Two new interviews about the Billy Meier case, including the current situation regarding MUFON, are now online.

One is with Wendy Garrett and the other with Scott Teeters.

I think both hosts did a good job in knowing about the information and giving the interviews, etc.

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  • Well Duke what you say makes good sense and even a monkey would understand the logical as well as hu-man-ly reason behind (and a good reason at that) what you say but without me being the fence sitting bat here if I could give an example for what I am trying to get at there was a well known tragic case in Korea whereby an intellectually and mentally handicapped man had been wrongfully incarcerated and put on death row for supposedly killing a child. Initially people missed this fact and thought that he was just being an idiot but later after so much physical and mental abused incurred by fellow inmates and prison wardens they finally realised this fact about him and the reason for his unjust incarceration.
    Sad isn’t it, if only people were astute enough to realise it from the beginning.
    Anyway to cut a long story short with the support and affidavit of fellow inmates and prison wards he applied for release only for a politician who was responsible for the murder of the child to threaten the mentally handicapped man that if he did so he will kill his only daughter.
    So on the day in court the mentally handicapped man gave false testimony against himself in retrial and admitted that he killed the child to protect his daughter and he was summarily hanged.
    The true story ended with his daughter becoming a lawyer and instigated a retrial to redeem her mentally handicapped father’s name and reputation.
    She was successful and subsequent to this trial many wrongfully incarcerated inmates received retrial and released from the Korea prison system.

    The moral of the story is that often times there are so many people in our midst in everyday life who act contrary to good sense and what is deemed proper by normal standards.
    Sometimes you want to punch them in the face for being so annoying but when it really gets down to it, with a little empathy, love, sympathy and understanding you can get inside their heads and put the contextual and situational pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to realise there is actually more to it than meets the eyes as always.

    So I put to you this question without being apologetic to the wrongs nor being on the side of the wrongs I think that Tony has socially committed in my opinion where most including Michael would also agree ‘Even if Tony has committed the social taboo and the golden rule of social exchange, in the grand scheme of things, could the (maybe) damage done by his predictions be overblown along with his persistent rude dismissal of just about everyone here who disagrees and questions the legitimacy of his astrology to warrant a continued disparaging but justified responses from you, Andy or others when that response in the long run is rather non effective and may have the opposite effect?
    Yes we must guard against lies, falsifications and twisting of the truth especially Billy’s information but I haven’t seen any evidence of Tony doing this as far as I have back read the threads here only that he has presented his own truth (whether right or wrong) regarding astrology.
    On top of this to put his so called transgressions into perspective compared to others like Randy Winters, George Green, Barbra Han Clow, Fred Bell, the Shubach (I can’t spell his name) brothers and so on, how bad is it?
    And one more thing if the truth be told that indeed Tony is suffering from some type of mental, intellectual and psychological disorder which is the basis of his rude dismissal of other members here then could you fellow members live with that understanding and extend towards him that special empathy driven understanding to just ignore him and his so called predictions rather than get in a head knot over it and since Michael is continuing to allow it when he blatantly told Tony he will not which is continuing the fuel the responses then maybe you fellas should ask what Michael’s reasoning is.

    • Hi Matt,

      I am at times a tad overwhelmed here trying to keep track of everything to do with this blog, in addition to the other things I do. I know that Tony made predictions pertaining to earthquakes that would hit the L.A. are, as well as San Francisco, etc. I’ve allowed him to comment on what may be corroborations of predecessor quakes and a couple of other things. I know he has a post now claiming that he was right about a suitcase nuke bringing down Flight 370, though I don’t know of any evidence that substantiates that claim. I recently disallowed a post of his that pertained to predicting the deaths of some famous persons, which I told him I find inappropriate, insensitive and disrespectful. It seems to me that in not too long a period of time his claims pertaining to the California quakes will be settled, one way or the other.

      However, if I have indeed missed something and gone against what I had said please point it out so I can correct myself.

      • Michael, I don’t know if you realize some of his death predictions are posted here. Maybe you were talking about other predictions in addition to those.

        In any case, fortunately, our good friend Miley Cyrus and others are still alive and twerking.

      • Sorry Michael navigating through countless posts in the labyrinth of threads made it difficult to find your exact quote and you did say many many things so it would be a herculian task for you to remember everything you said but if your memory serves you correct I think you told Tony in no uncertain terms that you will no longer be posting his predictions until at such time that some of his claims either comes to pass or not at a certain given date.
        This was what I was referring to
        And I thought I saw some newly given prediction by Tony
        So I thought that maybe you had a change of heart
        Gee I do appreciate being able to post here at your expense or rather your generosity seeing how much effort would go into maintaining it especially being a one man effort.

    • Hi Matt.

      My questions to Tony V. Professional Astrologer never proceeded beyond that. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

      Would you like me to email you?


  • Yeah Andy I fully understand where you are coming from and I really have nothing against your actions either but having gone through the previous threads there is definitely a pattern that seems to emerge from the exchange in that no matter how right and good the advice is, if a person is not willing to extend their open minds, hearts, egos and spiritual intellect to be influenced and to be ready to learn then no amount of truth in the world will actually penetrate that heavily built up force field of stubbornness.

    I mean I realise what has to be said has been amply said in all these hundreds of pages littered with sensible responses against Tony’s actions here but you do realise what I am getting at here don’t you that even if truth has to be fought for the good fight is elsewhere and that this so called battle which wasn’t even about winning to begin with is something that from now on only Tony has to deal with within his own interior world of thoughts, feelings and actions even though its played out in an open forum like this that involved all participants here.

    I don’t know if I am making sense.

    so what I am suggesting is would ignoring Tony in the same way that he is ignoring others be the right approach rather than further fueling the fire of ‘getting nowhere exchanges’?

    And with the benefit of doubt when he does decide to turn around and show some positive signs, people then engage?

    What do you think Andy?

    • I think you’re probably exactly right Matt. Thanks. And, on top of getting nowhere, like I’ve said before, its likely something of a distraction to Michael’s good work here.

      But I’m still working on self-control — how well I can hold my tongue will be another question. I think I’ll have a renewed effort at trying though.


  • Hi Mike,
    Just pointing out that your interview hypertext links are dead !!! At least from were I am in Switzerland they are !
    By the way, Keep up the good work.

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