkiewicz is convinced Meier’s UFO evidence is real, such as the newly authenticated 1981 photos of the controversial WCUFO and his 1975 film of the so-called “Pendulum UFO”. And he isn’t alone. Respected scientists like Michael Mailn (NASA, Mars Mission) and David Froning long ago recognized the authenticity of Billy Meier’s UFO evidence and the importance of his information on hyperspace propulsion. Recently, formerly skeptical physician and physicist, Dr. Sanford Weinstein also endorsed Meier’s information regarding Russian military movements that he published decades before they occurred.

Wieczkiewicz later became interested in Meier’s long history of publishing prophetically accurate scientific information. He agrees that recent reports from NASA and US government scientists corroborate Meier’s warnings, from as far back as the 1950s, about climate change, global warming and the catastrophic environmental and weather-related consequences already upon us.

“Humanity should recognize the valuable assistance offered by the Plejaren extraterrestrials through Billy Meier for solving the most serious problems facing our world today,” said Wieczkiewicz.

Michael Horn, the American media representative for the Billy Meier case, and Matthew Wieczkiewicz, will co-facilitate multi-media presentations on the evidence, information and documentation on the scientific evidence beginning this fall. Various venues will include colleges, universities and scientific forums.

The Higher Standard of Proof

Horn states that many examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information are ironclad, based on copyrights establishing his publication of the information long before “official discovery” and that this is the “higher standard of proof”.

Horn’s new film, And Did They Listen?, is now available internationally.

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  1. This is surely a great day in American history. It validates that smart people (At a minimum; ‘sometimes’) get paid to do smart things. Reasonable, rational human beings exist where they should exist. Great, thank you Michael, I’m confident this news will make some people happy.

    1. It must be said that Bob has supported the Meier case longer than most of the people in UFOlogy, through his efforts with the IUFOC. The organization that took over the IUFOC, OpenMinds,bought up most of Wendelle Stevens’ material, including on the Meier case. They sell Meier’s photos and, at the same time, claim that the case is a hoax.

      OpenMinds is a disinformation organization that focuses on spreading all sorts of UFO related nonsense, in large part to keep the Meier material from getting the attention it deserves.

    1. No, he’s simply telling the truth about the negative behavior of the US UFO organizations. He’s a staunch supporter of it from the beginning.

    1. Feel free to send them a link to the SF info on my site, maybe somewhere on this blog too. I don’t know, I only work here.

  2. The more the better, because…

    “15. The Earth people live on Earth, so everything must be handled and must be regulated according to earthly values, which is surely to be understood.
    16. 6) Even if we must cancel our official contacts, as it was planned, we will continue to linger on the Earth and will maintain contact with you(Billy), but we will otherwise remain only as observers and not in an active and intervening form.
    17. This, at least until the year 2029,* after which, presumably, we will then finally remove ourselves and will turn our attention to other tasks that are foreign to the Earth, with the assurance that we permanently withdraw ourselves into our time dimension and never again return to this space-time configuration.”

    1. Does this mean, according to this 30 year-old CR(subject to revision, no doubt) that Billy will leave this existence in 2029?

  3. He seems to really have his head on his shoulders.

    Do you know if Bob is currently pursuing the exposure of the case.

    I would imagine with his platform he could help to get the truth out there.

    1. I don’t think so. He sold the IUFOC and I also think he doesn’t live in the country now, etc. But he did a tremendous amount to bring the Meier case to the public.

  4. More good news…
    Suppose the U.S. no longer has a ‘space program’, a lot of people will have less to fret about without a ‘job’ within these fields. The truth may finally shine a little brighter with their help.
    I hope a return visit to Arizona state is high on your guys list!

  5. And when will they start listening…

    “The Pleiadians/Plejarans explained to me on February 3, 1995, that it was FIGU’s, or rather my [Billy’s] main task to generate worldwide controversy about UFOs and for us to finally confront every person openly with this important subject. Ptaah explained to me the following:

    Ptaah: …. We are only allowed to elaborate to the point where our withdrawal from Earth is linked to the immediate future and related events; those in which we are not allowed to interfere in any form so as to protect and observe our own secret regarding our culture and living environment. On one hand, this is also tied in with the fact that some matters have been occurring for years, which we foresaw and which, on the other hand, were the reason for our withdrawal (that had been planned previously at the beginning of the contacts). Interrelated, unfolding events on Earth for several decades now were one of our assignments.

    We have fulfilled this task, along with the many others we were obligated to look after and you, Billy, have played a very important role in this scenario of making public, worldwide, the so-called UFO phenomenon, as terrestrials have labeled it. You alone made it possible to promulgate this subject matter worldwide and induce the controversy to the extent that not only religious and pseudo-esoteric sectarians, fanatics, gullible individuals, madmen, etc., preoccupy themselves with the subject.

    Finally, for some time now, the most diverse scientists, government agencies, military services and governments have also begun to seriously preoccupy themselves with this topic, a fact that could not have been achieved without your help and great effort on your part. Actually, through your efforts alone was this worldwide UFO controversy successfully launched, and we all express our gratitude to you — a recognition you had to really struggle for, when I think of all the harm that came crashing down upon you.

    And it is immaterial whether they were health related or associated with the defamations, abusive language, assassination attempts, diatribes of hatred and other things to which, unfortunately, we had to contribute our share, as you know. Had it not been for these occurrences, the UFO controversy would never have come about, and scientists, the military and governments would also not have become seriously interested in it.”

  6. I have a secret that may sound crazy that I have posted on FB. I would like you to read the article I wrote. If you have a FB, just look up Willard Rohm and you shall find the post I am referring to. I have involved Meier’s name in it and other people’s. May be off topic on your blog subject but I was the first one to post this subject and congratulate you on the news. Just to refresh your memory but if it does not need refreshed then I hope I did not offend you.

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